Why Salesforce for Real Estate Agents: Best 7 CRMs for Brokers

May 9, 2024
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According to the Grand View Research study, the international real estate software market size is expected to reach USD 90 billion by 2028 adding another 25+ % to the real estate CRM revenue share.

In addition, more than 87% of top-earning real estate agents use real estate CRM to keep track of their transactions, listings, and clients. And for 4,000 +real estate firms, Salesforce is the best platform. Check out why brokerages choose Salesforce for real estate and what top CRM solutions are powered by this platform


What is Salesforce for Real Estate?


Salesforce is the CRM industry leader with 20% of the market. Salesforce for real estate helps provide clients with a more personalized experience via advanced in-built sales and marketing automation tools, AI-powered analytics, customizable reports, and dashboards.

Moreover, over 2,000 Salesforce consulting partners are ready to customize the system to every tiny agent’s request. Besides that, if you want to buy a ready-made Salesforce CRM for real estate brokers, AppExchange (Salesforce’s app marketplace) already has 40+ solutions.

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Salesforce for Real Estate Brokers


Salesforce’s become the most popular CRM for real estate thanks to its broad ecosystem, built-in features, and the platform’s customizability. With Salesforce for real estate, you can have all the necessary customer data at your fingertips and know precisely who your customers are.

With Salesforce, agents can stay organized and access their customer database from any location or device meaning that customers get a timely response when they need it. However, Salesforce for real estate brokers can be configured to send automatic reminders, direct messages, or automatically respond to certain queries in a personalized way.

Salesforce for realtors helps them nurture their relationships with existing and former clients. According to Active Rain statistics, repeat and referral business accounts for 88% of all transactions in the real estate industry. Salesforce can send automated correspondence to past customers to maintain contact with those clients.


Top Salesforce Features for Realtors


The most appreciated standard Salesforce features among real estate agents are:


  • Real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Secure document management and data sharing
  • Automated deal tracking and in-depth performance analytics
  • In-time reminders and notifications of important events, emails, and calls
  • Synchronized calendar, task management system, and email services with the CRM
  • Enhanced communication and monitoring of all client communications, activities, and statuses
  • Integrated digital advertising with the client-management system
  • Ability to integrate a website with a customer portal
  • Synchronize activity administration and email marketing


With little system modifications, you can leverage Salesforce in real estate:

  • Features for managing property inquires
  • Straightforward data import/export
  • Automated property notifications
  • Automation of sending payment notifications to clients
  • Profiling and categorization of properties by size
  • Simplified generation of contracts and reports
  • Automated follow-ups to convert referrals into conversions
  • Also, you can always integrate Salesforce with tools for email marketing, digital advertising, customer service management, and others.

Best Salesforce Built CRM for Real Estate Agents and Investors


If you want to buy a pre-configured CRM for real estate on top of Salesforce, review our ranking of solutions available on AppExchange.

*Please note that pricing information is accurate at the time of this writing. Please contact the vendor directly to check the current pricing and terms.


Best Salesforce Built CRM for Real Estate Agents

CRM Name
Starting Price
Number of Supported Languages 
$79 user/month

RealE 360
$24.99 user/month

$79 user/month

Buildout CRM
$120 user/month

BReal Estate
$468 user/year

Agent Hub Property CRM
$119 user/month

Jungo CRM
$799 user/year

Best Salesforce Built CRM for Real Estate Agents Comparison Chart


  1. AscendixRE CRM
  2. RealE 360 CRM
  3. Propertybase
  4. Buildout CRM
  5. BReal Estate
  6. Agent Hub Property CRM
  7. Jungo CRM


1. AscendixRE CRM


Starting Price: $79 user/month

Supported Languages: English


AscendixRE CRM facilitates the automation of broker’s processes. It also helps brokerages embrace customer-centricity and leverage the Salesforce platform’s benefitsAscendixRE CRM provides lead management, email marketing, automatic follow-up, listing and document management, and company reporting tools.

This CRM for real estate has straightforward navigation. You can quickly go from reporting spreadsheets to stacking plans and importing relevant data with just a few clicks.

Among AscendixRE top features are the following:

  • Prospecting tools,
  • Mass records update & editing,
  • Calendar & contact sync,
  • Data deduplication & management,
  • Custom fields,
  • Bulk emailing & campaign management,
  • Customizable property listing portal,
  • Map Search
  • Secure virtual collaboration & deal rooms,
  • Property Alerts & listing management.

On top of that, Ascendix has deep experience in both Salesforce CRM consulting and the real estate industry. For 21 years, we’ve worked with commercial and residential REITs and real estate firms to streamline their sales lifecycle.

Our team can enhance your current Salesforce instance with available tools or build a unique real estate application on top of this platform.

We can help you modify your Salesforce CRM to support real estate selling cycles and coordinate the participants of these complex projects.

Watch the Salesforce for a real estate demo of AscendixRE:


2. RealE 360 CRM


Starting Price: $24.99 user/month

Supported Languages: English


RealE 360 is a real estate CRM for firms of any size looking to automate tasks like real estate prospecting, nurturing, and marketing. It is designed to automate purchasing, renting, and selling property.

With real 360 CRM, real estate professionals can assign leads to the appropriate person and use AI tools to prioritize the best leads. Also, realtors can easily schedule payments for properties, generate and track leads, and manage marketing promotions.

This CRM’s features include document generation, e-signature, and customizable reports and dashboards. In addition, brokers can integrate RealE 360 CRM with an external portal, CTI dialers, SMS messengers, and ERP solutions.



3. Propertybase


Starting Price: $79 user/month

Supported Languages: English


Another real estate CRM based on Salesforce is Propertybase. With the help of lead scoring and targeted email campaigns, brokers can reach out to the most active leads.

This platform combines contacts from distributed real estate lead sources, such as Trulia or Zillow. In addition, brokers can sync CRM with Google and Microsoft Office365 products and activate instant property notifications.

Key Propertybase features include alerts/notifications, client/property matching, commission management, document management, referral tracking, listing, and property management.

Request AscendixRE CRM Demo

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4. Buildout CRM


Starting Price: 120 user/month + additional one-time setup fee of $250

Supported Languages: 9


Buildout CRM is a real-estate-oriented software that combines the benefits of previously acquired solutions– Rethink CRM and Apto. Thanks to its key features, such as deal pipeline management, stacking plans, property search tools, and integrated Google Map functionality, brokers may buy, sell, lease, and manage properties.

Also, with Buildout CRM, realtors can generate marketing brochures, listing agreements, activity reports, and comp docs without leaving the system.



5. BReal Estate


Starting Price: $468 user/year

Supported Languages: English, Spanish


BReal is another version of Salesforce for real estate investors, agents, and tenant companies. This solution facilitates the automation of property capturing and search, listing registration, payment, and legal document management.

With BReal Estate, agents can automate property tour organization, contract registration, and tracking of all the commissions.



6. Agent Hub Property CRM


Starting Price: $119 user/month

Supported Languages: 6


Agent Hub is a cloud-based software for real estate management with built-in multiple property listing (MLS) functionalities. It simplifies properties/projects, sales pipeline, communications, and to-do list management.

Agent Hub streamlines residential leasing, unit and block management, agreements, or finance deal management.

Within the system, brokers can manage marketing campaigns and integrate calls, emails, and WhatsApp or SMS messages.


7. Jungo CRM


Starting Price: $799 user/year

Supported Languages: English


Jungo CRM is designed to automate procedures connected with real estate marketing and transaction management. It helps brokers keep track of addresses, and leases, simplifies email and drip campaign setup, and capture leads from Zillow®, Trulia®, Realtor.com®, LendingTree®, LeadMailbox, or Informa Research Services.

With this CRM, realtors can turn real estate-specific data into graphical dashboards and visualize all key information in an effective way. Jungo CRM facilitates deal tracking and transaction approval.


The Bottom Line


Despite its complexity, Salesforce is the most comprehensive platform with many advantages for brokers.

The platform’s scalability and flexibility allow for customized usage depending on particular needs. And even if you don’t want to spend time customizing Salesforce’, you can still benefit from pre-configured Salesforce solutions for realities. And our Salesforce consulting services will be most suitable for you once you want to integrate Salesforce CRM into your real estate agency and streamline the implementation process.

Ascendix can tackle and successfully navigate through any Salesforce-related difficulties. Our extensive Salesforce services, 16- years of CRE Tech experience, and the sheer volume of satisfied customers speak for themselves. Contact us to discuss your project’s difficulties!

Salesforce for Real Estate FAQ

Is Salesforce a good CRM for real estate?

Salesforce perfectly suits the needs of real estate agents. They can take advantage of the available CRM modules, like Sales and Service Clouds, and customize the Salesforce platform to individual brokers’ needs. In addition, brokers can choose from 40+ pre-built real state CRM solutions available on the AppExchange app marketplace.

How much is Salesforce for real estate?

There are four available Salesforce real estate pricing plans: Essentials – $25/user/month (paid annually); Professional – $75/user/month (paid annually); Enterprise – $150/user/month (paid annually); Unlimited – $300/user/month (paid annually).

What is a CRM in real estate?

A real estate CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that serves as an online database. It aids in managing all communications with leads, opportunities, and clients and building stronger relationships.


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