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May 23, 2023
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Nowadays, more than ever, marketing and real estate are moving towards advanced digital solutions and marketing automation. The reasons are obvious: it gets tough to attract new clients, and without proper tools for real estate marketing automation, it is almost impossible.

Companies that adapt digital real estate marketing are more likely to increase their market share and generate more leads in the years to come.

However, if you’re not a tech geek, keeping up with the most effective real estate marketing tools is challenging.

That’s why we decided to create the list of top marketing tools for real estate professionals in 2022.

In a nutshell, we recommend implementing the following real estate marketing tools to boost your business and help you close more deals:

  • CRM systems
  • Accounts in social media to develop a digital presence
  • Video marketing strategy for a better presentation of your properties
  • MLS and online listing platforms
  • Email marketing campaign.

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Why Do Marketing and Real Estate Should Walk Side-by-Side?


Marketing explains the reason why your business exists and what problems it solves. If you don’t convey this message through your marketing activity, prospects won’t contact you because you don’t show them what value you can bring.

You may use many real estate marketing tools for managing your business, leads, website, social media, and more. However, the key to success is to rapidly pivot parts of your property media marketing platform to specific systems that are delivering results.

Marketing helps real estate agents collect and analyze data, manage relationships with existing clients and prospects, improve your social media, and increase sales.

Moreover, realtors can identify which tasks can be automated and what real estate marketing tools will free up most of your time.

Here’s a list of tasks that can be automated with marketing:

Now that you know what you can streamline and where to promote your business, the following passage presents you real estate marketing tools you can use to do it.



Best Marketing Tools for Real Estate Professionals


Here, we present real estate marketing tools that help you be a tech-savvy and effective Realtor with many closed deals.


Marketing improves and automates your customer relationship management. One of the best marketing tools for realtors in this field is AscendixRE CRM.

AscendixRE is a Salesforce-based CRM for managing, tracking, and marketing your properties, leases, listings, and deals. Also, AscendixRE performs as a tool for nurturing existing contacts and generating new ones.

AscendixRE as a real estate marketing tool is beneficial because it is available on both and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Its design is tailored specifically for brokerages to automate deal flow, simplify search & reporting experience, and more.


AscendixRE CRM Broker Dashboard

AscendixRE CRM Broker Dashboard

Also, unlike other fit-for-all-size CRMs, AscendixRE comes with built-in features for realtors and brokers. It makes CRM a great tool that covers all real estate needs, so you can start using it from day one!

AscendixRE Key Features:

  • Contact & Account Management
  • Prospecting Tools (Nurturing/Lead Generation)
  • Email Marketing
  • Mass Records Update & Editing
  • Lead Management
  • And more!

AscendixRE simplifies your telemarketing and provides you with a database of contacts for cold calling.

AcendixRE new pricing

AcendixRE Pricing Plans

AscendixRE plans payment offerings start at $79 user/month for AscendixRE Foundations plan (with no user minimum, billed annually). Pricing plans include 2 hours of consulting and interactive training (within a flexible time of signing up) that is already available in AscendixRE Foundations.

And with AscendixRE Enterprise and AscendixRE Unlimited plans, you can get access to personalized training, business scenarios, data prep consulting, etc.

MLS & Online listing platforms


As NAR states, the multiple listing service (MLS) is a facility that allows real estate professionals to learn about and share local property listings in support of the interests of clients and customers.

MLS system as a robust real estate marketing tool empowers agents and brokers to distribute information about properties for sale.

Many MLSs provide listing information to third-party aggregators. These aggregators can also be considered as real estate advertising platforms.

Here is the list of top real estate advertising platforms:


Social Media

Social media is a key tool in the real estate marketing tool kit.

Social media grows your brand awareness and visibility, allowing you to reach a wider range of potential leads. So, make sure you get the word out about your real estate business. As for the most effective real estate marketing media platforms, consider:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram.

To get the most out of social media, you need to create a consistent content strategy with attractive marketing collateral.

You can create fancy property flyers and marketing brochures using the flyer generating tool Composer.

It offers the following functionality:

  • In-built Report Templates to Build Reports or Brochures
  • Generation of Branded Commercial Real Estate Flyers, Property Profile Reports, Brochures, and Lease Comp Reports in a few clicks
  • Ready-to-Send Reports and Brochures Directly from Your CRM or Ready-to-Download Materials in Various Formats.



Video Marketing

The global pandemic has changed how people buy and rent property. According to the research by Redfin, 63% of people who purchased a home last year made an offer on a property that they hadn’t seen physically.

People became more open to virtual real estate shopping. Therefore, if you want to expose your business to a broader audience, you need to develop a winning strategy for video marketing.

Invest in impactful virtual 3D tours, 360° property presentations, etc. Share your videos on your website, YouTube, Facebook groups, Twitter, and even TikTok.

A more significant number of transactions with video marketing is guaranteed.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to nurture your clients and lead generation. With a solid email marketing strategy, you’ll keep new prospects engaged and informed about new property updates.

With a strategy, you need to think about software and a type of email that will cover your clients’ needs.

It gets easier when email marketing tools are integrated with your current CRM. In this case, you can quickly start a mass email campaign and send the following types of real estate emails:

  • Welcome email or sequence
  • Follow-up emails
  • Listing announcements, open houses, video tours
  • Regular neighborhood guides
  • Tips and trends on the local/national/global real estate market
  • Client success stories.

You don’t need to send out updates manually – all the records in your CRM are categorized, so you can send your client emails that fit their needs.


Learn How to Boost Your Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign In Mailchimp Salesforce Integrations Guide

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Boost Your Business with Real Estate Marketing Tools

Many guides and articles mention multiple real estate marketing tools without any deep research. Sometimes the number is over 30 or even 50, making it almost impossible to filter the best numerous marketing tools for your real estate business at once.

There is one thing for sure – the most effective real estate marketing tools are the ones you’ve already been using. These are CRM, MLS, accounts in social networks, your email marketing campaigns, and video marketing strategies.

Investing in them means investing in a robust digital presence to help you sell more homes and ensure customers’ loyalty.

There are hundreds of real estate marketing tools out there. There’s always a new app or a new website trying to draw your attention through multiple channels, telling you it’s the next big thing. But, when it comes down to it, the most successful real estate marketing tools are the ones you own.

It can be difficult to get started on your own. With a professional team of consultants and advanced marketing packages for real estate agents, the marketing campaigns get easier.

If you’re looking for industry-oriented digital solutions, consider Ascendix products. Our team of consultants will be glad to assist you in implementing these solutions in your real estate business. Contact us to start cooperation.

How to Advertise My Real Estate Business?

To do that, you need to be everywhere. Consider both digital real estate marketing and traditional marketing.

For a digital side, invest in website development, create and constantly upgrade your accounts in social networks, make a strategy for video and email marketing, place your listing on MLS.

For traditional marketing, create printable materials for promoting your properties (brochures, flyers, banners).

What Are the Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Tools?

Custom relationship management – AscendixRE CRM;

Video marketing – Animoto, WellcomeMat, Videolicious;

Email marketing – Salesforce+Mailchimp;

MLS and Online Listing – MarketSpace by Ascendix;

Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter.


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