Success Stories from Companies Using Salesforce

March 19, 2024
11 min

Salesforce is the #1 intelligent CRM system for businesses of all sizes and verticals. If implemented responsibly, it equips global brands and agencies with cutting-edge technology to drive their marketing, commerce, and care experiences to whole new levels.

On average, companies using Salesforce see 38% faster decision-making, a 25% increase in profitability, and a 35% rise in customer satisfaction.

The secret recipe for such an efficiency bump is simple: Salesforce is always motivated by its customers’ success. So, let’s jump in and review 8 Salesforce Success Stories across different business verticals:

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Salesforce for Non-Profit Organizations

1. Cutting Time on Admin Tasks and Driving Customer Experience with a Smart Appointment Management System

Organization: Concern Group

Industry: Mental Health Care

Products Used: Service Cloud,, Salesforce Shield, App Cloud, Community Cloud

The UK-based charity uses Tableau CRM to keep track of 326,000 records and stream all data from their Service Cloud case data and telephony data into one place. It also used App Cloud to develop a powerful appointment app to match free time slots between patients and mental practitioners. Wisely combined with client self-service from Community Cloud, these changes saved the charity an extra 3 hours a day.

With Salesforce, we’ve seen a big boost in morale – our clinicians feel that they can focus on care instead of admin, and the quality of care is vital to our reputation.

John Slator, Head of IT and Informatics at Concern Group

Concern Group is a UK-based charity supporting people suffering from mental issues, treating more than 40,000 clients a year. From the Covid-19 onset, this number continuously grew until the Concern Group realized it needed to cut the time clinicians spent on travel to the office for filling in paper-based forms and docs. Instead, it was important to focus on what really mattered – customer care.

Concern Group’s success story started from the day one Salesforce entered the organization. Specifically:

  • Concern Group launched a customized application built on Sales Cloud that allows patients to track their mental journey from the first contact.
  • This sensitive data is encrypted by Salesforce Shield.
  • Clinicians can review their client histories right from the smart Appointment App on their phones and prepare for the session without a laptop.
  • When the session is over, the clinician can update the client’s record without having to travel back to the office.
  • A smart built-in calendar with advanced geolocation makes it easy to match clinician availability with clients’ requirements. This helps eliminate last-minute cancellations and match clients with clinicians desperately seeking an appointment.


Now travel time is down, and so is the time spent on admin tasks. This has given clinicians an extra 3 hours a day to care about clients.


2. Delivering Hi-Tech Government Support Service within the Chicago Community

Organization: The City of Chicago’s 311 City Services Call Center

Industry: Public Services

Products Used: Salesforce Government Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Tableau.

With Service Cloud and a self-service portal based on Community Cloud, the Chicago Government can now deliver modern 24/7 support service to locals and businesses. As a result, the overall case closure rate has increased from 82% to 94%, making the municipality the ultimate winner among Salesforce public sector success stories.

The changes were driven by the initial mission to provide residents and businesses with quality information regarding City programs, services, and events quicker and more efficiently. The municipality also needed to keep up with the new trend for personalized, app-ready public service models.

Here is what changed for the Chicago municipality since the Salesforce migration:

  • Since 70% of inquiries were information-related, the Chicago call center implemented Community Cloud enabling residents and businesses to easily access self-help services through the 24/7 community portal.
  • Another 30% of cases were infrastructure-related and required attention from local departments. The whole pool of requests is automatically processed by Service Cloud and routed to Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning, where they are managed by relevant departments.
  • This allows for on-the-go scheduling and dispatching work orders between office workers.
  • Robust reporting tools and real-time visibility to track the inquiry status with Tableau.


Due to these enhancements, the overall case closure rate increased from 82% to 94%, while time spent on work tasks like graffiti clean-up dropped from 45 min to 5-10 min. This and numerous other cases of companies that use Salesforce for their daily operations show that Salesforce is the best option for non-profits and public services.

How Financial Services Companies Use Salesforce

3. Driving Conversion Rate to 85% with a Custom-Build Banking App on Top of Salesforce

Organization: OneUnited Bank

Industry: Banking Services

Products Used: Salesforce App Cloud, Service Cloud

A Boston-based bank launched a smart client-facing app on top of Salesforce, which brought lots of new customers and drove the mobile user conversion rate to 85%. Salesforce also helped the bank management stream all customer information from different branches in one place for better visibility into all processes using Service Cloud.

With Salesforce, I have visibility into all of our service deliveries at my fingertips.

Teri Williams, President & COO at OneUnited Bank

Representing one of the most-recognized Salesforce customer success stories in financial services, OneUnited Bank aims to help low-income communities pay down their debts and rebuild credit through an intelligent mobile app built on Salesforce App Cloud.

This cooperation with Salesforce results in a faster, more personalized service and a true impact on customers’ financial outlook. They are now able to start rebuilding their credit in minutes. With Salesforce mobile app, OneUnited Bank can:

  • Access all customer information from different channels at a glance in one single source of truth powered by Service Cloud.
  • Automatically transcribe voice calls into text with Salesforce Service Voice to focus on clients’ issues instead of taking notes. This results in faster customer service and a higher case closure rate.
  • Service Cloud is tied up with a user-facing app for credit card payments, letting service reps identify issues customers face on the spot to provide better service.
  • Generate insightful financial reports on customer’s activity and access real-time reports and dashboards using Service Cloud.
  • Easily navigate between the back-office system for credit checks and communication with users in one centralized app.


Salesforce-powered customer support and the ease of use drove a credit card conversion rate up to 89% for mobile users just one week after rolling out the new user interface. All this makes OneUnited Bank one of the top companies using Salesforce for financial services.


4. Driving Marketing Campaign ROI to 361% in Record Time with Pardot

Organization: Sequoia Financial Group

Industry: Financial Services

Products Used: Salesforce Pardot, Einstein, Financial Services Cloud, Quip, and more

Pardot empowered a financial service company with analytics around client behavior so that marketers can craft personalized client journeys to be sent out to potential clients, while Financial Services Cloud provided a 360 view of data from different channels. This resulted in a record-breaking 361% of Marketing Campaign ROI just after 5 months after Salesforce implementation.

Sequoia Financial Group is a client-centered financial planning and wealth management company delivering wealth planning, asset management, and generational wealth transfer services.

Yet its marketing has lagged behind, as the marketing campaigns mostly focused on email outreach without reporting, creating landing pages & forms, or gating content. Without proper tools, the marketing team couldn’t track potential clients’ behavior, so taking a prospect through a personalized journey was impossible.

The Salesforce customer success story at Sequoia Financial Group began with the adoption of Pardot. Here is what Sequoia Financial Group achieved with Pardot and other Salesforce solutions:

  • Sequoia can now see what makes a prospect react and what makes them interested.
  • Based on how clients and prospects engage with marketing campaigns, Sequoia gained a better understanding of who their clients are.
  • Marketing teams can easily craft personalized journeys for prospects based on Pardot analytics.
  • All customer information is properly recorded and can be accessed at ease.


As a result, the Salesforce bundle saved the firm over 700 hours annually per user. More than that, Sequoia Financial Group showed 361% ROI less than 5 months after implementing Salesforce solutions, including Pardot.

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Success Stories of Real Estate Companies Using Salesforce

5. Delivering a Lightning-Fast Search Experience and Data Share between Departments

Organization: Savills Ireland

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Products Used: AscendixRE, Tableau, Ascendix Search

A global CRE company streamlined internal data share between offices and saved 4 hours a day with a new data search tool for Salesforce.

Ascendix Search is a massive timesaver. Within ten minutes we get precise lists of all properties we need. Before Ascendix, it would take us no less than four hours.

Cormac O'Reilly, Business Analyst at Savills Ireland

Another Salesforce customer story showing how beneficial Salesforce may be for real estate is closely tied up around Savills Ireland – a global commercial, residential, and rural real estate service provider based in Ireland. The global team has 30, 000 staff across different departments, operating on their own. For decades, the firm mostly stored its data in on-premises servers and multiple Excel sheets, making data sharing and search missions impossible.

It was so before Savills Ireland implemented their new Salesforce-powered system augmented with Ascendix Search – a smart tool for Salesforce users looking for more advanced search features.

Here is how Savills Ireland benefits from its new software:

  • Radius search on a map: brokers can just draw a circle and search for properties within that distance.
  • High customizability: Savills Ireland’s global teams can customize fields they search on and then export them to Excel or PDF reports.
  • Integration of lease information into stacking plans with Tableau.
  • Tracking lease events: teams can quickly look up properties based on the lease events displayed in chronological order without any changes in the rent values.


As a result, Ascendix Search saved Savills Ireland teams extra 4 hours initially spent on search and data share runarounds. Such a tremendous time difference brought a great boost to the company’s efficiencies, proving the fact that Salesforce is the best choice for real estate if customized and augmented properly.


6. Organizing the Chaos of CRE Data within a Bespoke CRM on top of Salesforce

Organization: Cresa

Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Products Used: AscendixRE – a custom CRM system built on top of Salesforce

A renowned CRE company implemented AscendixRE – an all-in-one commercial real estate CRM system on top of Salesforce – to store and manage thousands of records in the cloud. Their old system couldn’t handle that much data due to the limited capacity of on-premises servers, so some records were often deleted.

Ascendix made it clear that with their solution I could build a database that would help advance my career and give me a competitive advantage.

Robert Sattler, the Principal at Cresa’s New York office

Cresa is a global commercial real estate firm representing one of the most notable Salesforce customer success stories. With an extensive list of services, from consulting to investment banking & capital markets, Cresa produces large amounts of records daily.

At some point, the firm realized that their old CRM was not powerful enough to digest all that data: some data sets just disappeared if left untouched for some time. That is why Cresa opted for Salesforce, or rather for its custom-made brother CRM – AscendixRE – which can easily store and manage thousands of CRE-specific records.

With AscendixRE, Cresa:

  • Migrated 100,000 square feet, over 2,500 lease comps, another 1,000 accounts & associated contacts and pulled this data together in a single platform. They achieved 95% data accuracy.
  • Is regularly supported by the stellar Ascendix customer support service throughout the whole data migration process and thereafter.
  • Has a number of advanced CRE tools: stacking plan builder, map search, automated commission calculator, and more.
  • Can better nurture its leads with smart prospecting functionality and timely reminders of lease expirations.
  • Can access other Ascendix products for CRE like Ascendix Search (smart custom search app for Salesforce and AscendixRE) and Ascendix Composer (flyer generation software).


As a result, Cresa saved 3 extra hours a week, which can be spent on closing deals rather than combining multiple Excel sheets.

You can check the full Case Study to find out how Cresa streamlined CRE operations with AscendixRE CRM.

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How Legal Companies Benefit from Using Salesforce

7. Doubled Sales and Richer Customer Service with a Full-Cycle Legal CRM on top of Salesforce

Organization: LEAP

Industry: Legal Service Software

Products Used: Pardot & Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Community Cloud

A legal company reinvented its marketing campaigns with Pardot, which enabled creating and tracking of personalized customer journeys instead of sending out plain emails. The firm also created a helpful online community where customers can easily have their questions answered.

Used by 61,000+ legal practitioners globally, LEAP is a full-cycle legal practice management software, empowering lawyers with smart tools to manage legal accounting, document assembly, and legal publishing assets.

As a software developer itself, LEAP is picky when it comes to technology. That is why they opted for the ultimate market leader – Salesforce. The legal company has been using Salesforce to craft award-winning legal service software for more than 10 years now. Specifically, LEAP:

  • Uses Pardot to send out targeted newsletters and insightful whitepapers to potential clients as soon as their details are captured on the website. As a result, their sales doubled.

Before Pardot, we were very inefficient. We’d send out an email campaign to 10,000 recipients, and then have a meeting to work out who we should start phoning. Should we start at ‘A’ or ‘Z’? With Pardot, we know within minutes who we should be phoning.

Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman, LEAP
  • Based on previously captured content in Pardot, Marketing Cloud sends an onboarding email to start the customer on their journey and give them access to the online Community for self-service and support.
  • Customer Support workload is wisely allocated between teams where there are more people to answer calls. This drives faster call resolution for clients.
  • LEAP management has complete visibility and accountability into every customer in the pipeline.


So, when it comes to streamlining and developing new operational efficiency, Salesforce is the #1 choice for legal service. The LEAP’s Salesforce success story is a perfect manifestation of this.


8. Driving Opportunity Conversion Rate to 2-3x for Gas & Oil Acquisition

Organization: Source Energy Partners

Industry: Gas & Oil, Legal Service

Products Used: AscendixRE

An energy investment company migrated to a custom Salesforce environment built on top of AscendixRE to merge disparate systems for customer resource management and project management into one source of truth. As a result, agents can now find acquisition opportunities and log them in into the system at a 2-3x rate.

The Dallas-based Source Energy Partners is an energy investment company specializing in acquiring and managing oil and gas interests of all sizes.

The top management once realized that they desperately needed a new CRM platform with extended functionality for prospecting and automation.

Their Salesforce customer success story began with the buildout and adoption of a Salesforce-geared custom-made CRM solution, which was built on top of AscendixRE – a highly customizable all-in-one CRM system for CRE brokers.

We were using disparate systems for our customer resource management and project management. Ascendix offered a real estate geared CRM that was attractive to us. After extensive conversations, Ascendix created a custom Salesforce environment for us that integrated customer relationship and project management.

Hunter Kennedy, Vice President, Source Energy Partners

With their new CRM, Source Energy Partners can access:

  • Full-fledged Salesforce-powered tools for prospecting and lead nurturing. The back-office team can now mass edit and mass update records, and add notes, events, and calls simultaneously. This skyrocketed the firm’s communications with clients and their satisfaction rate.
  • A bird-view overview of all internal processes in one place with insightful dashboards and reports.
  • Advanced search and filtering functionality to easily navigate through the large pool of records.


With the integration between Salesforces and AscendixRE, Source Energy Partners can now find acquisition opportunities and log them in into the system at a 2-3x rate, making the company’s development path one of the best Salesforce success stories.

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Final Thoughts

Numerous Salesforce customer success stories showcase how beneficial the renowned CRM platform is for numerous verticals, including legal, financial, non-profit, and real. Estate industries. At Ascendix, we ourselves believe in the unlimited power of Salesforce, as our products, including AscendixRE and Ascendix Search, are built on and for Salesforce.

The best recipe for Salesforce success lies in a reliable partner and CRM implementation facilitator. This is what Ascendix has been doing for more than 26 years in Commercial Real Estate and CRM Consulting.

If you are looking to streamline your business with Salesforce but do not know where to start, check Salesforce QuickStart packages or contact us, and our expert team will come up with actionable advice on how to repeat the success of the above-mentioned Salesforce adopters.

Salesforce Success Stories FAQ

What are Salesforce Success Stories?

Salesforce Success Stories refer to case studies and testimonials from businesses and organizations that have successfully implemented Salesforce solutions to improve their operations, increase sales, enhance customer service, or achieve specific goals. These stories highlight the transformative impact and benefits of utilizing Salesforce’s suite of products and services.

What are Salesforce Marketing Cloud Success Stories?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud success stories feature businesses that have leveraged this powerful digital marketing platform to create personalized customer journeys, increase engagement, and drive significant improvements in their marketing ROI. These narratives showcase innovative strategies and the impactful results of integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud into their marketing efforts.

What are Salesforce Public Sector Success Stories?

Salesforce Public Sector success stories highlight how government agencies and public organizations have utilized Salesforce solutions to modernize their operations, enhance citizen engagement, streamline services, and improve efficiency. These stories demonstrate Salesforce’s ability to transform public sector entities through innovative technology and citizen-centric approaches.


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