Salesforce for Recruitment: How to Streamline Hiring with a Geolocation Search App

January 25, 2024
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You work for a recruitment or staffing agency with hundreds of vacancies daily, and your task is to match candidates with employers effectively. To do that, you need to perform multichannel searches and filter lists of candidates by various parameters, which sometimes takes more time than you have.

To shorten the time and make filtering more effective, some recruitment and staffing agencies conduct geolocation searches of Contacts on maps in Salesforce CRM.

Even though geolocation functionality is presented in Salesforce Maps by default, it’s so tiny and limited that the pricing sometimes is prohibitive for recruitment agencies.

In this blog post, we’ll share tips on how to use a money-worth Salesforce search app tool that helps recruiters filter candidates by their geolocation, in a much more cost-effective way.

How Recruiters Can Filter Candidates Within a Radius by a Given Zip Code in Salesforce

Recruitment or staffing agencies often require functionality to filter candidates by geolocation, e.g., to pull up applicants located within 30 minutes’ drive from the available job, or to search for Salesforce records within a radius they chose for a given zip code. It helps recruiters to find candidates within a particular area so that candidates won’t spend too much time getting to the job.

Native Salesforce search isn’t intuitive enough and doesn’t allow users to search for records by map.

The solution here is a Salesforce-based tool – Ascendix Search. This tool helps recruiters find candidates and match them with the job openings inside Salesforce CRM. All maps are synchronized with the Google maps API.

Ascendix Search provides access to search operators and filters that are not available in native Salesforce or can be used only in the report writer of

How to Search and Filter Candidates by Geolocation in Ascendix Search?

Ascendix Search allows recruiters to conduct geo searches of Contacts from a specific location within a certain number of miles/km. This location should be an object in the database with a physical address that can be geocoded.

For example, users can look for Contacts within 30 miles of the office, where a specific company is headquartered and has job openings.

contacts within 30 miles from job

How to Find Candidates Within 30 Miles from Physical Address | Ascendix Search

They set up the radius → select the Property → get a list of candidates.

list of candidates in Ascendix Search

List of Candidates Within 30 Miles from a Physical Address | Ascendix Search

Recruiters can choose one, several, or all records and take different actions on them:

  • associate records to a campaign (email or marketing)
  • send them to a list to send emails
  • export to Excel
  • add Notes.

If you need to compile selected records into a marketing list associated with some campaign, this functionality is already in the Ascendix Search – you just need to configure it to be visible.

Also, you can send an email to a pool of selected contact records right from Ascendix Search using the Salesforce email service.

Either way, data is stored in one place and is reusable. There is no need to jump on different software: set up search filters→choose the distance→and get the list of candidates without leaving the Ascendix Search tool.

Need Salesforce Geolocation Searching Tool?

Book a demo of Ascendix Search app to explore how it helps to find candidates within a specific location or a zip code.

How to Search and Filter Candidates by Zip Code in Ascendix Search?

Ascendix Search allows recruitment and staffing agencies to search Salesforce records by a zip code radius.

Let’s say you want to search for every Contact within a 50-mile radius of a given postcode and capture the data to match candidates and job openings. To do that, you click the button “Add search criteria,” → choose “Radius,” and type in the distance → type in the zip code.

As a result, you’ll get a list of contacts within 50 miles of the zip code you selected. You can save all search results if necessary.

Radius Search for Contacts within 5 miles from selected Company | Ascendix Search

List of Candidates within Specific Zip Code | Ascendix Search

As you can see, Ascendix Search offers advanced geolocation functionality for Salesforce users, allowing them to quickly find relevant data and locate the information on the map.

Speed is key. We have been using the Ascendix Search for over a year now. The largest benefit to us has been in the ability to quickly locate information via the map, without having to filter after the search. For example, we need to find lease/sale comps for a specific area that may cross over into multiple zip codes. Go to the map, draw the polygon and there are the comps we need. In addition, finding lease expirations for prospecting purposes via the same search process. The less time we have to spend looking for information and the more time we can spend on actionable items exponentially increases productivity!

Hal Penchan, Vice president at Altschuler and Company

With Ascendix Search You Can:


  • Search for candidates that meet all your criteria
  • Conduct radius search in Salesforce for Contacts
  • Get visual information about the closest records in a specified area
  • Customize Salesforce-related lists and search results
  • Display distance from the searched record
  • Conduct Salesforce search by zip code/city
  • Perform zip code radius reporting
  • Generate insightful reports and list views
  • Create lists to categorize candidates as you wish and reuse it
  • Export lists of candidates to Excel
  • Change the statuses of candidates, record previous touch points outside Salesforce with our mass edit and mass action features
  • Perform map search to be able to find all candidates in a specific region instead of typing multiple towns or getting candidates who live too far from you.

Get an Advanced Salesforce Search Now 

Get the most of Salesforce geolocation functionality using Ascendix Search in your recruitment or staffing agency.

How Ascendix Search Improves Salesforce for Recruitment?

Ascendix Search lets users perform multi-criteria, multi-object searches, and geomapping by entering required values and selecting search operators within Salesforce CRM.

The advanced functionality of Ascendix Search includes geomapping search of Contacts/Records by drawing geometric shapes (squares, circles, triangles) on the map, search via charts, relative date operators, NOT IN, OR conditions for related objects, location of lists on the Google map for data analytics, meetings and campaign planning, and more.

Once you get the list of Contact/Records, you can perform a bulk edit, mass follow/unfollow, export them to Excel, add multiple notes, tasks, and events, or send a mass email to them.

So, by implementing Ascendix Search in your recruitment agency, you will:

  • Make the Recruitment Process Strategic and Systematic

The recruitment process is about finding the right person who would fit well with the employer. Through a thoroughly integrated tool like Ascendix Search, finding candidates gets automated, systematic, and practical at every stage.

  • Export Contacts Data to Excel or CSV in a few clicks

The Ascendix Search app supports the Salesforce data export of all objects. You can customize the limit of the maximum number of records to be exported in a single action and disable exporting at any time.

  • Perform Mass Actions on Records

As recruiters communicate with many candidates at different stages of the recruitment funnel, it’s vital to perform mass actions on records without leaving a system. Ascendix Search lets do just that. Simply select multiple records from a list view and choose actions from the list that you want to perform on a specific record: log a call, add a note, and schedule events or tasks.

  • Improve Salesforce Mass Email Campaigns

Ascendix Search lets recruiters send mass emails to candidates and track email activity for each recipient.

  • Customize Reports of Candidates Quickly

Ascendix Search is integrated with Composer Online, which helps recruitment teams quickly generate custom reports of candidates as per their needs right from Salesforce CRM.

Interested to see how Ascendix Search can optimize the workflow in your recruitment process? Book a demo and experience its power.  


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