Top Social Media Groups and Commercial Real Estate Forums

March 13, 2023
9 min

Do you want to get new clients, promote your property listings and, as a result, increase your profit? Are you interested in professional growth, personal development, useful connections, and a wide network?

Check our list of real estate social media groups, which are worth following.

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Social networks have become a fixture part of our everyday life. It goes without saying that they provide us with dozens of opportunities. They aren’t only about entertainment or social networking anymore.

Using different social platforms, you can easily promote your business, learn something new, increase your income, perfect your skills, introduce yourself, communicate with other professionals, and even get a piece of advice or necessary support 24/7.

Commercial and Real estate spheres aren’t an exception.

There is a huge variety of social media groups for both residential and CRE brokers and experts, where you can promote your property listings, connect with other brokers, and learn new tips and best practices.

In this post, we list the most popular (with the biggest number of members) Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit groups for brokers, and commercial real estate forums.


Facebook Real Estate Groups


1. Real Estate Investors – almost 98,000 participants


How about connecting and networking with 97,800 real estate experts? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then join this Facebook group and experience the advantage of the membership. Commercial real estate strategies discussions, property listings publishing, different deals’ challenges, transmitting different opportunities to each other, and investing, – all this can be found in this group. This place is definitely one of the best places to perfect your skills in this area.


2. Inman Coast to Coast – over 15,000 members


Over 15,000 members of this group will be happy to welcome you and share with you all their experience. The participants can suggest discussions, find necessary answers, help each other, share cases, publish real estate news, and be always informed and updated about all trends.


3. Commercial Real Estate Gurus  – almost 7,000 members


This Facebook group has more than 6,700 members and welcomes both experienced professionals and newcomers. Here you can discuss all subjects, related to commercial real estate (leasing, property management, financing, sales, etc.). The group joins commercial agents, brokers, realtors, lenders, investors, and others to communicate, network, and discuss some common issues.

You can publish your listings, opinions, advice, industry-related information, or share upcoming events, seminars. Here you can also find posts about challenges brokers face, publish your own thoughts, ask for advice, start discussions. Tell about your experience, find professional tips and, all in all, just benefit from being a member of this group.

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4. Real Estate For Investors  – 3,500 members


Real Estate For Investors is a group for sellers and buyers, who work with single-family, residence package sales, multi-family, hotels/motels, and other related offerings. This group includes 3,520 members, so, if you seriously intend to buy or sell some kind of property, be aware you also make a post in this group and tell your colleagues they are also welcomed!


5. Commercial Real Estate GTA  – 2,000 members


Although it is stated that this social media group refers only to Greater Toronto Are, actually all 2,000 members make posts about all available properties around the whole USA and Canada.

Here are welcomed commercial real estate agents, realtors, buyers, sellers, and investors to seek deals, promote properties, and publish available buildings. Except for this information, you can also take part in industry-related discussions, find necessary tips, and network with other experts.


6. Commercial Real Estate – 1,500 members


This group can be called “multi-functional”, as it can provide you with a wide range of opportunities. You can post any industry-related information, ask any questions about CRE, post any available information about any properties, communicate with all members, and build strong professional tights as well as close friendship links.


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LinkedIn Commercial Real Estate Groups


1. Corporate Real Estate (over 170,000 members)


The network is happy to welcome commercial real estate professionals, who are engaged in every sphere of the industry. Here you’ll find the latest updates, information about property listings, meet the experts who directly work with design, development, brokerage, project management, tenant representation, leasing, acquisition, asset management, etc.


2. Pete Asmus’ Commercial Real Estate Investment, Development, & Property Management  (over 124,000 members)


In this community, you’ll meet commercial real estate professionals from all spheres. Come and join this group as you’ll find discussions about different projects, advise how to conduct agreements’ negotiations, make real estate investments, or close deals. What is more, the information in this group is related to the real estate spheres.


3. Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA)  (82,000 members)


Here we come with LinkedIn Groups. This profile is BOMA’s LinkedIn page, representing one of the most respected international associations in commercial real estate. This group includes almost 82,000 members and except for a marvelous possibility to expand your community, you’ll be right in the center of all events related to CRE.

This page is one of the main sources of information on leasing, building, sustainability, and development. All the members are commercial real estate professionals and are open to communicating and networking. What is more, being a member of this group you’ll be able to follow all trends, statistics, and news.


4. International Council of Shopping Centers – ICSC (over 60,800 members)


This LinkedIn page is specially created for the members of ICSC. The network of 60,000+ members in more than 100 countries will provide you with the opportunities to get to know about endless resources, connect with highly recognizable professionals, and, if it is necessary,  cooperate with them directly.


5. Real Estate Brokers & Agents in the United States (over 60,000 members)


Although it is not allowed to post your listings, products or promote your business in this group, it is one of the best platforms for networking and discussions. Come and take part in meaningful discussions.


6. Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management Professionals (over 39,300 members)


Just send a request to join this group and enjoy the community from all possible LinkedIn corporate real estate professionals.


7. NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (27,758 members)


This Association is widely known and is the leading one for the industry professionals, involved in all fields of CRE. This group will provide you with professional education, necessary tips, updates, industry networking. NAIOP helps to maintain continuous and effective development, create opportunities for professionals and provide the community with benefits.


8. Jointer|Commercial Real Estate Professionals & Investors Group (24,500 members)


This group includes 24,500 members and is internationally open. They are super-friendly for networkers and newcomers. Commercial Real Estate professionals, financiers, investors, property owners are welcomed to post their ideas, projects, start discussions, share their property listings, ask for advice about industry-related deals and search for CRE tips.


9. Commercial Real Estate Referral Network (over 21,600 members)


The platform will allow you to increase your income as here you’ll be able to post your properties, show listings, exchange experience, and different sales and marketing techniques. Here you will find opportunities for financing and loan offers and commercial real investors are also welcomed to find the resources they need.


10. Commercial Real Estate Executives (19,000 members)


This group with more than 19,000 members is a platform for commercial real estate professionals, such as CRE executives, commercial agents, brokers, portfolio managers, leasing professionals. Come and join if you want to expand your professional environment.


11. Commercial Real Estate Professionals Network (over 18,300 members)


As LoopNet is one of the main commercial real estate marketplaces, being a member of this group will help you to connect with commercial agents, brokers, property managers, financiers, and other real estate professionals to discuss updates, share listings and properties, and exchange experience.


12. Bisnow Commercial Real Estate (12,350 members)


Here is another great opportunity for being informed about all industry news and trends. If you find the usual news resources boring, join this group to stay always informed about all industry events, CRE deals, updates, and networking opportunities.


13. Commercial Real Estate Financing (over 10,300 members)


The group will help you to find answers to all finance-related real estate questions. If you know a transaction that needs to be funded or a loan, then post all the information together with your contacts to the discussion, so the deal can be done. This community is especially for realtors, buyers, investors, lenders. The professionals will help you to get answers to all financial questions.


14. Industrial Real Estate Forum (5,800 members)


That case when the title speaks for itself. The group’s 5,800 members present the forum for industrial real estate discussion for development and management of CRE, professional networking, and interesting discussion.


15. National Association of REALTORS – Commercial Real Estate members (4,500 members)


This profile is the main page for NAR members. This group includes nearly 4,500 members, where communication about all aspects of commercial real estate happens. This page is a huge forum not only for sharing your properties but also for networking, being engaged in different discussions, and following news and trends as well.


16. Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Network (4,000 members)


Seeking for networking? Come and join this group. All 4,000 members will provide you with necessary discussions, industry-related news, and events. The profile is opened to all locations and here you will be able to find information about different deals and listings as well.


17. Commercial Real Estate Professional Network  (1,511 members)


Following this group, you’ll get a chance to become acquainted with all CRE parties. This page is welcomed by brokers, agents, investors, lenders, realtors, technicians, and investors. Founded by commercial real estate professionals, this group is aimed to get as many deals done and as much information learned as it is only possible.

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18. Commercial Property Executives (1,004 members)


Although this resource is mainly targeted at commercial real estate executives, here you can find a lot of useful ideas, strategies, and solutions for your commercial real estate companies, industry-related data, news, different analytic research, and other opportunities. This profile is known for its professional connections with CRE financiers, agents, brokers, property managers, team leaders, and other professionals involved in this field.




Reddit Real Estate Channels


How about following some thematic Reddit channels?

The group’s 100,000 followers will welcome you into the community and help you to promote your property listings, discuss your cases, find necessary and experienced professionals, new opportunities and keep abreast of developments.

s community has 23,100 subscribers and will help to become an expert in real estate investing. Here you will find diverse discussions, thoughts, cases, experiences, and encouragement. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced investor or just a novice, come and follow this group to learn more.



Commercial Real Estate Forums


The News Funnel | Real Estate News, Personalized


This channel will help you to be always informed about all industry-related news and updates. This platform has 5,000+ media sources and companies. Here you can easily sign in for free, create your personalized blog and add there all the information you would like to share. What is more, if you are a real estate company, you can upload and share your news constantly for free.


Commercial Real Estate Investing Forum


Are you a real estate professional or seeking a suitable real estate opportunity? This platform is the best option to discuss all possible CRE financial strategies, property management, financing. Here you can also share your property listings, raise various industry-related topics, be engaged in the community of 1,090,000 members and 200,000 companies. Moreover, there is an educational platform on the basis of this website, so you can promote your skills and educate yourself.


Real Estate Forum


This forum is widely known in the real estate community. Here you can be engaged in almost every industry-related discussion, choose the necessary topic according to its popularity, time when it was published, etc. As a plus, you’ll find here the career and listings tips.


Real Estate Forum on


The platform will help you to cooperate with the community of professionals, as on the website you’ll find all the possible discussions and if you want, will be easily involved in them. The website interface is rather friendly, as all the topics are ranged according to the date of post, the number of replies, and views.




The forum is divided into several sub-categories, where you’ll be able to find almost every kind of information from real estate investing to the closure of commercial real estate agreements. The website is categorized similarly to the previous one, so you can easily navigate there.


Real Estate Law Forum


How about learning something new in the sphere of real estate law? Sometimes, every commercial or real estate professional needs a piece of law advice, and here’s what you might be searching for. At this forum, you can find topics relevant to buying, selling, and tenants. Of course, it won’t provide you with the all answers, but will definitely help to choose the direction to work on.


Do you use real estate social media groups to promote your listings or to engage with peers? Have we missed some of them on our list? Please, comment and share your opinions with us!


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