Top Real Estate Software and Tools to Help Agents Close More Deals

June 11, 2024
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Real estate software is all the tools real estate professionals use to generate & nurture leads, track deals, centralize financial tasks, manage properties, and more in a cost & time efficient way. Depending on the nature of your business, real estate tools can also be called agent, broker, or realtor software (in this article, we will refer to these tools as agent software).

With such tools in your arsenal, you are fully equipped with marketing intelligence to offer your clients a more comprehensive service. However, with an ever-expanding pool of handy tools popping up here and there, even the most seasoned agents can find it daunting to pick the best real estate software.

Throughout our 16 years’ journey across the seas of real estate, Ascendix has gained invaluable knowledge of what tools can actually ease the hassle of real estate agents.

To help you make the right choice for your business, we have compiled a handy list of top 10 real estate software that will take labor-intensive tasks off your plate.

Real Estate Lead Generation Software & Nurturing Tools

Sometimes called real estate prospecting software, lead generation tools automate the process of gathering information about prospects, collecting leads from various channels, and routing them to the proper team. The key benefit of such real estate marketing software is that you can manage all these activities from one centralized org.

Depending on your business goals, you will use real estate lead generation software differently. If you are just starting out, it is wise to opt for low-cost CRM systems with basic functionality, like Airtable.

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Price: free version, paid version starts at $12 per user/mo

Rating: 4.6 (G2)


Airtable is one of the most straightforward realtor software offering basic lead generation and workflow automation features. This tool provides a single source for managing all the properties in your pipeline, including property details, photos, personal notes, listings, contacts, and more.

It has a convenient mobile app from which you can easily access your application statuses, lease renewals, and other tasks at a swipe of a finger. One big plus is that all forms in the system are fully customizable.

However, Airtable is definitely not a one-stop real estate prospecting software. Its inability to capture leads automatically and communicate with them directly makes it rather a smart combination of a spreadsheet & database.


  • Great form customization functionality
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Robust reporting & visual representations of your data
  • Simple and straightforward interface.



  • Limited communication functionality
  • Manual input
  • No offline access
  • If you have complex operations and many leads, this real estate software is not for you.


When you reach a point in your business where you are seamlessly getting bogged down by an endless flow of requests and contacts, it will pay back tenfold to give your team the real estate tools they need to get more done, faster. At this point, we recommend investing in dedicated real estate prospecting software, like AscendixRE.




Price: free trial, paid version starts at $79

Rating: 4.2 (G2)


AscendixRE is bespoke real estate lead generation software developed by the industry’s leading consultancy firm, software developer, and just a true veteran in the real estate space – Ascendix.

AscendixRE helps you capture your leads and then to keep the engagement going to turn them into qualified home buyers or renters through personalized email campaigns or phone calls right from the system.

Trusted by such real estate moguls as JLL, Cresa, Colliers International, and others, AscendixRE is traditionally viewed as the best real estate marketing software. Here is what you get with AscendixRE, depending on a pricing plan:

  • Secure cloud-based CRM you can access on the go
  • Smart prospecting real estate tools to mine targeted contacts for further outreach
  • Automated workflow with ticket assignment and meeting scheduling
  • The ability to track listings, sales, leases, land, capital sources, availabilities in one place
  • Automated commission calculations
  • Robust visualization and map search
  • Concierge & CRM customization service
  • And more!


The only thing to keep in mind before getting started with AscendixRE is that this real estate software program was initially designed for experienced agents. You will need some time to get used to all the robust functionalities.

However, Ascendix offers bespoke customer support and consulting services, so you’ll get your questions answered in the blink of an eye.

Request AscendixRE CRM Demo 

See how AscendixRE can help you close more deals and improve your prospecting.

Real Estate Listing Website Software

There is one simple truth in real estate: you may be managing the best properties in your area, but if no one knows, they are certainly not going to bring you any revenue. That is why real estate listing website software is so important.

Real estate online listing tools help agents create, edit, distribute, and monitor their property information displayed on listing websites, whether it be your agency portal or third-party platforms.

Here are our best picks:




Price: First five listings are free, then $20 per listing

Rating: 4.3 (G2)


Zumper is an award-winning realtor management software agencies can use to promote their residential property, screen potential tenants, and collect rent. Zumper is the third-largest rental portal in North America, serving over 90 mln people a year and helping 1 in 3 Americans to find their next home.

Despite the limited list of functionalities, it is one of the few real estate online tools that remained free (at least for the first batch of listings), making it a perfect solution for small companies with little-to-no marketing budget.


  • Free Listing Syndication
  • Easy to set up & use
  • Captures basic customer details
  • Effortless tenant screening with email
  • Robust filtering.




  • Glitchy rent collection
  • Poor customer service
  • No messaging service is available (you need to use email or phone).




Price: $75 broker/mo per listing (packages with extra features go up to $200 broker/mo)

Rating: 4.4 (G2)


Buildout is an enterprise-class commercial real estate listing website software that offers brokerages a turnkey listing management solution. Apart from lead management, the platform powers users with an intuitive listing plugin they can easily integrate with their existing websites. This means you can enter your property data once – and it instantly updates everywhere.

The platform currently serves over 29,000 brokers and features 120,000+ listings, making it one of the best software for real estate agents.


  • Property inventory plugin
  • Document sharing
  • Listing syndication
  • Lead management.



  • Lengthy onboarding
  • No financial reporting features
  • Limited customization
  • Not user-friendly.

Real Estate Deal Tracking Software & Reporting Tools

All agents know how important knowing numbers is. Whether for attracting investors or adjusting your pricing strategy, agents should be aware of their past year’s sales in terms of sale-to-list ratio and closing costs by each tenant/buyer.

In this task, it is possible to rely on advanced AI software, like Ascendix framework for intelligent document management, which simultaneously can enter the data from the documentation into your CRM. To further monitor the numbers in your system, it is wise to have advanced real estate deal tracking software, like:




Price: licensing fees depending on the set of features required

Rating: 4.3 (G2)


Dealpath is one of the top-rated real estate software programs with robust deal management functionality. Although it was initially developed for investors aiming to keep track of their money, Dealpath easily becomes the best software for real estate agents, equipping them with real-time insights into the whole pipeline, transaction amounts for specific deals, and other historical data.

They provide you with a secure database that is accessible anywhere with the internet, so all the information about your projects is always at your fingertips.

However, this is rather all-in-one real estate reporting software with tons of features like content management, document management, and discussion boards which may become a costly investment for small agencies and brokerages.


  • Cross-platform availability
  • Easy to use & user friendly
  • Robust reporting
  • Advanced due diligence
  • Great past deal data recording functionality.



  • No mass edit fields functionality
  • May have some functionality for investors that don’t match agents’ tasks
  • A rather costly investment
  • Complicated properties grouping & filtering functionality.


Paperless Pipeline


Price: starting at $75.00 based on usage, per month

Rating: 4.6 (G2)


Founded back in 2008, Paperless Pipeline has established itself as simple yet powerful online real estate software for agents and brokers who want to keep track of transactions and deal information. The main goal of Paperless Pipeline is reflected in its name: they bring agents peace of mind keeping all paperwork in one cloud-based database from start to close.

Paperless Pipeline offers a rich set of features for real estate brokerages and agencies like the ability to assign due dates and create data reports to quantify your historical data, making it one of the best real estate software for deal tracking & reporting.

Plus, you don’t have to pay for costly annual/monthly subscription as Paperless Pipeline charges per usage, which is great for small to medium agencies with a limited flow of transactions.

If you are running a high-volume brokerage, it may be wise to consider other real estate deal tracking software with more advanced functionality.



  • Robust reporting
  • Workload management & task assignment
  • Convenient document management
  • Fully customizable checklists
  • Integration with 3k+ apps like Google and Docusign.



  • Not user-friendly interface
  • Messy ‘Contacts Page’ which requires some time to get used to
  • Few communication options
  • Limited customization.

Real Estate Offer Management Software & Reporting Tools

Having a prospective client on the horizon does not mean your work is done. They will probably bombard you with multiple requirements and criteria, making you play around with personalized listings and brochures until you finally come up with the perfect offer.

Real estate offer management software helps agents create killer listing presentations to win over clients from the start. These tools are usually simple, relatively cheap, and do not require much effort to get started, so you won’t regret having one in your arsenal.




Price: goes as a free add-on to AscendixRE

Rating: 4.2 (G2)


Our ultimate pick for making attractive real estate offers is Composer – a top-tier agent and broker software with robust reporting and flyer generation functionality. It is designed specifically for commercial real estate professionals who need to create eye-catching listings, brochures, property tour books, and flyers at a click of a button.

The best thing about Composer is that it is fully integrated with the world’s top AscendixRE CRM (it also integrates well with Salesforce), so you do not have to reenter the information about your properties – Composer will pull it right from your system automatically.

Here is a shortlist of features that made Composer stand out as the first-class real estate agent software among other solutions:

  • All data & images are pulled from your CRM
  • You can send the generated materials to your clients right from the system interface
  • Sent emails are tracked as activities in AscendixRE / Salesforce
  • The infinite pool of prebuilt templates, and more.


Plus, it is completely free for AscendixRE and Salesforce subscribers!

Save Time on Custom Property Reports Creation

With Composer you can quickly build your custom template and generate a professionally looking report without design firm help.

Software for Real Estate Property Management

These real estate software programs help real estate professionals manage their properties in a simple way – by automating such labor-intensive tasks as rent collection and maintenance. Although property management real estate broker tools may not be your first priority if you have one or two properties, they easily become such once your real estate business expands.

There are a number of reasons to opt for custom property management solutions. But if your budget is tight, you can consider the following real estate online tools:




Price: starting at $50/month.

Rating: 4.3 (G2)


Buildium is a powerful cloud-based tool for all types of residential property management, trusted by over 4,000 agencies across the globe. It has established itself as one of the best real estate broker tools for streamlining all property-related processes like online rent collection, vacancy management, maintenance monitoring, and accounting.

You need to keep in mind that Buildium is rather a full cycle lead-to-lease system with loads of extra features like accounting, amenity management, website builder, digital bulletin board, etc., which, unfortunately, are hard to customize.

Some users also report issues with their bank account sync and the complexity of the design requiring much time to get everything going correctly.

All this makes Buildium great for small to medium agencies, but for a larger, established business, this may not be ideal real estate software.


  • Full cycle lead-to-lease management
  • Tenant Portal
  • Tenant screening
  • Integration with rental payment solutions
  • Maintenance task assignment & reporting.



  • Lack of customization
  • Complicated interface
  • Glitchy tenant portal setup (as reported by some users on G2)
  • Poor bank account sync.




Price: has a free version for landlords and a paid one for renters with extra features starting at $35.

Rating: 4.5


TurboTenant is another all-in-one property management real estate software that is on everybody’s lips today. Agents and brokers worldwide value this platform for ease of use and in-demand functionality. In particular, agents can screen potential tenants, collect rent online, do vacancy management, and more. But the best thing about TurboTenant is that it is totally FREE!

Or rather, some of the features are free:

  • Rental advertising tools
  • Rental management
  • Collecting rent.


You are going to pay extra for advanced Tenant Screening which starts at $35. What is more, TurboTenant may not be the best real estate software for maintenance workload management and data visualization. So, you may end up looking for third-party maintenance and real estate reporting software options.


  • Simple interface
  • Bulk messaging for several properties
  • Lease management ($9 per document generated)
  • Great fit for small real estate agencies that don’t need much functionality and aim to pay per usage.



  • Lack of customization
  • No reporting functionality
  • No maintenance tracking.

Why You Should Opt for One-Stop Real Estate Tools?

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to online real estate software. You might opt for something straightforward, simple, affordable, or even free like TurboTenant if your agency is small. That’s totally fine in the beginning.

However, since the functionality of such real estate tools is quite limited, you will need to invest in third-party software for extra features. This will bring you three main problems:

  1. Switching between systems will affect your team’s productivity and put you at risk of losing leads.
  2. Security. If your clients’ sensitive information is spread across different platforms, you can’t guarantee your data is protected.
  3. Your team focus may be lost if there are 1000 ways to accomplish one simple task within your real estate software tools.


As you gain more and more momentum in your business, it is wise to invest in a one-stop agent and broker software that will help you manage all deal activities, from start to close.

Why you need to opt for all-in-one realtor software:

  • It integrates with all the systems your business runs on
  • It is fully customizable
  • You can nurture your leads, track your deals and generate eye-catching reports right from your org
  • Your team will always be on the same page
  • You can work smart, not hard with workflow automation.


Traditionally, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are viewed as the top CRM (Customer relationship management) systems with features for pretty much any sales task you can think of. However, these are not real estate software. So, you simply end up paying extra for unnecessary stuff.

The best solution is to opt for feature-rich real estate CRM solutions like AscendixRE, which has been designed by real estate experts for real estate experts.

Reduce manual work and focus on meaningful activities

AscendixRE is a simple yet powerful CRM that helps CRE brokers increase their efficiency. Get a demo.

Why AscendixRE is the Best Software for Real Estate Agents?

AscendixRE is a turnkey real estate software program targeting the needs of commercial real estate brokerages. This is a one-of-a-kind solution developed by real estate experts who have been in real estate for more than 25 years now.

Built on top of Salesforce, AscendixRE offers you a rich set of features Salesforce users enjoy. You can track customer interactions on all stages from prospecting to payment collection, improve sales results, and optimize your workflow.

Apart from traditional Salesforce functionality (you get a Salesforce subscription for free with any plan you choose), AscendixRE real estate software offers bespoke features designed specifically for real estate professionals, like deal tracking, offer management, stacking plan builder, advanced search, and commission calculations.

You can learn more about AscendixRE pricing, features, and customizations compared to other top CRMs on the market here.

And there is even more! In xRE Enterprise and xRE Unlimited, you get two Ascendix flagship solutions – Ascendix Search and Composer! Both are advanced real estate agency software built into your system to bring even more search and reporting functionality.

Regardless of the plan you choose, Ascendix will provide you with bespoke quality service. Our seasoned CRM consultants are always happy to assist you with all stages of CRM implementation, migration, and optimization. Just contact us and we will come up with a top-notch solution that will match your business goals.


How to Organize Real Estate Leads?

To organize real estate leads wisely you need to get smart real estate lead generation software specifically designed for agents and brokers. A great example of such is AscnedixRE. It allows you to capture your leads, filter them the way you want, engage with them through automated emails or calls right from your org, and more. Tell us more about your challenges to get a precise quote.

What is the Best Real Estate Software?

The best real estate software is a customizable CRM system that covers most of agents’ and brokers’ needs, like AscendixRE. Your CRM should allow you to track the full cycle of your sales, automate your workflow, and help deliver a better quality of service to your tenants/buyers.


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