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20+ years of experience in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics consulting services. In-depth CRM evaluation and assessment services since 1996.

Wes Snow and Todd Terry, Founders of Ascendix Technologies

An effective CRM system can help to increase lead conversion rates by 300% and reduce lead costs by 23%. But what if your business can’t get these stunning results and your teams are lagging behind in adopting the new technology? There can be many reasons for this. But among the top are poor CRM choices and failed CRM implementation that doesn’t correlate with your business needs.

If you feel that you are not using your CRM system to the full extent or it lacks some essential features and flows, we at Ascendix can perform a thorough business analysis and CRM audit to find the best solution to your issues.

With our CRM consultant’s help, our clients reduce the sales cycle by 8-14% and gain up to 25% profit with their optimized CRM. And it is confirmed by 100+ testimonials on AppExchange and Clutch. co, and case studies on our website.

Wes Snow and Todd Terry, Founders of Ascendix Technologies

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What CRM Audit and Evaluation Services We Offer

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Comprehensive Business Analysis

Our CRM consultants analyze all key issues your business struggles with and the internal policies you must comply with to select the best CRM solution.

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CRM Maturity Assessment

We review feature gaps in your current CRM system that affect your productivity, evaluate CRM’s overall health, and suggest the most optimal ways for improvement.

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Regulations Compliance Review

Our CRM audit agency will help you meet your industry regulations regarding retaining your CRM data and perform a detailed risk assessment and comparison with industry standards.


Data Hygiene Audit

We’ll conduct a thorough CRM inspection for poor data sources and missing, incorrect, or incomplete information. In addition, our experts will provide tips for further data deduplication and enrichment.

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In-Depth Security Review

Company reputation is priceless. And we’ll help you instill trust by preventing your corporate and customer data from leaking thus ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.


Check-Up of Customization Potential

Your business grows, and so should your CRM. Our CRM audit agency analyzes the growth potential of the selected CRM considering price-feature balance in a long-term perspective.


Custom Code Review

If you need to check whether your CRM customization or configuration has been done correctly, we can review your CRM system code and suggest ideas on its optimization to reduce technical debt.

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User Adoption Assessment

Our consultants will compare the number of purchased licenses against actual usage, identify the possible reasons for poor use and provide an in-depth CRM adoption plan.

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CRM Reports and Dashboards Analysis

To measure success or to spot the space for improvement, you need to have all the data properly organized. We’ll help you review your reporting capabilities that will help you display only the information you need precisely when you need it.


Process Quality Analysis

We’ll identify gaps in your process and help you create user roles and their hierarchy. Our consultants will help set automatic notifications and proper task assignments for your various teams.


System Integrability Check-Up

As your CRM assessor, we’ll review your connected applications’ use, cost, and connectivity quality. Or we will offer the most cost-effective yet robust automation solutions to integrate with your CRM system.

Software and CRM Audit Services We Can Help With

As a certified Salesforce and MS Dynamics consultancy with 20+ years of experience, we can provide overall Salesforce evaluation and Pardot health assessment services, as well as Microsoft Dynamics solution check-ups. Also, we specialize in:

Why 300+ Businesses Choose Us

"Ascendix helped us move things from Excel spreadsheets to Salesforce. We felt comfortable that Ascendix would not disappear when we needed the help. They really worked with us to get everything over as consistently as we possibly could. I remember I was thinking that we would probably have 50% success with our data imports, but we got it to 85-90%, so everything is converted over. We just felt like they were very hands-on and if we needed something, we could just pick up the phone and call them."

Robert Sattler, Principal, Cresa New York

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26 Years in CRM Consulting and Software Development Market
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20+ Years in Salesforce Consulting and AppExchange App Development
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200+ Experts of Various Seniority on Board
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16 Years in CRM Consulting Outsourcing
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Expertise Across 10+ CRM Platforms
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Our Own 17 CRM Products and Apps
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Extensive Competence in CRE Tech, PropTech, and 20+ Industries

What is Included in Our CRM Evaluation and Assessment Services

CRM Audit and Consulting Services | Ascendix

CRM Solution Evaluation and Consulting

We can provide CRM readiness assessment and assist you with selecting the best CRM product and pricing plan with the most built-in features for your business’s vital needs. We will also help you optimize the cost of implementing and running your solution based on the required number of CRM user roles and licenses.

New CRM Implementation

If you have been using your CRM for quite a while and feel that you’ve outgrown your current system, we can help you implement new software to boost sales, marketing, or customer service performance. Considering your industry and internal policy intricacies, we will design your unique CRM implementation plan.

CRM Audit and Consulting Services | Ascendix
CRM Migration Services | Ascendix

Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration

We’ll help you switch to the Lightning version if you’re using a Salesforce Classic Sales Cloud. In addition, our consulting team will work with you to help you identify the best place to start your migration to Lightning and create your roadmap to success.

Re-Implementation and CRM Recovery

If you are struggling with a half-baked or underperforming Salesforce solution, we will help you transform it into a highly adaptive lead-generating machine with a brand-new Sales or Service Cloud capacity to increase efficiency. We’ll guarantee that your new Salesforce Org will be able to scale along with your needs.

CRM Migration Services | Ascendix
CRM Integration with Ascendix Search or Marketspace | Ascendix

CRM Integration with Salesforce

If you are using your industry-specific CRM but it lacks the customizability capabilities that Salesforce has, you can seamlessly integrate them and leverage both benefits. On our side, we’ll harmonize data exchange between these two systems and make it secure. Besides that, our consultants will sync and centralize necessary automation tools and third-party systems to increase your productivity.

CRM Integration with CRE Productivity Tools

If you feel that the CRM system doesn’t cover all your broker’s needs, you can enhance them with our tools for commercial real estate brokers. For 16 years in the PropTech market, we’ve developed an exhaustive list of tools, such as Ascendix Search, Composer Online, and MarketSpace, that you can integrate with your Salesforce CRM.

CRM Support Services | Ascendix

Managed CRM Services and Ongoing Support

If you can’t afford to hire an in-house Salesforce administration or don’t need full-time CRM management, you can delegate ongoing CRM support to our specialists. We’ll help you maintain your system after each release and ensure that your system is bug-free, healthy, and well-optimized. Our agency will configure and customize your solution as soon as it is required.

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What is a Salesforce audit?

Salesforce audit is a process of CRM assessment, review of possible or actual security issues, login history, and getting information about how the system is used and what fields are filled in more often than others.

What is a CRM audit?

A CRM audit is a CRM usage evaluation process, including all the integrated systems and customizations. Thanks to CRM assessment, users can reduce data gaps and technical debt and eliminate time- and resource-wasting processes.

How much does a CRM audit cost?

CRM audit cost depends on many factors, such as the organization’s size, the amount of data within the system, the number of integrated systems, and the amount of custom code. That’s why CRM assessment costs may vary significantly, and requesting the quote directly from the vendor is better.

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