How Commercial Real Estate Brokers Can Benefit Using Ascendix Search for Salesforce

May 25, 2023
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Are you a commercial real estate broker that uses Salesforce CRM? In this post, we explain how you can use your Salesforce more efficient, build targeted prospect lists, locate your properties on a map, track lease expirations thanks to the AppExchange app Ascendix Search.

Being a commercial real estate broker you have to deal with a huge massive of information. Needless to say, except for simple storage of all the data about your properties and deals, sometimes an opportunity to search for the necessary information quickly can play a crucial role. Using our Ascendix Search app, you can boost your productivity, save time, energy, make more money and win more deals.

A few years ago, our AscendixRE CRM users requested the ability to locate their records on a map and filter records via a map. They also needed a simple way to build their prospecting lists. That’s how we created our Ascendix Search app.

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What is Ascendix Search and Who Can Use It


Ascendix Search is an AppExchange app (it is a Salesforce app shop like App Store or Google Play) which means that it is built to extend the functionality of Salesforce.

The app helps to perform complex searching of data using filters and criteria that are not always available in Salesforce. Also, the app lets you use maps and charts to filter your data, find Contacts/Properties using radius search.

You can export searches to Excel, mass edit records, perform multiple actions, e.g. log multiple calls, notes or create multiple events. As a result, you get the data you need faster and become more efficient in your activities.



Advanced Filtering of Properties, Leases, and Anything Else

As a commercial real estate broker, you want to be able to offer your clients properties that meet their specific requirements.

I like that I could narrow down to the square footage size of the buildings. Some clients are really specific on what they require and I don't want to set a deal up with something that is too small or just too big for their taste. I find it easy to customize the search options to give me just what I need to target.

Guillermo Garcia, Lee & Associates


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Ascendix Search: looking for office buildings using multiple criteria


  1. Search for contacts where I have no activity with them in over 3 months
  2. Search for contacts, who has a lease that’s going to expire in 18 months
  3. Search for contacts who’s relationship type = client
  4. Search for contacts who have a lease in the submarket of “X”
  5. Search for contacts by map
  6. Search for accounts without contacts

You can apply search scenarios to any data, Properties, Listings, Deals, Sales, Leases and more!

See How Ascendix Search App Can Enhance Search and Prospecting in Salesforce

Request a live demonstration of Ascendix Search to get practical knowledge.

This app fills a much-needed gap in Salesforce Search & List Views - the ability to apply more granular filters, cross-object relationships - and game-changing features such as maps and charts. Not only has Ascendix helped us along the way with getting the app and up and running- they actively listen to our feedback and have made the product better based on the needs of our organization. If you are looking to bridge the gap between List Views & Reports - this is the app for you.

Chris Pearson, Salesforce Development Director at Jostens

Map Search Including Multiple Zip Codes


Ability to locate your properties, comps, availabilities on a map is exceptionally useful for commercial real estate brokers.

While properties might be located not far from each other, they might have different zip codes. Another use case is that your clients might be interested in properties from a certain radius, e.g. one hour drive from Dallas. How to get a list of properties that meet these location criteria if you know there are lots of towns within this radius?

Ascendix Search solves this challenge by letting you draw geometric shapes such as circles and polygons on a map.

With Ascendix Search, I'm able to run advanced searches and map results that aren't possible in other CRM solutions - something as basic as "Return me a list of San Francisco owners who own apartment buildings in XXX zip code

Joey Wang, Director at KW Commercial

Ascendix Search: Filtering Properties by Map

A few clicks of the mouth and you get a list of properties from a certain region even if they have multiple zip codes.

It means, that you can offer properties to your clients that precisely meet their location requirements.

Finding lease/sales comps, lease expirations is another reason to use the map search.

We have been using the Ascendix Search for over a year now. The largest benefit to us has been in the ability to quickly locate information via the map, without having to filter after the search. For example, we need to find lease/sale comps for a specific area that may cross over into multiple zip codes. Go to the map, draw the polygon and there are the comps we need. In addition, finding lease expirations for prospecting purposes via the same search process. The less time we have to spend looking for information and the more time we can spend on actionable items exponentially increases productivity!

Hal Penchan, Altschuler and Company

What is more, you can define what values to display on pushpins on a map when users click on records. E.g., you can add the Property class, address, available space, listing Broker, primary image.


Ascendix Search:  The configured pop-up window

You can also change the color, size and shape of the map pins to add more visibility for your search results or even to send screenshots to your prospects. E.g., you can define custom images for each property type you have.


Ascendix Search – Map Results with Custom Pins based on the Property Type

Targeted Lists of Prospects


Once you’ve found all the necessary information, you can easily save the list for future use (e.g., call list, mass email list).

You can create multiple lists based on your criteria and use them to call your prospects. Once a contact meets your criteria, they will appear in the list so you won’t forget about anyone.

Ascendix Search has revolutionized the way our brokers cold-call. It has also given us valuable insight into where our data may be lacking and how to improve on that.

Claire Pistek, Director of Marketing at Quantrum Real Estate Advisors

Ascendix Search: Creating a list of contacts that were interested in office buildings with the move-in date in the next 6 months

I have been a user of Ascendix Search for well over two years. If you deal in unlisted properties or simply need to keep a database of properties with the top of mind awareness this program is a must.

Kary Bulsterbaum

The preview pane lets you view records quickly side by side, less clicking and navigating around. What is more, using Ascendix Search, you’ll be able to picture those results in a chart or graphic.

After using Ascendix Search for a few weeks, there is no way I can go back. It is so much easier and more efficient to use than reports, and you can really hone your criteria in a way that's not possible anywhere else. Additionally being able to use the dual-pane view and see locations, make updates, or view related records is a huge boost to productivity. I highly recommend it!

Adam Rezner, Olive Real Estate Group

Salesforce Export to Excel


To generate new leads, many brokers send mass emails or direct mail to their database. If you use a third-party provider or app, you’ll need to get your data from the system. While it is a bit complicated in Salesforce, Ascendix Search lets you export your data with a few clicks:


Salesforce Data Export to Excel

Salesforce Data Export to Excel

  1. Select the records you want to export.
  2. Click the ‘Export to Excel’ button.
  3. That is! A Results.xls file will be downloaded with the exact data presented in search results.

What’s more, you can use export to Excel to generate quick reports and to better analyze your data (if you are more comfortable with Excel).

The most useful tool has definitely been the filtering function for capital sources and then exporting those lists to Excel. It is great to get a long list of sources in just a few clicks. This has increased the speed of generating a sourcing sheet and has added some sources that we would not have thought of immediately. We absolutely love this search tool and highly recommend it to any commercial real estate firm.

Karen Weaver, Metropolitan Capital Advisors

Mass Update, Mass Edit, Mass Email


Ascendix Search is a perfect data-cleanup tool. If you need to update a bunch of records with a value (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, and any other objects), you can use the mass edit feature. E.g. you have TX and Texas in the field ‘State’. You want to make sure that all records have the same value.

You will be also able to add multiple notes, schedule calls, events and send mass emails easily.

You do not need any unique training to run the program and it has several advanced tools for more detailed users. Its speed, efficiency and uniqueness is what you strive for you might want to give this product strong consideration.

Kary Bulsterbaum

Wrapping Up


Ascendix Search extends Salesforce with advanced searching, list building functionality, map and chart searches, and productivity features, so you can:

  • Build granular lists of properties, availabilities, leases, sales, prospects to follow up
  • Locate your properties on a map and easily get a list of properties within multiple zip codes
  • Create call, email lists that will be updated automatically when new prospects meet your criteria
  • Export your data to Excel for further analysis
  • Mass update records, add multiple notes or record calls in one action

And it is all can be done in a few clicks! Any Salesforce user with Admin rights can install Ascendix Search and use it.

The app costs $15 per month but will save you multiple hours per week.

Need more info? Contact us to schedule a live demo or sign up for our trial.

Would like to read more reviews? Visit our AppExchange page and go to the Reviews tab.


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