Why KIG chose AscendixRE as their Commercial real estate CRM

Marc Rutzen, Data Analytics Officer at KIG Commercial Real Estate (acquired by Cushman & Wakefield), shared his experience of migrating to AscendixRE CRM on top of Dynamics CRM


When working with many clients and prospects in the commercial real estate industry, a proper and efficient CRM system is crucial.

We share KIG’s story and why they selected AscendixRE for their commercial real estate CRM solution.

KIG CRE is one of the nation’s most innovative institutional multifamily investment brokerage firms with $2,251,672,696  in multifamily sales.

KIG approached Ascendix looking for a solution to track all clients, contacts, and properties.

The system also needed to have the ability to log notes on client interactions, set follow-up reminders, monitor the sales pipeline and closed deals, as well as integrate with existing investments.

After researching multiple companies, KIG quickly realized that Ascendix had the tools and the experience to help them reach their goal faster.

Marc Rutzen
Data Analytics Officer
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Chicago, Illinois
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Institutional multifamily properties

KIG wanted a system that was quick, intuitive, and could be adapted to work with our investments in proprietary information-gathering technologies.

Marc Rutzen, Data Analytics Officer, KIG Commercial Real Estate
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KIG used a well-known but outdated Commercial Real Estate CRM system that was neither user-friendly nor available via the cloud.

This current system required an on-premise server to run the product that resulted in driving up costs.

Additionally, they were unable to integrate the system with their other investments that hindered the flow of vital data.

KIG had previously developed a proprietary tool on Microsoft Azure to bring in property information from multiple lead sources, which included information from their clients. The data then had to be imported and managed within a CRM system.

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The decision was made to implement AscendixRE powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and leverage the consulting services Ascendix provides to better facilitate this unique flow of property, company, and contact information.

KIG wanted a system that was quick, intuitive, and could be adapted to work with our investments in other information-gathering technologies,” said Marc Rutzen, the Data Analytics Officer at KIG. “Ascendix had a team that understood our requirements and could help us tailor the platform to our needs. Additionally, they were diligent in explaining the breadth of functionality within the platform and helped us work through the process of building custom forms and views to suit the needs of our team.

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The key to any CRM implementation is the proper allocation of human resources to the project to steward the direction, engage the end-users for feedback and quickly implement that feedback in an iterative refinement process.

At KIG Marc Rutzen ensured that the proper focus and priority was placed on crucial tasks such as data importation, configurations, and training of the end users that shortened the time to value for the company in their usage of the tool,” said Wes Snow, President of Ascendix Technologies, Inc.

What made this project a success was the strong internal champion at KIG, an experienced solutions provider in Ascendix and creating a clear project plan, and a team-oriented approach that made sure each milestone was met.

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