Ascendix / MapRight Align to Extend Value of AscendixRE Land

August 2, 2023
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Ascendix and MapRight have teamed up to expand the mapping capabilities within AscendixRE Land – a CRM solution designed specifically for land brokers providing a streamlined and centralized facility for storing and managing contacts, companies, property listings, and deal flow.

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This first pass at integration between AscendixRE Land and MapRight is just the beginning of the journey of marrying a best in class CRM platform with a best in class mapping platform where we will expand the use cases and thus the integration touchpoints over time

– Wes Snow, CEO/President at Ascendix Technologies.

With this integration, users of MapRight are able to create custom maps for their properties and then link them to property records within the AscendixRE Land offering to provide a convenient method for accessing those maps in the context of a CRM solution that was designed from the ground up with the land broker in mind.


MapRight Integration in AscendixRE Land CRM

While the end-users can still access their map renderings directly in MapRight, they now have the ability to see those maps within the property records contained in the CRM system streamlining the end-user experience in accessing all aspects of the properties they track.

When we were approached by Ascendix about this new Land CRM opportunity it quickly became apparent to me that we were dealing with a very innovative technology firm focused on a market very similar to MapRight and from there, it was only a matter of time before we discovered a natural fit and story to tell with the integration of our two platforms for the land brokerage community.

– Steve Roberson, CEO at MapRight


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About AsendixRE Land and Ascendix Technologies


AscendixRE Land is the only true CRM for land brokers. It is built on top of Salesforce and offers complete functionality for modern land brokers.


AscendixRE Land Interface


Ascendix, the creator of AscendixRE Land, is a technology firm specializing in the consulting and development of products and services in the customer relationship management (CRM) space.

Focused on commercial real estate products and services over the last 13 years, Ascendix has brought to market AscendixRE on both the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics platforms and is the author of complementary tools such as Ascendix Search and Composer, publishing and reporting tool.



About MapRight


MapRight was founded by professional cartographer Steve Roberson. While Steve had extensive GIS knowledge and worked with top-of-the-line mapping systems, he realized there were a couple of significant problems with the mapping industry.



MapRight Website


For one, the mapping process was complicated and cumbersome for professionals who didn’t have a lot of GIS knowledge, like real estate brokers and land managers. And in many cases, even professionally done maps looked generic and required viewers to have some understanding of the land.

To create MapRight, Steve stripped traditional GIS mapping systems down to the essentials, then put those essentials into an easy-to-use digital toolbox. From that toolbox, novice and professional mappers alike can create impressive maps and map templates for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

MapRight’s tools and layers are designed to create maps that are beautiful, easy to read, and ready to be shared with anybody. The application requires virtually no formal training and is supported by a team of experienced mappers out of Dallas, Texas.

To see this integration in action, please contact us or call us directly at 888-346-3276.


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