Ascendix Becomes a Rising Star in Real Estate CRM Customer Success

March 3, 2023
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Ascendix is happy to announce that we’ve just received a Rising Star award in the Real Estate CRM Software category according to the Summer 2022 Customer Success Report issued by FeaturedCustomers platform. We are honored to receive this rank for the second year in a row thanks to the high appreciation of our customers. Let’s say a few more words about FeaturedCustomers platform and why they included us in the list of the new leaders in real estate CRM software.


About AscendixRE — Commercial Real Estate CRM


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AscendixRE – Secure & Cloud-Based Commercial Real Estate CRM


AscendixRE is a commercial real estate CRM available on top of Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms. With the help of AscendixRE tools, you can easily manage your property listings, leases, deals, contacts, accounts, activities in one place and from anywhere.


AscendixRE CRM for Commercial Real Estate: Tips & Tricks


Intuitive deal flow, interactive stacking plans, advanced search, commission calculations. They have no user minimum for their Salesforce version, and individual brokers love it.

Compare available pricing plans of AscendixRE CRM 


What is


FeaturedCustomers is a customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software & services helping potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor authenticated content such as customer reviews & testimonials, clients’ success stories, case studies, and videos.

What is The Customer Success Report?


The Customer Success Report is based on validated case studies, testimonials, and videos telling a complete story of the Real Estate CRM Software providers through true customer experiences. Rankings are formed by multiple factors like a total number of customer success content, social media and market presence, software vendors’ web traffic and search trends, and supplementary data collected from online media sources.

What is the Rising Star Award?


The Rising Star label is assigned to vendors that realize where the real estate market is heading, have disruptive technology, and growing social presence.



Why Ascendix Won The Rising Star Award in the Real Estate CRM Software Category


Summer 22 Rising Star in Customer Success | Ascendix


FeaturedCustomers evaluated all the Real Estate CRM providers on its platform to include in the report. And, just 4 RealTech companies met the criteria to enter the Summer 2022 Real Estate CRM Software Customer Success Report among which is Ascendix.



We earned a Rising Star designation in the real estate CRM category for the high customer rating, consistently published high-quality customer success content, and curating customer feedback from numerous third-party platforms. [The full report is available in the Ascendix profile]

The Ascendix team is as invested in our success as we were. Ascendix’s helped us successfully implement a shared database across multiple offices in multiple markets. Since going live with our data, Ascendix has continued to improve the experience by rolling out new features, addressing follow-up questions, and assisting/empowering our internal database management group with the knowledge to utilize the software to its fullest. I would unconditionally recommend AscendixRE, both for the software and the management and support team.

David Noble, Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

Need more customer references or want to learn more about our product and service offerings for real estate brokers? Contact us and get a FREE test drive of all our available tools right now!


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