Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Ascendix Technologies is your CRM consultancy and development partner. We are experts in Salesforce, Dynamics, Outsystems, Azure Stack, Elastic Search and app development.

  • CRM Add-Ons
  • Commercial real estate solutions for CRM
  • CRM application development (Salesforce┬«, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SugarCRM, bmp'online)
  • CRM integration services
  • CRM Implementation services (Platform selection, CRM Deployment, CRM Configuration/Customization, Data Transformation, Integration Services, Training/Support)
  • CRM customizations (Form scripts, Custom plugins, Workflows/business processes, Dashboards)
  • Custom onshore & offshore development (cloud applications/services, web applications/services, Windows applications/services, mobile applications).
Our IT Outsourcing Success Story

Our IT Outsourcing Success Story

After 7 years and 5 countries, Ascendix found the team that changed their perspective on offshoring. The experience was so great that we hired the employees in 2014 and have developed innovative, one-of-a-kind solutions for our customers and ourselves.

We've been there...

Remember the old hair club for men commercials where the guy would say "I'm not just the owner, I'm a member"? That's us when it comes to Ascendix Offshore Development Services!

We tried 5 providers over a 7 year period. We were just about to give up on outsourcing as an option when we were contacted by a provider who promised a different experience. After a review, we decided to give them a project and they finished on time and on budget.

It was a success!

After multiple successful projects, we decided to hire the staff to work with our larger clients and internal products. We immediately adjusted their office hours so there would be an overlap between our offices in Dallas, TX and Eastern Europe. Project management and communication improved and we saw even more efficiency development.

At first, we limited offshore software development services to our top clients and internal projects.

Today, anyone can benefit from the team we put together, whether it is a small project or a full dedicated team.

Our Technologies & Our Engagement Models

Our Technologies & Our Engagement Models

Unlike other vendors, Ascendix provides a variety of Engagement Models, which includes the customer's choice to use a Blended Team or an Offshore Development Team. We provide these models and choices based on our own experience throughout the years as a consumer of outsourcing software development services.

On top of gaining access to highly skilled employees, our variety allows you to select an offering that will lead to a successful engagement, whether it's one project or a dedicated development team for one year.