Integrated CRM, Property Listings Website & Marketing Automation

Integrated CRM, Property Listings Website & Marketing Automation

Imagine how many hours a week you can save if you could use the property information from your CRM to generate web pages for your public commercial property listings, add new website leads to your CRM automatically and follow up them using automated workflows?

With our property listing portal solution, you can get a commercial real estate CRM integrated with a branded property listings website or an embedded component in your existing website within a short time frame and for a very reasonable price.

  • Enter property details, upload images to your CRM.
  • Select the checkbox ‘Publish’ and a new listing will be published to your Listing Portal.
  • Website visitors search listings, view their details, and fill in the contact form related to the listing.
  • All web leads, inquiries are saved to your CRM automatically.
  • Follow up leads using automated workflows, autogenerated brochures.
Watch How it Works

Watch How it Works

We created an interactive demonstration of our property listings solution to give you a better understanding of how it works and might look. Sure, it is fully customizable and can be implemented both as an embedded widget or a website with unique pages for each listing.

Why Property Listings Website with Ascendix?

Why Property Listings Website with Ascendix?

No need to spend a lot of time and invest lots of money.

Integrating your CRM and a website can be time-consuming and might require significant investment. Being in CRM services since 1996, we know it very well. We decided to change this and our solution can be implemented within a few days-few weeks (depending on your requirements) and cost-effectively.

Once you’ve added a property listing information to your CRM, you can choose to publish or unpublish the listing with a click of the button. You don’t need to enter ANY information on your property listings website. All is done automatically!

Real-time updates.

Have new pictures of your properties, want to change something in a description or other fields? It is easy! Simply make the changes in your CRM and press one button to update the listing. All changes will be available in a few minutes. That’s it!

Track all leads automatically.

If you are not convinced yet, marketing automation is where you can feel the difference. Each property listing has its own unique page with a contact form. Once your potential buyer/tenant fills the form, the system will create a new lead in your CRM and even will relate it to this property listing. No more missed leads in the inbox.

Marketing automation out of the box.

Use prebuilt automated workflows or create the new ones to automate follow up on leads from listings. That’s where you can see the real benefits of using our CRM. It is more than contact management. Send automatic follow-ups to your leads, see when it is time to call your prospects, use saved email templates to speed up the process, automatically generate property tour books, activity reports using your CRM data.

Get more leads thanks to SEO optimization.

Our website listing portal solution has all SEO tools to help prospects find your listing. Make sure to use the right keywords, create unique, compelling property listings descriptions and titles with call to actions to maximize your chances, promote your listings on social media. You have all the tools, make sure to use them.

More effectively leverage your time.

Automated content management, reporting and lead follow up translates into more time to focus on closing your deals, building valuable relationships and selling more.

Getting Your Listings Website is Easy and Fast with us!

We make website listing portals available to any brokerage and have solutions both for individual brokers and large brokerages. Share with us your situation and expectations and we'll come up with our offer and an estimate.