AscendixRE CRM: A Broker's Delight

Brandon Vandermyde of NAI Excel has been using AscendixRE for Salesforce (Foundations Edition) for about 6 months and shared his feedback with us.


Getting a broker’s attention for more than 10 minutes is difficult, but possible.

Getting a broker to use a non-gadget technology is a challenge.

Getting a broker to say nice things about your technology is the holy grail.

We had the chance to recently catch up with Brandon Vandermyde of NAI Utah South. He has been using AscendixRE for Salesforce (Foundations Edition) for about 6 months.

Brandon is a Senior Vice President at NAI Excel, NAI Las Vegas.

He has nearly a decade of real estate experience, extensive knowledge in the local real estate market, and has worked as an advisor to several companies as their broker and real estate consultant.

Brandon Vandermyde
Senior Vice President
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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AscendixRE reminds me every time I pull up my dashboards, which means I don’t let my hard-earned commissions slip through the cracks by forgetting to follow up with landlords who still owe.

Brandon Vandermyde, Senior Vice President, NAI Excel
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Ascendix: How has AscendixRE been working out for you?

Brandon: There have been several functions that I have really enjoyed.

AscendixRE has given me the ability to create follow-up reminders to reach out to former clients has been invaluable.

I know that this is not a new concept, however, your program has made it extremely simple to do.

It is integrated with all of the other things that I am already doing while looking at a client’s contact information, that it takes virtually no time at all to make sure I stay in touch with people.

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This product has really helped take my deals from cradle to grave.

Until now, I have had to utilize several different software programs to keep track of contacts, deals, progress, and frankly it was so much of a hassle that I let too many things slip through the cracks.

I have also been able to track the deals that I have closed YTD, commission dollars expected, etc…

I have been able to use that same dashboard to let me know which deals I have not been paid for.

It reminds me every time I pull up my dashboards, which means I don’t let my hard-earned commissions slip through the cracks by forgetting to follow up with landlords who still owe.

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Ascendix: Have you also used Salesforce1 (The mobile app?) If so, how has your experience fared with it?

Brandon: I have been able to use the app, and it has been a great tool.

I will typically use it for quick references and gaining quick data to use.

Although AscendixRE allows me to update data and work nearly exclusively on my phone if I wanted to, I am still the kind of person that likes to do most of my work on my PC.

However, all of my clients’ data and deal info is always accessible at my fingertips if I would like.

Ascendix: How likely would you recommend AscendixRE/Salesforce to another broker?

Brandon: Very likely. For the most part, brokers are really good at getting in front of people, putting deals together, negotiating, etc…

But many brokers that I know have one challenge in common – keeping everything organized.

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