Ascendix Search Update: Improved Salesforce Date Filters

March 7, 2023
5 min

Ascendix Search Update 21 is available! In this release, we’ve improved the date searching criteria letting you perform any search scenarios with date fields in your Salesforce.

It means you’ll be able to create even more list views you can save and reuse. We also let you display additional information on the map when you click on the pushpins.

*In our 20th release, we validated Ascendix Search is ready for Salesforce Winter’19 update and fixed some bugs.

Watch the video to see the improvements in action:




In this Update:

  • Improved Salesforce date filters
  • Map Improvement – Display additional information on a map

#1. Improved Salesforce Date Filters


There are lots of cases when you need to filter Salesforce list views with a specific time frame, e.g. last yearnext monththis weeklast 3 weeks, or in the next 7 days.

Think about lists of prospects to follow up or requests such as ‘display tasks and events with a scheduled date in the next 2 weeks.

To accomplish this, you can select a relative date option to create your lists. In this case, you do not need to change the dates every time you need an up-to-date list.

While Ascendix Search always supported  Salesforce relative date filters and extended the native Salesforce date filters with the custom ones like in the next X days, X weeks, we missed some options.

Before this release, Ascendix Search had a one-dimensional list of operators allowing the user to build criteria based on predefined values, a static date, or today (via the @today constant value).


The old Ascendix Search Interface with date filters in one long dropdown list

The old Ascendix Search Interface with date filters in one long dropdown list


We added additional operators to let you filter your data even more granular and reworked the date filters to simplify your search.

Now, the operator list is broken into two separate lists allowing you to select a combination of options to build criteria meeting a variety of scenarios.


The new Ascendix Search date filters

The new Ascendix Search date filters


Some of the new scenarios we support now:

  • Find all contacts that haven’t had any activity in more than X days/weeks/months/years
  • Find all leases with an expiration date more than 1 year in the future

Before this release, we could specify X weeks before, but now we allow to combine this type of criteria with future/past conditions such as “older than 2 months” or “in the next 3 weeks”.

It means you have more date filter options.

Now, you can use X days/weeks/months/years for all date filters where it makes sense, allowing the saved search to always be relevant to the current date and provide current results whenever it is executed.

Let’s create a list of leads to follow up using the Last Activity date as one of the search criteria (leads with last activity date on or before 3 weeks ago).

To accomplish this:

  1. Navigate to leads
  2. Set criteria you need including Last Activity on or before 3 weeks.
  3. Save your list.


Ascendix Search for Salesforce looking for leads with Last Activity on or before 3 weeks, with filled Phone and Email where Owner is the current user

Ascendix Search for Salesforce: looking for leads with Last Activity on or before 3 weeks, with filled Phone and Email where Owner is the current user


That’s it! From this moment, you’ll see all leads that require your attention with one click.

Easy and convenient! You can edit search criteria in the future and customize columns – no changes here.

Set up lists you need once and focus on selling rather than searching for contacts in your Salesforce.

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#2 Salesforce Filter Dates We Support


Ascendix Search utilizes two drop-down lists when certain operators are selected.



Filters by Date in Salesforce


This include:

  • in the last
  • in the next
  • on or after
  • after
  • on or before
  • before

When any of these operators are selected, a second dropdown will be displayed to the right of the first, with the following sub-operators:

  • today
  • seven days
  • X days
  • week
  • X weeks
  • month
  • X months
  • year
  • X years

Whenever any sub-operator is selected that contains a numeric placeholder (X) the input field will be enabled allowing you to enter a numeric value.

Note – all other operators not mentioned above already present for date fields will function the same as always without any modification.



#3 Map Improvement – Display Additional Information on a Map


Searching for Salesforce data with maps is one of our core features.

It is especially helpful when you need to narrow down your search and include locations with multiple zip codes or want to quickly locate your Salesforce records on a map to gain insights.

Users can select either Google Maps or OpenStreet Maps as a geolocation service.

In this release, we let you define what details your users can see when they click on pushpins on a map (OpenStreetMap only).

  • Define what fields to display and their order for each record
  • The primary image of the record will be displayed

Before this release, you could see the record name only and could click to review the record details.


Ascendix Search Default Record Details

Ascendix Search: Default Record Details


Now, you can configure the displayed results and add fields to display and even the primary image.


Ascendix Search The configured pop-up window

Ascendix Search: The configured pop-up window


Here is how to add record detail information to the pop-up window when the user clicks on a pin on the map (Admins only):

  1. From Setup, enter Object Manager in the Quick Find box, then select Object Manager.
  2. Click on the object label in which you want to add record detail information.
  3. Click on the Field Sets tab.
  4. Click the New button.
  5. Enter fields as following: Fields Set Label – Ascendix_Search_Map_Popup , Field Set Name – Ascendix_Search_Map_Popup , Where is it used? – In the Ascendix Search when the user clicks on a pin on the map (not obligatory).
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Drag and drop fields you want to be listed in the Field Set. Please note that related objects fields are not supported.
  8. Click the Save button.

That’s it for today. Happy Searching!


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