AscendixRE Land Case Study: Base Camp Country Real Estate

Base Camp Country Real Estate chose AscendixRE Land CRM to support aggressive growth strategy, coordinate smooth work of agents from multiple locations, and drive efficiencies in their operations.

Nathan Mrnak, the COO of Base Camp Country Real Estate and Base Camp Leasing, shared his experience on using AscendixRE Land CRM and explained how it helped them support aggressive growth strategy, coordinate smooth work of agents from multiple locations, and drives efficiencies in their operations.

Nathan Mrnak is the Chief Operating Officer at Base Camp Country Real Estate. Growing up in rural Northern Minnesota set the foundation for Nathan’s love of the outdoors and his future career in the outdoor industry. Nathan’s best days away from work involve the time spent with his two daughters, rooting on their team sports, hunting turkeys or whitetails

Ascendix: Tell us a little bit about what makes BaseCamp Country unique?

Nathan: We specialize in recreational real estate sales, where we assist both sellers and buyers throughout the real estate process.

By living the lifestyle of outdoorsmen and women we understand the value of ranch, farm, and hunting land, which sets our agents apart from your typical real estate company.

Base Camp Country Real Estate has a solid foundation built from over 20 years of experience with its sister company Base Camp Leasing, where both landowners and people who enjoy the outdoors have taken advantage their services.

These foundational relationships have paved the way for Base Camp Country Real Estate to quickly expand into 6 states in just over a year and half. 

Our model will continue to grow where the Base Camp Country brand is strongest with aspirations to exceed the 24 states our leasing company operates in today.

Nathan Mrnak
COO of Base Camp Country Real Estate
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AscendixRE Land provides a one-stop shop to handle the journey of a customer from listing through closing all while quietly behind the scenes keeping your staff on task to stay in compliance. It really has taken the work out of report creation and allows us to just focus on analyzing the data it produces.

Nathan Mrnak, COO of Base Camp Country Real Estate


Ascendix: What challenges were you facing, that led you into seeking a CRM?

Nathan: Base Camp Country Real Estate was established in September of 2018 in partnership with Halderman Real Estate.

What this meant from an operational perspective was that we needed to overcome workflow issues created by having human resources in several different geographical locations.

Knowing that our expansion could be rapid, I needed to find a CRM solution that would be scalable, adaptable to the needs of a real estate company and ultimately give us a competitive advantage over the competition.

We needed an adaptive solution that would fit our niche of recreational land sales with lead tracking, workflow, and reporting all in one place.

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Ascendix: When assessing CRMs, what key features were you seeking? What made you choose AscendixRE Land?

Nathan: The adaptability of the program to what made sense for our business model. We literally have a one-stop shop for my agents to upload a listing, store documents, look at their Key Performance Indicators all while maintaining a sold workflow that drives efficiencies in our operations.

AscendixRE Land ended up being on the top of our list because it not only checked every box on the capability list but also due to the time their staff took with us in explaining how it adapted to every phase of our current processes related to real estate sales.

The workflow within AscendixRE Land CRM has made the distance between locations disappear. Everyone is communicated with and knows their role in any stage of our real estate processes.

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It simply streamlined our processes, communication and reporting.

Let me articulate this a little.

A full capacity real estate company has many positions within and the cadence to when certain tasks must be completed is imperative to stay in compliance as well as maintaining the quality of services our customers deserve.

AscendixRE Land provides a one-stop shop to handle the journey of a customer from listing through closing all while quietly behind the scenes keeping your staff on task to stay in compliance. 

From entering buyer/seller leads, developing listing details, housing legal agreements, marketing materials, marketing campaigns, to even handling commission splits it is a single source that our staff can count on throughout the whole process.

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Ascendix: Describe the process, from implementing the vision in your head to having the tangible output within Ascendix?

Nathan: Once Chris Petersen and I were on the same page with the vision it was easier for her to identify how Ascendix could help me through workflow issues we were going to face.

Ascendix: What are the most used features by your team?

Nathan: Property details, deals, and the Box App that was installed to work in synch with AscendixRE Land.

One of the leaderships favorite features of AscendixRE Land is the ability to create custom reporting from the custom forms we have created.

The ability to create visual graphs, export into excel, create PDF’s or time-driven e-mail reporting is outstanding.

It really has taken the work out of report creation and allows us to just focus on analyzing the data it produces.

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Box Integration

A close second for us is the ability to leverage 3rd party apps that we have integrated into the platform like “Box”.

Box allows us to house an unlimited amount of data, forms, pictures, legal documents all while keeping such collateral in a folder format specific to a customer or transaction.

“Box”, has also been a great tool for our marketing team to collaborate on creative content creation and communication with our agents needs in the field for specific content.

The ability to integrate these types of tools has driven a lot of efficiency in our business model allowing us to do what we do best in servicing our customers.

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Ascendix: Do you have any recommendations for Land Brokers to help them adopt CRM? How do you deal with this?

Nathan: If they truly want to take care of their agents and drive efficiencies in their operational model this is the solution. It all translates into better customer service and brand equity at the end of the day, but it all starts with making sure your team has the tools at their fingertips.

Ascendix: Can you share your growth strategy, as a CRE Land firm, and how Ascendix can help you along the way?

Nathan: Our initial strategy was to be in 5 states by the end of 2019, but with the workflow advantages and setting up the right roles in Ascendix it will help us expand much faster.  Within 3 years we will be in 24 different states.

CaseStudies-BaseCampCountry6 results
Nathan Mrnak on hunting

Ascendix: How do you unwind after a long day of work?

Nathan: Any time I get a chance I spend it playing sports with my two girls.

The day in and day out grind is real in the real estate business world!

Our team here at Base Camp Country Real Estate is passionate about spending time in the outdoors.  We are hunters, conservationists, mentors and land managers. Our favorite past time and how we unwind is taking time to introduce new people to this type of lifestyle and sharing it with our families.  To us land is “More Than Just Dirt, It’s A Lifestyle”!

Thank you Ascendixe RE Land for giving us just a little more time out there.

About AscendixRE Land

AscendixRE Land is the first CRM that takes into account the needs of Land Brokers and helps to stay focused on your operations.

The CRM was launched in 2018 by Ascendix Technologies, the CRM Company with extensive expertise in commercial real estate. FD Bell, Southeast Land Director/Consultant at Academy of Land Specialists acted as a subject-matter expert to contribute to the creation of the tool. Later in 2018, AscendixRE Land partnered with MapRight to let land brokers store detailed property maps right in the CRM.

In a few months, Ascendix launched property listings solution to allow its users to publish their listings right from AscendixRE Land.

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