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Remove inefficiency and complexity by using a single platform with a single database. Innovate and challenge fintech markets together with financial software by Ascendix Technologies.

Your Technology Partner in Financial Software Development

Since 1996, we have helped to develop software and apps for top companies in Financial Services segments like: 

  • Wealth & Asset Management 
  • Credit Unions  
  • Financial Planning
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Banking 
  • Investment Sales 
  • Banking
  • Public and Privately Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) 
  • Tenant-in-Common Investments (TIC) 
  • 1031 Exchange 

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Want to improve your current financial CRM or build a new app tailored specifically to your business?

Our Offerings for Financial Services Companies

CRM Health Check, Audit, and Strategy Creation 

Use our services to assess your current financial CRM system and analyze its gaps in architecture, system performance, management process etc. We will deliver a detailed plan of your financial software optimization considering your financial segment nuances, data strategy, and corporate culture to maximize end-user adoption. 

Financial CRM Implementation and Administration 

We can ensure that the foundation of a successful financial CRM implementation is set for future evolution of the system.  Whether it be deep requirements gathering sessions, legacy data analysis for importation, customizations to fit your requirements or custom training offerings, we have solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.  In the post-implementation phase, we offer services that can either advise on the optimal administration of financial software or provide virtual administration services as well.  

CRM Customization and Configuration 

Taking well documented requirements gathered from facilitated discovery sessions, we will guide you through optimal configurations using tools within the financial CRM administration platform. We can also tap into development resources and skill sets to build out a customized solution to fit your exact needs.  

Integration Services 

Integrate all your essential credit scoring, reporting, underwriting and other related tools and apps with your financial management software. Or we can help you to choose even more versatile and cost-effective solutions to boost your system and fill in gaps in its performance. Unite all disparate systems into one integrated application to drive strategic decisions and provide a complete business overview that wouldn’t be possible with disconnected applications that slow down your workflow and require duplicate data entry.

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Marketing Automation 

Leveraging a combination of tools with financial CRM application and strategically aligned partner tools, the data in your financial services software can be used for the effective target marketing of messages to various constituents suited to your products and services. Whether they are ready to engage with your messaging today or sometime in the future, automated marketing plans can cover the “gap” to ensure the customer or prospect will think of your services/products when the need arises. 

Data Migration and Transformation 

Well-designed systems are only as good as the data that is stored within, thus the need for data migration and transformation. Using our years of experience in handling data preparation, data transition, and importation, we can ensure your system has the most complete and accurate data possible so you can to make well-informed decisions and increase user-adoption. 

Custom CRM Development  

In instances where the core CRM application or other systems you subscribe to do not accommodate to a certain feature or functionality, Ascendix has the technical development resources to build custom solutions to solve those "feature gaps".

Custom Financial Software and App Development 

In addition to well-architectured and designed backend and front-end systems with intuitive interfaces, we can develop a well-documented API for future integrations with your financial software.

24/7 Support and Concierge Service 

Make the introduction of a new CRM software into your company stress-free with our customer service team’s guidance and support through all stages of financial CRM- related and software development processes. Also, you can always delegate time-consuming activities like data entry and file upload into your financial CRM to our Concierge team so you can concentrate on more high-value tasks.

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Help your clients achieve their financial goals and streamline your workflow and leave more time for effective planning.

Why Choose Ascendix Technologies 

Extensive CRM Services Expertise 

We have 25 years of CRM consulting, implementation, customization, and development expertise for enterprises and small businesses in a variety of industries like Financial Services, Insurance, and Commercial Real Estate. 

Multifaceted Service & Product Development Experience  

We successfully combine our deep knowledge of CRM services in Finances and Insurance sectors with custom software and app development expertise to deliver exceptional products to our clients. 

Vast Knowledge of Multiple CRM Applications 

We are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners and have worked with more than 10 CRM platforms over the years that provide us diversified perspective on how to solve business problems with design ideas taken from our experiences with these various platforms. 

Uninterrupted CRM Support and Team Trainings  

We do not only create and optimize digital solutions for your organization but also coach your team on how to use them in the most effective way ensuring that these products run smoothly within your company. 

Diverse Engagement Models 

We offer our customers flexible staffing options with our on-demand/dedicated team options; offshore/onshore/blended team staffing options and project/product development and support teams to meet the requirements of any client’s projects. 

Global Delivery Capacity 

We can provide competitive cost structures and 24/7 support of your software made possible through our investments in resources located in offices in Eastern Europe. 

Ascendix Case Study: Custom Salesforce-Based Application Development and Data Migration for a Mortgage Lending Company

A commercial mortgage lending company hired Ascendix to replace a collection of existing systems like CRM software, online form builder, mortgage loan origination and processing software, and a host of custom-built Excel tools with new ones within the Salesforce platform. 

 Also, a new Salesforce-based financial application should have automated all department workflows from qualifying a lead, processing, underwriting, and loan servicing, including calculations, business rules and security models.  

The system had to unify all the separate functions under a single system and unify business process.  We developed the following features for a financial services application: 

  • Simplification of lead capture, escalation, and the assignment process 
  • Automated underwriting engine that qualifies the borrower and executes high quality calculations for loan processes  
  • Loan submission checklist that serves as a document management tool 
  • Borrower portal where a borrower can access their loan application and upload documents 
  • Document generation tool with all the required pre-populated data 
  • Credit report checker to run credit reports  
  • Underwriting checklist to configure questions for loan programs, including the approval process 
  • Email and support automation process 
  • Custom security model 

Also, we integrated the following tools: 

  • Cloud Maven Credit Checker (Credit Reporting Service)  
  • Google Drive  
  • Google Email  
  • Formstack Documents (Document Automation and Generation Tool) 

And used the following technologies:

Salesforce appexchange app development technologies Ascendix

  • Salesforce toolset
  • Apex
  • Lightning Web Component
  • Aura Framework
  • JS

"Ascendix Search app has been an absolute breeze. We showed it to our brokers and analysts and they picked it up instantly with no further explanation. The most useful tool has definitely been the filtering function for capital sources and then exporting those lists to Excel. It is great to get a long list of sources in just a few clicks. This has increased the speed of generating a sourcing sheet and has added some sources that we would not have thought of immediately. We absolutely love this search tool and highly recommend it to any commercial real estate firm."

Karen Weaver, Metropolitan Capital Advisors


Increase Productivity with Our Agile Mortgage Loan CRM Software

Stay organized and accelerate your decision-making process with our mortgage CRM and loan servicing software solutions on any corporate level: from small businesses to enterprises. We will build you an effective mortgage loan origination software that will be your magic key to accurate data and confident lead management.

Forget the time-sink of deciding a lead’s priority or creating a conversion game plan. Trace all stages of your customer’s journey in clear segments: from leads to the follow up stage. Stay up to date with borrowers that are in a loan and mortgage process and increase loan book growth.

Enhance the entire mortgage loan origination lifecycle with the following features of our mortgage loan CRM software:

  • Loan and mortgage management of loan and credit lines in most lending sectors
  • Report generation of borrowers', managerial, loan portfolio, income fee, loan quotes and other reports
  • Lead and deal status tracking and analyzing
  • Multi-level software security and multi-user loan and mortgage CRM network
  • Configurable email marketing management
  • Centralized lender and borrower’s document management and loan closing workflow
  • Automation of pre-qualified and loan approval based on your institution rules and many more
  • Secure Deal and Collaboration rooms for borrowers, lenders, solicitors, loan officers etc
  • Compliance with regulatory lending compliance standards.

Streamline Fund Management with Our Well-Optimized Financial Planning Software

Dig deeper into your client’s financial health and future goals with our financial planning software. Monitor client inflows and outflows to discuss saving strategies and manage your financial planning engagement with them on one platform.

Leverage our best-of-breed technology and professional expertise in financial service CRM products that help to reduce operating costs and stay in control of your client’s financial data. Stop chasing data and get back to effective management.

Revolutionize FinTech World with Our Scalable Banking CRM Software

Deliver value in the transaction banking environment and stimulate the organization’s response to shifts in financial and banking markets using our omnichannel banking CRM solutions. Avoid systems spaghetti and consolidate disparate legacy systems, integrations like e-signature or identity verification and work under one platform and react fast in the complex financial business world.

Due to our banking software you can instill trust and confidence by having a central data repository that will serve as a “source of truth” that creates consistency across complex reporting structures to deliver in-depth insights.

Exceed customer expectations by fulfilling regulatory compliance policies such as week as global, local, and federal regulations and respond quickly to regulatory changes.


Replace Myriads of Excel Spreadsheets with Our Holistic Real Estate Investment Software

Stop getting buried in spreadsheets and reduce the risk of errors when tracking client’s investment earnings as well as payments and interest by using our real estate investment CRM system. Get the freedom you deserve from manual processes connected with filling in, updating, copying and deletion of the data within spreadsheets and channel your energy into more productive way.

Leverage sensitivity scenarios and analysis at property or portfolio levels to anticipate market changes in the real estate investment industry within our investment software solutions.

Create several scenarios and perform transactional simulations to test market assumptions such as changes to market inflation and apply assumptions to specific entities in your fund and see the potential impact of property acquisitions.

Get company-branded portal based on investment management software that will help to visualize key investment performance metrics, trends etc. Make your data compliant with financial regulations.

Transwestern CRM services case study Ascendix Technologies

Transwestern about Our CRM Services

"Ascendix helped set up, configure, and now support our CRM. They’ve helped us build a more user-friendly interface so that we’re cognizant of who our users are and how they best interact with the CRM. They have very open and honest communication and do more than just the work they’re assigned; they look out for our best interests and care about us as a company. The quality is always great."

Jason Moersch, VP of Technology Solutions, Transwestern

Optimize Communication with Our Client-Focused Wealth Management  CRM

Know your customer, their goals, and life events and understand your data through dynamic asset accumulation and depletion graphs that trace growth projections and progress within wealth management software. Leverage client data like financial accounts, investment preferences, contact info and personal interests to create actionable steps to ensure their financial well- being.

Aggregate and standardize massive amounts of data from different sources and formats with the help of our wealth management software and eliminate the time-wasting inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

Respond Quickly to Market Changes with Our Omnichannel CRM for Financial Advisors

Keep ahead of the curve with software capabilities for financial advisors to analyze opportunities and identify the risks like market risk, investment strategy risk, non-compliance risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, counterparty risk and operational risk.

With our CRM systems for financial advisors you can easily evaluate development plans, maximize return potential, forecast asset and portfolio performance and generate maximum profit for your investor and shareholders.

Adopt the technology to meet your demands for financial data management and enjoy an effective blend of human oversight and software automation.

Get the Maximum out of Your Credit Union Software with Us

Become a dominant player in the market by implementing and automating your credit union CRM software. Automation is a great way to ensure that leads are dispersed on the most efficient way. Automate your consolidated financial reporting requirements with our credit union CRM and improve operational efficiency.

Improve credit data management by getting a single source for data that helps you have a comprehensive view across all organization levels and turn your credit unit software into a 24/7 lead-nurturing machine.

Enjoy Flexibility of Our Asset Management CRM

Ensure data and communication integrity and collaborate through secure asset management software using advanced file sharing technology. Leverage high volumes of data from multiple sources using the robust functionality of our asset management software.

Engage with asset management professionals and your clients through secure chat rooms to stay in touch from anywhere anytime. Get rid of multiple disintegrated emails and messages, follow all the communication in your asset management CRM and boost deal flow.


Top financial services institutions choose Ascendix Technologies as a fintech solutions provider and use our software daily.

Explore our products and services in action and see how they will lead your business to commercial success.

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