15 Best Commercial Mortgage CRM Software in 2024

May 13, 2024
9 min

Having effective commercial mortgage software at your disposal is one of the key factors that level up your business. Commercial mortgage software solutions assist loan officers, mortgage lenders, and brokers in dealing with overwhelming regulations, challenges of digital transformation in capital market firms, tracking efficiencies, converting more leads, etc.

In this article, I will highlight the top commercial mortgage CRM software including AscendixRE for Capital Markets, Surefire, Jungo, Creatio, TotalExpert, Cimmaron Mortgage Manager, Mortgage iQ, and many other popular and new solutions.



What is Mortgage CRM Software?

A Commercial Mortgage CRM is a customer relationship management system specifically tailored for Commercial Mortgage Lenders and Brokers. It is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of the commercial mortgage industry.

Specifically, commercial mortgage CRM systems are designed to help you with:

  • Matchmaking borrowers with lenders
  • Commercial mortgage loan origination
  • Equity profiles management
  • Reputation management functionality
  • Tracking mortgage leads and client information
  • Handling and nurturing relationships with potential and existing clients
  • Controlling the process of mortgage applications and loan approval
  • Commission tracking
  • Reputation management and more.

Commercial mortgage CRM is a great tool for customers as well. It operates as a web-based portal to apply for loans and upload accompanying documentation, eSign disclosures, and monitor the status of specific loans.

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15 Best Commercial Mortgage CRM Software

1. AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets

AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets is a Salesforce-based tool that helps commercial mortgage firms match lenders with borrowers, investors with owners, and track capital sources. AscendixRE for Capital Markets is stable from both technical and business perspectives. The tool has established itself as a trustworthy commercial mortgage software in the niche.

With AscendixRE CRM, you can store every transaction in one place, work with each borrower on a more personal level, and update your database of lenders anytime.

Key Features:

  • Ability to categorize each source by Capital type, Property Type, Debt/Equity type, equity investment size, etc
  • Ability to add custom fields in CRM
  • Automated copy of sourcing information from other Deals
  • Intuitive capital sources searching tool
  • Deal flow & pipeline management
  • And more.

Watch the video below to explore AscendixRE CRM to the full extent.

More than that, xRE has recently announced the LoopNet & CREXI inquiry to email functionality, which transforms emails received from these platforms into a contact right in the CRM, so manual entry is eliminated. While LoopNet inquiries may not directly result in mortgage transactions, they can provide valuable leads for brokers.

For example, a potential buyer or tenant who inquires about a property listed on LoopNet may also require financing or refinancing services. By capturing these inquiries and integrating them into their CRM, commercial mortgage brokers can expand their lead pipeline and potentially convert these prospects into clients. With AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets, users can consolidate every transaction within a single platform, fostering personalized interactions with borrowers and enabling seamless updates to the lender database.

2. Surefire by Top of Mind

Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM has features for mortgage professional needs. For example, Surefire offers LOS and POS integrations across the board and post-close campaigns. Moreover, Surefire mortgage CRM includes built-in contact management and marketing automation functionality.

Surefire Mortgage CRM interface screenshot

Surefire Mortgage CRM | Surefire

3. Jungo

Jungo is another Salesforce mortgage CRM that layers the mortgage-specific functionality, content, and workflows that any mortgage officer expects from this platform.

Jungo is scalable and customizable and provides a wide range of functionality, from custom data fields to automated processes and reporting. Additionally, Jungo provides implementation services, training, and support as well as other Salesforce-based mortgage CRMs.

Jungo Mortgage CRM Interface

Image Credits: Jungo


4. nCino’s Mortgage Suite (formerly known as SimpleNexus)

The Mortgage Suite automates various processes involved in loan processing and closing, including application, origination, and closing. The suite includes products for Mortgage Origination, Incentive Compensation Management, and Mortgage Analytics.

According to the reviews, nCino’s Mortgage Suite increases application pull-through rates by 29%, reduces loan closing time by 80%, and improves average cycle time by 49%.

nCino Mortgage Suite

nCino Mortgage Suite | nCino

5. BNTouch

BNTouch is a mortgage CRM system that automates marketing, converts more leads, recruits new partners, etc. BNTouch offers 35+ proprietary mortgage tools such as automated SMS/Text/Video marketing, refinance analysis tools, pre-approval tools, listed property alerts, etc. Also, it features a borrower portal where applicants can upload documents, e-sign disclosures and check the status of their loan online for completely paperless processing.


BNTouch Mortgage CRM | BNTouch

See AscendixRE CRM in Action! 

Book a demo to see how you can benefit from implementing AscendixRE into your commercial mortgage business.

6. Creatio

Forbes Adisor put Creatio into the list of best mortgage CRM software for mortgage brokers in 2024. Creatio has built-in mortgage tools along with other useful features.

With Creatio CRM, mortgage lenders can gain end-to-end visibility and control over the customer experience from lead generation to loan fulfillment. Users can set up customized online loan applications along with workflow automation to route applications through underwriting, processing, verification, and approval steps.

Creatio Mortgage CRM

Image Credits: Creatio

Also, the Creatio system provides access to a centralized database to track all application details and supporting documents and integrates with external loan origination systems to ensure accurate synchronization of loan data. The Creatio mortgage CRM offers tools for post-closing loan servicing activities like billing and payment processing, escrow account management, and loan servicing requests.

Creatio positions itself as the no-code platform, but users report that setting up and adjusting after each update demands IT team engagement, which results in additional expenses.

7. Cimmaron Mortgage Manager

Cimmaron Mortgage Manager digitizes the end-to-end mortgage origination process and provides users with customizable contact management and extended marketing automation capabilities. Besides, it has a mobile app so that you can run mortgage calculations, directly communicate with the lending team, and get loan or mortgage status updates.

Also, you can use the help of an AI assistant – Iris.

cimmaron mortgage manager

Cimmaron Mortgage Manager | Cimmaron Software

8. Shape Mortgage Software

Shape Mortgage CRM is an all-in-one lending platform with tight integrations with leading LOS systems. Some of the key features of Shape Mortgage CRM include lead generation tools, email and campaign automation, text messaging capabilities, eSigning, and a customer point-of-sale system. It also offers mortgage leads scoring powered by artificial intelligence and ShapeIQ technology, a mobile app, and the possibility to integrate over 500 additional apps.

Shape prides itself on being a complete solution with everything mortgage lenders need built in. That’s why Shape Mortgage CRM can’t be further customized since developers believe that it already includes all necessary functionality.

Shape IQ Shape CRM Lead Soring

Shape IQ Lead Scoring | Shape Software Inc.

9. Mortgage iQ

The Mortgage iQ platform offers a full suite of mortgage CRM capabilities including database management, lead management/routing, prequalification, call/follow-up tracking, sales workflows, marketing automation/drip campaigns, and integration with LOS systems.

However, if you’re highly focused on analytics, Mortgage iQ analytical capabilities may be too limited to fulfill your needs.

MortgageIQ CRM Interface

Image Credits: MortgageiQ

10. TotalExpert

TotalExpert solution for mortgage brokers includes almost all generic CRM features and some built-in mortgage tools. TotalExpert covers lead generation, conversion, post-close, and retention processes.

The platform is convenient for all sides. Loan officers can access a centralized customer database with tools for tasks like application intake, document collection, and income/asset verification. Borrowers can access a self-service portal to check application status, upload documents, and e-sign disclosures digitally.

However, TotalExpert has a steep learning curve that requires time-consuming training to start leveraging the solution for mortgage brokers’ needs.

11. Velocity

Velocity is well known as a comprehensive cloud-based lead management solution for mortgage brokers. Velocity has a suite of sales products including Velocify Pulse (Salesforce automation tool), Velocify Lead Manager, Velocify Loan Engage, and Dial-IQ, each tailored to enhance different aspects of sales and client management.

Velocity Mortgage CRM

Velocity Mortgage CRM Interface

However, Velocity mortgage CRM is not as top-notch as it used to be in 2004. The improvements are ongoing but still too slow. Users criticize UI, lack of basic functionality like daily conversion reports and call tracking, and challenging customization.

12. Big Purple Dot

Big Purple Dot is a software built for realtors and mortgage lenders. Besides typical CRM features, Big Purple Dot mortgage CRM seamlessly integrates with Zapier, Lending Tree, any LOS, Optimal Blue pricing engine, Dotloop for transactions, and Zillow for managing property information and views. Their mobile application is available for iOS. Also, Big Purple Dot keeps developing and adding new features like Consumer Direct 1003 which is coming soon.

13. Insellerate

Insellerate offers a customer experience platform designed specifically for lenders that aims to transform the borrower’s journey. Insellerate mortgage CRM solution uses AI to deliver personalized outreach through multiple channels tailored to each customer’s stage in the process. Many banks, mortgage lenders, and credit unions trust Insellerate and its content library.

Nevertheless, some user reviews mention the underdevelopment of analytics and related features.

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14. LoanMore CRM

LoanMore CRM is a mortgage CRM option developed by Good Vibe Squad. LoanMore CRM provides a toolbox for loan originators and brokers including prudent lead prioritization, workflow management, and other typical features for mortgage CRM.

However, LoanMore CRM combines automation and manual work, so it’s not a “set it and forget it” option.

15. Loan Broker CRM by The Commercial Loan Broker Institute

The Commercial Loan Broker Institute has developed its own mortgage CRM solution considering loan brokers’ needs and work challenges, but at the same time maintaining customizability. Customizations may include deal automation, internal notifications, advanced email marketing, and online deal rooms. The CRM also enables e-signatures, video meetings, and social media integration to support full digital servicing of clients. Also, the Commercial Loan Broker Institute provides training to help brokers adopt the solution.

The interface is laconic and user-friendly, and all main functionality is included, but the Loan Broker CRM by The Commercial Loan Broker Institute has not received any reviews yet. The price starts from $147 per month so you can find cheaper solutions with more credibility.

Another favorite of loan officers, Whiteboard CRM, is no longer available. It was replaced with Aidium which lacks credibility since most reviews are dedicated to Whiteboard CRM.

Also, let’s consider the most popular CRM software examples and why they are not included in the list.

For example, Salesforce is the most widely used CRM system in the world which means it must meet the needs of all types of professionals and industries. Unfortunately, Salesforce still does not have a separate cloud for the real estate industry. That’s why if you’re interested in Salesforce as a mortgage CRM, choose AscendixRE.

The same goes for Monday.com, another widely popular CRM system that is not specifically designed for landing and mortgaging but can be potentially used for those purposes. As with every CRM and project management system, Monday CRM has limited customizability for the real estate industry, especially mortgage and lending processes.

Also, Hubspot is not a mortgage-specialized CRM but is a suitable option for loan officers who have just started familiarizing themselves with CRMs. Both Hubspot and Monday CRM are good options for small mortgage companies or individual mortgage lenders. For bigger lending companies or teams, both solutions lack custom functionality.

What to Look for in Commercial Mortgage CRM

When choosing the best mortgage CRM for your business, you need to know the valuable and industry-centered features. Therefore, every CRM that can be qualified as a mortgage CRM must include:

  • SOC compliancy
  • Loan pipeline management
  • Referral partner marketing
  • Sales automation (leads pre-qualification, prioritization, customizable reporting)
  • Bi-directional LOS integration Intake forms
  • Contact management
  • Mortgage event alerts
  • Lead capture and generation
  • Automated borrower status updates
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Integration with loan origination software and third-party tools required for mortgage business needs (e.g. automated drip campaigns, mortgage calculator, amortization schedule, closing docs, and eSignatures).

Use this list for a quick assessment of potential mortgage CRM software.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing CRM or introduce one for the first time, Ascendix can help you transform your mortgage workflow.



Final Words

Hope this article will serve as a guide to choosing and implementing the mortgage CRM software that meets your needs, not just a generic and barely customizable option.

However, if you’re looking for a ready-made solution, contact us and book a demo of AscendixRE for Capital Markets to explore its features to the full extent. Our CRM is customizable and scalable, and our in-house team of specialists will always be in touch to help you with the implementation process.

What is the best CRM for mortgage lenders?

Salesforce native AscendixRE for Capital Markets with built-in necessary mortgage CRM customizations, Creatio, nCino’s Mortgage Suite formerly known as SimpleNexus, Surefire by Top of Mind, Shape MortgageCRM Software, and others.

What does CRM mean in mortgage?

CRM in mortgage stands for Customer Relationship Management. Generic CRM does not meet all the needs of mortgage brokers, so they need mortgage CRM software like AscendixRE for Capital Markets, BNTouch, Jungo, Surefire, and others.

Do mortgage brokers use CRM?

Mortgage brokers use CRM systems to centralize and manage client interactions, automate tasks, track loans, ensure compliance with regulations, receive mortgage event alerts, ensure secure paperless landing processing, and conduct retention strategies.


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