Salesforce Ridge [Silver] Consulting Partner: Ascendix Advances to a New Tier

August 2, 2023
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2021 was a special year for Ascendix. We joined a global philanthropic movement – Pledge 1% program, were recognized as a Rising Star in the Real Estate CRM Software category by the FeaturedCustomers platform and were named as one of the top Global B2B Companies in the CRM Consulting segment by

We entered 2022 with a new achievement — Ascendix now is officially a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner.

Advancing to the next level of Salesforce partnership was our strategic goal for this year. Moreover, we’ve managed to achieve a higher rank not only as a consulting partner but also as an AppExchang partner. Salesforce recognized us as a Crest AppExchange partner.

And these new statuses enable us to deliver more value to our customers and give more space for innovation. If you are still unaware of what Salesforce consulting partners and AppExchange partners are, what benefits it can bring to clients, and how Ascendix’s managed to proceed to a new Salesforce partner tier, continue reading!

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What’s Salesforce Partner? A Few Words About Partner Tiers


Salesforce Partner is a part of the Salesforce Partner Program. There are primarily two types of Salesforce partners:

  1. Independent software vendors (ISVs) or AppExchange partners that build and sell their tools on AppExchange, Salesforce app marketplace
  2. Salesforce consulting partners that assist businesses with building, optimizing, and configuring Salesforce solutions.

There are overall 4 partner tiers:

  1. Base (Formerly “Registered”)
  2. Ridge (Formerly “Silver”)
  3. Crest (Formerly “Gold”)
  4. Summit (Formerly “Platinum”).

To proceed through the levels, partners prove their specializations for a product, service, and industry expertise by:

  • Submitting the required number of projects
  • Maintaining a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score average
  • Certifying individuals at their company.


Explore more details about Salesforce consulting partners, how to become one, or select the best one in the blog post: 9 Fatal Mistakes in Selecting a Salesforce Consulting Partner for Your Project


Salesforce Ridge and (as well as Crest partners) are special recognition for outstanding accomplishments in areas like:

  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Customer Success
  • Lead Generation.

It means that partners should:

  • Grow their implementation capacity and technicality both vertically and horizontally
  • Encourage employees’ self-education via the Trailblazer platform and the certification of Salesforce specialists
  • Expand Salesforce product knowledge and industry expertise
  • Reinforce clients’ success and performance and, as a result, satisfaction.



What Benefits Does A Higher Salesforce Partner Tier Bring to Customers?


Salesforce takes its CRM partner’s reputation and innovation potential very seriously because any business can be powered only by people who share the same desire for constant improvement.

Salesforce encourages its partners to advance through the partner’s tiers and bring more value to customers via broader expertise. It means that Salesforce Ridge partners should have solid technical skills in deploying and calibrating multiple Salesforce products, deep knowledge of particular Clouds, and a proven understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem.

To proceed up to the next level of partnership, consultancies and AppExchange partners have to keep a high customer satisfaction rate. If you engage with a Ridge consulting partner, you can be sure that your vendor:

  • Has excellent communication skills
  • Applies knowledge of Salesforce products and technology to your business needs effectively
  • Has perfect risk management skills
  • Offers high-performing teams
  • Produces valuable outcomes
  • Ensures you are enabled to maintain your solution(s) going forward.

On top of that, Salesforce Ridge partners have access to Premier Salesforce support, which can speed up clients’ case resolution and removal of system roadblocks.

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How Ascendix Became Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner


Ascendix has demonstrated a high level of expertise by completing implementations, integrations, customizations, as well as AppExchange app development services, across numerous industries, like:

We’ve earned 35 Salesforce certifications, including Application Architect, Platform Developer I, II, Data Architect, and we are not going to stop on this step. Besides that, we’ve extended our proficiency in Salesforce Clouds like Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and CPQ.

Now, our average customer satisfaction rate on AppExchange is 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Salesforce consulting services, 5 out of 5 for AscendixRE CRM for Commercial Real Estate & Capital Markets, and 4.7 for Ascendix Search (app for upgraded Salesforce search).

As a Salesforce consulting firm with a customer-centric approach, Ascendix helps businesses of various sizes simplify IT and business processes, implement a high-value CRM system, and navigate the complexities of the Salesforce clouds.

Besides that Ascendix has:

  • 26 years in the CRM business
  • 20 years of Salesforce experience
  • 17 CRM products and apps
  • 200+ professionals on board
  • Salesforce Certified Developers, App Builders, and Admins
  • Onshore and Offshore engagement models for cost compression
  • Top CRM consulting & custom software development company on


Here is what our clients are saying about our services:

We hired Ascendix to help us design a proprietary CRM system built on top of Salesforce. We interviewed many Salesforce/CRM developers and decided to work with Ascendix based on their track record and specific experience working with commercial real estate platforms. They have a fantastic turnkey product for commercial real estate companies, but given our unique needs, we decided to engage them to design a proprietary system that incorporated some of their signature systems such as their mapping app. Everything the team did was impressive. From top-notch communication to product development.

Zachary F. Weiss, Managing Partner, SAB Capital
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