Top Social Media Groups and Commercial Real Estate Forums

May 8, 2024
10 min

Are you seeking opportunities to acquire new clients, market your commercial property listings, and boost your earnings? Are you interested in professional growth, personal development, valuable connections, and a vast network?

To cater to these aspirations, we’ve meticulously gathered the most popular (with the most extensive membership base) Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit groups for brokers and commercial real estate investing forums.



Facebook Real Estate Groups


1. Commercial Real Estate Investing –  over 25000 members

This group is committed to the Commercial Real Estate Industry and was started in order to provide CRE Investors and professionals with valuable and helpful resources, deals, financing, projects and industry connections.

Here members discuss and share insights related to investing in commercial real estate properties: from strategies for finding, analyzing, financing, and managing commercial properties to market trends, due diligence, legal considerations, and case studies.


2. Inman Coast to Coast – over 20,000 members

With over 15,000 active members and 5-10 regularly published posts, this group is a great community for all CRE experts. The participants can suggest discussions, find necessary answers, help each other in solving specific problems, share cases, publish the latest real estate news, and be always informed and updated about all trends.


3. Commercial Real Estate Gurus  – over 12000 members

This Facebook group has more than 12000 members and welcomes both experienced professionals and newcomers. Here you can discuss all subjects related to commercial real estate (leasing, property management, financing, sales, etc.). The group joins commercial agents, brokers, realtors, lenders, investors, and others to communicate, network, and discuss some common issues.

You can publish your listings, opinions, advice, industry-related information, or share upcoming events, seminars. Here you can also browse posts about challenges brokers face, publish your own thoughts, ask for advice, start discussions.

4. Commercial Real Estate GTA  – over 7000 members

While the description suggests that this social media group refers only to Greater Toronto Are, actually all 7826 members share posts about all available properties throughout USA and Canada.

Commercial real estate agents, realtors, buyers, sellers, and investors are welcomed here to seek deals, promote properties, and publish available buildings. Besides, it is possible to take part in industry-related discussions, find helpful tips, and network with other experts. It must be mentioned that content in this community is seriously moderated. This, however, ensures that posts shared by contributors are refined and informative at all times.


5. Commercial Real Estate – 5500 members

This group is akin to a data hub for everyone in CRE industry. As it is stated in the group description: “This is the place to post your deals and ask questions about Commercial Real Estate!”You can post any industry-related information, ask any questions about CRE, post details about properties, communicate with other members, and build strong professional tights as well as close friendship links.





LinkedIn Commercial Real Estate Groups


1. Corporate Real Estate (181,940 members)

Ranked as the top network for CRE professionals, this LinkedIn group welcomes commercial real estate professionals immersed in multifaceted roles such as construction, design, development, site selection, leasing, brokerage, acquisition, disposition, program/project management, tenant representation, facilities management, and asset management encompassing office, retail, land, industrial, and corporate real estate assets.

Here you’ll find the latest updates, information about property listings, meet the experts who directly work with design, development, project management, tenant representation, leasing, acquisition, asset management, etc.


2. Pete Asmus’ Commercial Real Estate Investment, Development, & Property Management  (139,259 members)

This LinkedIn community brings together professionals from all corners of commercial real estate. Everyone is welcome to engage in discussions covering various projects, get advice on agreement negotiations, learn about real estate investments, and gain insights into deal closures.


3. Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA)  (81,467 members)

This LinkedIn group belongs to BOMA, a highly regarded international association in the commercial real estate industry. With nearly 82,000 members, this group offers you a fantastic chance to broaden your connections and be at the heart of all things related to CRE events.

As a pivotal source of information on leasing, building, sustainability, and development, this LinkedIn group gathers professionals exclusively from the commercial real estate sector, all eager to engage and network. Plus, being a part of this group grants you access to stay updated on trends, statistics, and the latest news in the CRE industry.

4. International Council of Shopping Centers – ICSC (71,080 members)

Created in 2008 for the members of ICSC, this LinkedIn group joins 60,000+ members across more than 100 countries. Members get access to valuable resources, connect with fellow professionals and find inspiration for new opportunities. Group admins encourage members to share their thoughts and ideas through comments, photos, videos, and links here. However, all comments undergo review by administrators to ensure appropriateness and to remove any content that may be considered offensive.


5. Real Estate Brokers & Agents in the United States (56,691 members)

This group is a LinkedIn version of AgentLinkus Real Estate Forums. It was created as a hub for referrals, networking, sharing industry information, and collaboration. Real Estate Brokers and Agents that want to participate in meaningful and stimulating business discussions are always welcome here.

The only restriction is that members aren’t allowed to post listings or market products. This strategic choice aligns with the group’s commitment to maintaining a spam-free environment, fostering interactions that are both meaningful and valuable.

6. NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (40,405 members)

NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, stands as the foremost hub for property developers, owners, and associated experts in office, industrial, and mixed-use real estate.

Through this group, you’ll gain access to professional education, essential insights, updates, and opportunities for industry networking. NAIOP actively fosters ongoing and impactful development, forging avenues for professionals to thrive while extending community benefits.


7. | Commercial Real Estate & DeFi Investors Group

This group includes over 30,000 members and is internationally open. The Jointer community is open and friendly for networkers and newcomers. Commercial Real Estate professionals, financiers, investors, property owners are welcome to post their ideas, projects, strike up discussions, share property listings, ask for advice about industry-related deals, and search for CRE tips.


8. Commercial Real Estate Referral Network (25,802 members)

Commercial real estate referral network is a designated hub for Commercial Agents and Brokers eager to present their listings, and engage in discussions about professional experiences and business strategies.

Additionally, group members can find opportunities for financing and loans, making it an inclusive platform catering to commercial real estate investors seeking essential resources.


9. Commercial Real Estate Executives (56,297 members)

Commercial Real Estate Executives is a group with more than 56,000 professionals that work within the commercial real estate industry including: corporate real estate executives, asset and portfolio managers, commercial real estate brokers, and property developers.


10. Commercial Real Estate Professionals Network (24,286 members)

As LoopNet is one of the main commercial real estate marketplaces, being a member of this group will help you to connect with commercial agents, brokers, property managers, financiers, and other real estate professionals to discuss updates, share listings and properties, and exchange experiences.



CRE Thought Leaders on LinkedIn

  1. Wesley D. Snow: Co-Founder, CEO of Ascendix Technologies. Along with his followers, Wes dived into a fresh batch of Prop updates, commercial real estate industry and technology latest news, and promotes workflow automation.
  2. Todd Terry: Co-founder, Managing Partner of Ascendix Technologies, Inc. On his LindkedIn page, Todd primarily focuses on PropTech Space, shares custom software development tips, and sheds lights on the beauty of workflow automation for residential and commercial real estate industries.
  3. Eric Roseman: former Managing Partner at Innovation and Ventures team at Lincoln Property Company, currently a Chief Revenue Officer at Xeal.  Eric is a very rare breed of both experience in technology AND in real estate. He shares his unique perspective on LinkedIn, often commenting on some of the big real estate tech news through his own experiences.
  4. Linda Day Harrison: Founder of The Broker List, Linda shares valuable insights and resources for commercial real estate professionals. Her vast expertise includes commercial leasing and commercial and residential property management, repositioning and marketing for the disposition of commercial properties and receivership.
  5. Duke Long: Owner Duke Long Agency. Being an experienced Owner Broker with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry, Duke Long shares his insights on technology, trends, and strategies shaping the industry to his 6000 followers. Check out the interview of Duke Long with Wesley D. Snow (Co-Founder, CEO of Ascendix Technologies)



Reddit CRE Channels


This subreddit covers a broad spectrum of real estate topics, including residential and commercial discussions. Commercial real estate professionals can find valuable insights and engage in relevant conversations with more than 100,000 followers.
Everyone interested in residential and commercial real estate can promote property listings, discuss business cases, find necessary and experienced professionals, new opportunities and keep abreast of developments.

This community has 23,100 subscribers and will help to become an expert in real estate investing. Here you will find diverse discussions, thoughts, cases, experiences, and encouragement. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced investor or just a newbie, you’re always welcome to come and follow this group to learn more.

This subreddit is specifically dedicated to discussions about commercial real estate. It covers a wide range of topics, including investment, leasing, property management, market trends, and more.

If you’re interested in real estate in Toronto, this subreddit focuses on discussions related to the Canadian residential property market.



Commercial Real Estate Web Forums


1. Property Management Mastermind Forum

The Property Management Mastermind Forum is an online gathering spot where property management experts unite to exchange insights, strategies, top-notch practices, and personal experiences linked to property management.
This is a private group not regulated by any trade organization or governmental, non-profit agency.


2. Real Estate Forum

Real Estate Forum is widely known in the real estate community. It is conducted by Wall Street Oasis – one of the largest and most entertaining finance communities online.

Here you can be engaged in almost every industry-related discussion, choose the necessary topic according to its popularity, time when it was published, etc. As a plus, you’ll find here the career and listings tips.


3. Real Estate Forum on

The platform facilitates collaboration within a community of professionals. By visiting the website, you can access a wide array of discussions and effortlessly engage in them if you wish.

Topics are categorized based on post date, reply count, and views, ensuring easy navigation. Even though website may seem outdated, the audience gets bigger and discussions between 2 million other members happen daily.


4. CREOnline

The forum is divided into several sub-categories, where you’ll be able to find almost every kind of information from real estate investing to the closure of commercial real estate agreements. The website is categorized similarly to the previous one, so you can easily navigate there.


5. Real Estate Law Forum

At this forum, you can find topics relevant to buying, selling, and tenants. Of course, it won’t provide you with the all answers, but will definitely help to choose the direction to work on.

investing forums_header

Real Estate Investing Forums

Commercial Real Estate Investing Forum

The CRE investing forum on BiggerPockets provides an excellent avenue to explore a wide range of financial strategies, property management insights, and financing discussions related to CRE.

Within this platform, you have the opportunity to not only share your property listings and initiate industry-related conversations but also become an active part of a community comprising 1,090,000 members and 200,000 companies.

Additionally, an educational platform is integrated into this website, offering you the chance to showcase your skills and enhance your own learning journey.


REI Club Forum

Another vibrant platform is the Real Estate Investing Club, a large forum focused on real estate investing. This comprehensive forum features subforums catering to various investment types and a general space for discussing all aspects of real estate.

Forum participants are offered various articles and resources tailored for real estate investors seeking networking opportunities and shared learning experiences.


REtipster is a forum that focuses on providing practical advice for real estate investors. It has a variety of subforums, including one for beginners, one for experienced investors, and one for active investors.


This forum is an online community with discussions on various investment strategies, market trends, and practical advice for investors.

The forum thrives on fostering collaboration, enabling members to seek advice, pose questions, and share their experiences with fellow participants. This interaction contributes to a vibrant community where both newcomers to real estate investing and seasoned professionals can contribute their perspectives and insights.

Investment Property Forum

Investment Property Forum is a UK-based online platform where individuals interested in investment properties come together to engage in discussions, share insights, and gain valuable information related to real estate investment.

This forum is a virtual hub for networking, learning, and exchanging ideas within the investment property realm.



Who We Are

We are a Texas-based company that helps real estate professionals to stay ahead of the curve by serving their technology needs and educating about the latest developments in the industry.

Why Ascendix?

  • We have 16+ years of experience in providing software services for residential and commercial real estate industries
  • Our expertise includes 2 decades of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting, deployment, and customization;
  • We’ve worked with 10+ types of CRMs, so there is a great chance that we already have the answer for how to align your workflows with a CRM solution you’ve chosen;
  • Industry titans like JLL and Savills entrust us with their in-house tech stack development;
  • With 5 offices worldwide, we’ve developed a global delivery capability – all you have to do is choose the blended or offshore outsourcing model.

Do you use real estate social media groups to promote your listings or to engage with peers? Have we missed some of them on our list? Please, comment and share your opinions with us! 


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