Maximize Your CRE Marketing Efforts: Learn How to Effectively Market Commercial Property

June 6, 2023
4 min

There are basic marketing commercial real estate strategies known to all brokers. These are putting a sign and postcard mailings in front of the property, ads in newspapers, etc. However, as the competition in commercial real estate is growing stiffer, your CRE marketing should be one step further.

Before listing and showing your property, a few key decisions should be made on where to list a commercial property, how to generate commercial real estate leads, how to track the fluctuating preferences of your target audience, launching mass email campaigns through a CRM, and much more.

In this article, we outline some CRE marketing tools and 5 tips you should implement to market your commercial property like a pro and up your tech game.

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5 Tips for Selling Commercial Real Estate

As a commercial real estate CRM software vendor, we believe in technology and innovation, helping brokers automate CRE business according to their demands.

In this passage, we’ll share 5 tips for selling commercial real estate at a higher value.

Tip #1. Market Your Property on Listing Platforms

Market your property listing on commercial real estate listing sites because it is the first stop for CRE specialists looking for vacant spaces for their clients.

Add images, write a promotional property description, property location, contact information, and a link to download the flyer so that your listing attracts attention.

To make your commercial property listing more advanced, include a link to a virtual tour, a video, an inquiry form for interested tenants and brokers, and specify current availability and occupancy rates.



Tip #2. Adopt CRM Software

Adopting industry-oriented CRM software for commercial real estate brokers is a powerful way to streamline the client journey and more effectively track potential leads.

Let’s say a potential client visited your website. He/she viewed several commercial property listings, read the “about us” page, gone through all the testimonials, and submitted the contact form. Seems like a great potential lead, right?

Without CRM software in place, you would have no idea about all the activity this client has done. If you don’t adopt CRM software, the only information you get is a few contact details the potential client submitted through a form, which only tells part of the story.

Therefore, in terms of marketing commercial real estate property, adopting CRM software tends to be a great investment as it will help you understand the full journey and interest level of your potential customers. You will also be able to easily identify qualified leads and effectively move them through the sales funnel.

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Tip #3. Start an Email Campaign

Integrate your CRM with Mailchimp, HubSpot, SendPulse, or any other tools to make a compelling start to the marketing campaign. Target your email campaigns to potential leads, and don’t be afraid of sending mass emails through a CRM to the local brokerage community.

A standard email should include:

  • photos;
  • promotional property description;
  • link to the property listing page;
  • link to the property flyer;
  • your contact information for inquiries.

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Tip #4. Use Commercial Real Estate Flyer Software

Both for emails and listing platforms, you need quality flyers and brochures. Using the CRE flyer generating tool, you can create property flyers that will be used for all aspects of CRE marketing.

While choosing the best commercial real estate flyer software, consider the solution that is synchronized with your current CRM software. In this case, you’ll generate all necessary reports/flyers/brochures within your CRM.
Other benefits of using commercial real estate flyer software:

  • Custom real estate flyers, brochures, reports in a few clicks
  • Ability to generate documents from any device
  • A great library of ready-to-use commercial real estate flyer templates.

Willing to know what tool includes all the features? Watch the video about Composer to explore how it works in action.

Tip #5. Use Digital Marketing Tools

Here we mean investing in tools for making interior / exterior photos, virtual tours, drone photography/video, online advertising, etc.

Digital marketing boosts your messaging to the target audience and makes your proposition visually appealing. It helps brokers explain why this specific property is better than the rest on the market.



Final Words

The presented tips for selling commercial property are straightforward and relatively easy ways for brokers to up their tech game. Although the tips require some upfront investment, the efficiency and the volume of deals they generate make them worthwhile.

In commercial property marketing it’s important to stay flexible and be patient because the results of marketing have a long-term effect. Work now for the future you. What you prospect now is planting the seed for what you’ll reap a year down the road.

Try “testing” marketing tools and follow the tips for selling commercial real estate.

Always keep in mind, that the more automized you make your CRE marketing, the more profitably you’ll market your commercial property.

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution that automates marketing activities and keeps your leads warm, try AscendixRE CRM. Schedule a call with our manager to explore how AscendixRE CRM can assist you in commercial property marketing.


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