Investor Portal via Salesforce Experience Cloud for Innovative Capital Corporation

In partnership with Ascendix, Innovative Capital Corporation has created a robust investor portal software. Leveraging the power of Salesforce Experience Cloud, the portal not only synchronizes flawlessly with other Salesforce products but also shares a unified database featuring contacts, loan details, and real-time activity outcomes. The portal’s design echoes the company’s branding, reinforcing a harmonious visual identity across all platforms.


Innovative Capital Corporation is a commercial real estate brokerage and private capital lender specializing in connecting clients with a variety of funding sources including venture funds, private equity, and debt funds.

Together with Ascendix, they created an investor portal software powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud and seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products, fostering a unified database of contacts, loan details, and activity outcomes. The design of the new portal mirrors the company’s branding, ensuring consistent visual identity.

Scope of Work We Delivered to Innovative Capital 

  • Customized Salesforce Experience Cloud to meet the needs of investors and investor-related communication.
  • Built an investor portal that provides visibility for investors into their contributions and distributions of the funds as well as into the portfolio of loans and key performance metrics.
  • Enabled management of investors’ access to the portal via Salesforce.
  • Synchronized their investor portal with their Salesforce organization to establish a unified data source, ensuring seamless data flow while maintaining a high level of security protection.
Innovative Capital Corporation
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Handling a sizeable and growing client base, Innovative Capital struggled to effectively unify the data of its lenders and borrowers. Furthermore, with the launch of a private debt fund, they needed to expand their Salesforce platform to meet investor needs and manage data securely and efficiently.

Moreover, they looked for a powerful solution that could not only promote their premier services but also enhance lead engagement and provide better visibility into investors’ fund contributions and distribution.

Also, the new tool should be highly customizable, have secure access control, and have multi-device accessibility.

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Investor Portal Dashboard for Innovative Capital Ascendix


Innovative Capital engaged Ascendix to create an investor portal software that harnessed Salesforce Experience Cloud’s power. The new portal, resonating with their company’s branding, seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM and other Salesforce products, fostering a unified database of contacts, loan details, and activity outcomes.

The portal offers highly customizable features and is accessible from multiple devices. Crucially, it includes controlled permissions to protect sensitive information.

In addition, the investor portal spotlights the critical details of each loan portfolio:

  • Loan type,
  • Loan position,
  • Loan value,
  • Monthly payments.
Active Loans Showcase Ascendix

It also has a table listing out more in-depth loan data, such as:

  • Property type,
  • Funding and maturity dates,
  • Closing appraisal,
  • Loan amount,
  • Property address,
  • A summary of loans, payments, and yields.

Within the investor portal, the essential loan information is linked to PDF documents for easy access, and provided property addresses are linked to external platforms like Zillow, Redfin, or Google Maps. Moreover, the portal solution facilitates document uploads via Salesforce’s Contact record, allowing investors to view all necessary documents along with monthly updates in one place.

Investor Data in Salesforce Organization For Innovative Capital Ascendix


With the new investor portal, Innovative Capital could showcase essential loan information linked to additional resources like PDF documents and external property listings.

All documents are now stored within the Salesforce Digital Experience portal, streamlining file management and enhancing the investor experience.

Investor Data in Salesforce Organization For Innovative Capital Ascendix

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