Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Features for Nonprofit Cloud Admins

May 2, 2024
6 min

Spring is on its way, and Salesforce is going to introduce new enhancements for one of its key products – Nonprofit Cloud.

Discover the latest innovations in Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud with the Spring 2024 release designed to revolutionize how nonprofit organizations operate in our latest blog post.

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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising 

1. Build Fast and Effective 3rd -Party Integrations with Fundraising in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Starting Spring 2024 release, Salesforce users can utilize the Business Process API for seamless integration of third-party applications with Fundraising in the Nonprofit Cloud. This API enables users holding the FundraisingAccess permission set to manage integrations, reducing ownership costs efficiently.

The Business Process API represents a strategic investment in partner facilitation, streamlining integrations through the Business Process Connect API endpoints.

Its key functionalities include matching or creating donor records and recurring donations, handling payment data for external gifts, and submitting comprehensive donation data in one payload.

Review the full list of the new and updated Connect APIs in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud 


2. Split Gift Transaction Amounts Across Various Campaigns in the Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

With the new release, users with FundraisingAccess permission set will be able to streamline the measurement of long-term ROI for upgraded recurring gifts by attributing revenue from gift commitments across multiple campaigns. They will allocate transactions proportionally to the influencing campaigns, facilitating accurate ROI calculations for recurring donations.


3. Generate Outreach Source Code URLs in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

Beginning the Salesforce Spring ’24 release, digital fundraisers with FundraisingAccess permissions will be able to streamline their process by auto-generating unique URLs with custom UTM parameters for cross-channel sharing.

Generation of URL for Outreach Source Code

Generation of URL for Outreach Source Code

These links enable tracking of online donations to their outreach sources, assessing the efficacy of digital campaigns.

UTM Parameters Settings in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

UTM Parameters Settings in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud


4. Upgrade Campaign Attribution to See Upgaded Recurring Donation Revenue

A new entity tracks and chronicles the history of changes to a Gift Commitment, attributing each modification to its source campaign or code. Additionally, a new roll-up will calculate the Attributed Revenue for both the Campaign and Source Code. It will help fundraisers tie revenue to the original campaign and the upgrade campaign get granular with the outreach performance and make more informed investment decisions going forward.



5. Track Payment Data Effectively in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud users will improve efficiency by streamlining donor support requests and simplifying accounting reconciliation. Salesforce’s improved payment data tracking methods cover payment method details, transaction fees, and gateway and processor metadata. This facilitates easier management of integrations with independent software vendors and payment gateways.


6. Create a Personalized Donor Portal with Fundraising Objects Available in Experience Cloud

With Spring Release ’24, nonprofits can create personalized Donor Portals within Experience Cloud that allow donors to see not just contact information but also donation history and active recurring donations via fundraising entities (GiftCommitment, GiftRefund, GiftSoftCredit, GiftTransaction, GiftTribute) exposed within a new Experience Cloud PSL (FundraisingExperienceCloudAccessPsl).

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7. Changed and New Objects in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

New release in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud will help users enhance efficiency using the new and improved objects including:

  • The new PaymentInstrument object for saving payment method information for transaction completion. It will capture information about Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, and other payment methods related to a Person Account, GiftTransaction, or GiftCommitmentSchedule.
Payment Instrument Information in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Payment Instrument Information in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

  • The new GiftCmtChangeAttrLog object for recording changes in Gift Commitments to monitor upgrades and downgrades.
  • The new fields UTMSource, UTMMedium, and DonorMatchingMethod on the FundraisingConfiguration object for implementing new UTM fields in the Fundraising Configuration object to record an Outreach Source Code URL for tracking purposes.
  • The new fields Source CodeBaseUrl, SourceCodeUrl, MessageChannel, MessageChannelPlatform, MessageChannelPlatformAccount, MessageTitle, and Message Content on the OutreachSourceCode object for creating unique digital fundraising messages and monitor the effectiveness of the outreach.
  • The new fields Last4, ExpiryMonth, and ExpiryYear on the GiftEntry object for inputting the payment identification details from the payment instrument for gift entry.
  • The new fields GatewayTransactionfee, ProcessorTransactionFee, LastGatewayResponseCode, LastGatewayErrorMessage, and LastGatewayProcessedDate on the GiftRefund object for reviewing transaction processor and gateway fee details to guide refund decisions.
  • The new fields OutreachSourceCode, ProcessorReference, and PaymentInstrument on the GiftCommitmentSchedule object for viewing payment details and outreach source codes to monitor modifications in the commitment.
  • The new fields PaymentInstrument, GatewayTransactionFee, ProcessorTransactionFee, TotalTransactionFee, ProcessorReference, GatewayReference, LastGatewayResponseCode, LastGatewayErrorMessage, and LastGatewayProcessedDate on the GiftTransaction object for logging details of the payment gateway and processor to monitor fees, reference numbers, error notifications, and processed date.
  • The new field AttributedAmount on the OutreachSummary object for monitoring the total increased amount of a commitment that’s upgraded with a donation to an additional campaign.


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8.  Import CSV Files

With a new release, Nonprofit users can efficiently import large data volumes into Salesforce by preparing a CSV file. This method allows for data uploads to both standard and custom objects. Users granted the Basic CSV Data Import permission can easily execute CSV file imports.

CSV File Upload Feature in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

CSV File Upload Feature in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Users can choose the Salesforce object for data import and opt to insert, update, or upsert. The CSV file columns auto-map to closely matched Salesforce object fields, with an option to modify and save this mapping for future use.

Learn more about other Industries Solutions’ common features released in Spring 2024 here.

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List of Contacts Within 30 Miles from a Physical Address in Ascendix Search

List of Contacts Within 30 Miles from a Physical Address | Ascendix Search

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Managed Services

1. Find and Eliminate Potential Duplicates in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Starting Spring ’24, users can review, choose, and merge potential duplicate contacts efficiently using the NPSP Potential Duplicates Lightning Web Component, which directs you to the NPSP Contact Merge page, effectively replacing the standard Potential Duplicates component.


2. Security Enhancements for Volunteers for Salesforce

Salesforce has released updates to Volunteers for Salesforce to enhance security.

Additionally, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud will update common features, accessible across various Industries products, and allow for tailored extensions and customizations to meet your business requirements. Learn more about new enhancements for Industries here.



Keeping abreast of these advancements and fully leveraging their capabilities can substantially enhance the efficiency and impact of nonprofit endeavors within the Salesforce ecosystem.

If you have any questions about newly released features and enhancements for Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud or want to improve your Salesforce instance for your fundraising, grantmaking, and donation management activities, get in touch with our team.

Our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud will help you:

  • Create custom fields and objects and map data between systems and also help you with records export/import to the Salesforce platform
  • Customize reporting experience and dashboards to display essential information for your nonprofit organizations and their partners.
  • Harmonize the connection between Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and third-party systems.
  • Customize the look and feel of your Salesforce organization to improve the digital experiences of your fundraisers, volunteers, and partners and ensure that users are comfortable using it.
  • Facilitate collaboration via accessible document display and sharing.
  • Virtual administration to ensure your users can freely use and manage all available Salesforce features and stay up-to-date with all newly released features.

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