Salesforce Managed Services

Certified Salesforce managed services provider with 25-year experience in CRM market and 15 years - in IT outsourcing.

Salesforce implementation by Ascendix Technologies

Ascendix Technologies is a certified Salesforce managed service provider with international offices in Dallas, TX and Kharkiv, Ukraine. We offer the expertise of a fully-staffed Salesforce expert team for much less cost than it would take to hire in-house resources.

We provide a vast scope of Salesforce services: from designing a technical strategy and its implementation to training and assisting in-house users.

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Our mission, as of a Salesforce managed services provider, is to keep your Salesforce solution stable and help it evolve in line with the changing sales, marketing, and customer service needs.

Our Salesforce consulting agency will deliver the dedicated resource mix you need to maintain the growth of your team and create an integrated solution architecture that will evolve with your company.

Since 2001, we've helped 200+ companies of various sizes and guided Salesforce projects to technology success that is verified by numerous reviews on

Our Salesforce Proficiency Extends to Industry Expertise:

  • Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Investment Sales
  • Capital Markets
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Travel & Logistics
  • SaaS & Technology Companies
  • Professional Services Companies that Serve B2B
  • Retail

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What Are Salesforce Managed Services


Salesforce managed services involve an extensive list of activities like Salesforce implementation, development, customization, administration and support to avert platform issues before they affect its users and system operations. As your Salesforce managed services provider, Ascendix will maintain your Salesforce solution stable and make it expand along with your business needs.

With Salesforce managed services you’ll get the access to remote administration of system management, maintenance, and optimization together with release management. Our onshore, offshore, and blended engagement models  as well as Salesforce outsourcing enable us provide the best quality services for the most optimal price.

What Our Salesforce Managed Services Include

We provide an exhaustive list of Salesforce managed services like:


Salesforce Consulting Services 


We, at Ascendix, define your corporate requirements, review your business process, provide strategic planning, and advise on Salesforce best practices to address your business needs with innovative technology solutions.

Our Salesforce consultants will explore requirements of your sales, marketing, and customer service departments and select the best Salesforce clouds, products, editions, and features that will help solve your technology challenges.

We will outline the optimal approaches for adjusting your Salesforce tools to the variable sales, marketing, customer service demands. For example, we can recommend the best ways to develop custom approval processes or adapt workflow rules. Also, our CRM consultants suggest further functionality enhancements.


Salesforce Implementation


As your Salesforce implementation partner, we will manage Sales, Service, Marketing, Financial Services, Experience, Health, App, Analytics and cross-Clouds deployment and scaling. Moreover, we will complement your solution with AppExchange or custom apps, other Salesforce products to cover your organizational needs in full.


Salesforce cloud implementation services by Ascendix


Our experts will manage your project starting from road mapping to the solution realization.


Salesforce Optimization


We will take proactive actions in improving your Salesforce platform before it starts falling behind your business needs. To do it, we'll check the present state of system processes and features and adapt them in accordance to your future business transformations.

We will harmonize your existing processes in Salesforce, help with re-implementation of your solution, reduce unused or introduce a completely new functionality.

We can manage your system refinement, streamline business processes, and oversee continuous delivery. Instead of a limited in-house team, you will be able to access a deep and shared knowledge repository, backed by our Salesforce experience.


Salesforce Configuration and Customization


Our team will modify your Salesforce solution using point-and-click tools or Apex code, Visualforce, Lightning Components to tailor your Salesforce instance exactly to your corporate requirements.

We configure and customize Salesforce processes, workflows, rules, triggers, flows, or reporting functionality on top of standard functionality so that you could have a bird’s eye-view of your business with the click of a button.


Data Management & Transformation


We, at Ascendix, provide data architecture, management, deduplication, and transformation services. Our team helps with data cleansing and integration across various systems to ensure its smooth synchronization and distribution.


AppExchange App Development 


We will research solution offerings on AppExchange, create custom Salesforce apps or components for applications and implement them on AppExchange. With our AppExchange app development services, you'll improve your specific internal tasks, like report generation, multi-criteria filtration, or map search.


Salesforce Integration


We integrate your Salesforce solution with other CRM systems, with third-party systems (e.g., ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), DMS (document management systems), social networks etc.) to create centralized user experience.

What's more, our team will monitor and troubleshoot all current integration issues, create custom API integration solutions and perform all necessary updates as soon as your solution needs it.


Salesforce Support and Administration


Our Salesforce team will provide ongoing management like user administration, system administration, and data administration to make you more independent from daily routine administration tasks.

We will carry out regular system monitoring and performance reviews to guarantee your Salesforce CRM stability as well as in-time preventive actions against any emerging issues, bug fixing, and issue resolution. Our certified Salesforce professionals will identify and remove errors in code and also adjust features to secure smooth Salesforce performance.

Moreover, we conduct regular security reviews to eliminate data breach and leak risks from your Salesforce solution as soon as they appear.


Salesforce Training


Besides system administration tasks, we offer user support and training. We handle users' day-to-day issues, and adjust the system on user demand to simplify Salesforce navigation and use.

We organize exclusive training for companies to meet their unique business needs and increase user acceptance. Our team will customize the training courses, provide quick reference guides, one-to-one or group training sessions.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


"Ascendix truly focuses more effort on improving their product and supporting current customers than just selling and marketing which is rare these days.

Ascendix worked with us every step of the way until all our objectives were completed which is why the launch (and the 4 months since) have been so successful for us."


Mika Casey, CTO at Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate 

Why May You Need Salesforce Managed Services?

  • Your organization requires process reengineering via forward-thinking management
  • Your business needs customized reports and insightful business dashboards that can't be built by your in-house resources
  • Your company needs technical guidance around design, feature configuration, and best practices
  • Your Salesforce platform requires comprehensive expert health check, audit on CRM optimization and system limitations.
  • You don't have a system admin with extensive Salesforce knowledge to handle more complex business requirements
  • Your organization requires a professional guidance in change management and system adoption
  • You already have an existing Salesforce partner but you're looking for the one with more in-depth understanding of your industry
  • You need fresh new ideas of how to maximize your Salesforce investment
  • You are looking for a more responsive and competent support team

What You Get With Our Salesforce Managed Services


Robust Salesforce Solution


Your CRM system will progressively grow in line with your business demands so you'll be able to concentrate on achievement of your business goals. We will prevent pivotal operational and security issues of your Salesforce platform and keep it efficient so you can get the peace of mind and focus on essential, non-technical parts of your business.


Sustained Business Operations


We will modify and improve your Salesforce solution without affecting ongoing user activities and business processes. We will develop an extended roadmap to align with your business and IT strategy and to deliver simplified business workflows.


Flexible Cost Structures


We will meet all your Salesforce needs and reduce your expenses on having an in-house Salesforce team by extending your company with our top talents. So, you don’t have to invest into recruiting, maintaining, and managing a complete in-house Salesforce team.


Reduced Management Efforts


We'll handle your business needs and transform them into definite technical requirements with little or no engagement of your managers. Our in-depth project management experience enables us to deliver necessary system changes, reducing the control and management involvement from your teams and, as a result, you'll see an increase in the time your employees spend on strengthening customer relationships.


Access to the Top Talents


We will build a high performance team of experts including Salesforce Solution Architects, Developers, Tech Leads, Implementation Engineers, Project Managers (PM), Business Analysts (BA), Administrators, Consultants and more. On top of this, you don't need to hire full-time employees to fill gaps in certain skills and specialties required to achieve specific goals.


Expert Guidance


If you choose a DIY approach in Salesforce implementation, with our Salesforce managed services you'll get an expert guidance on all stages of the solution deployment. Every professional on our team is empowered to look beyond the technical part and help determine and meet your business vision.


Focus on Your Core Business Mission


Salesforce managed services help to take CRM administration pressure off your employees and re-focus their attention to developing of essential business competencies. We'll close any gaps in the solution by building, testing, and deploying key functionality to create basis for success.


Streamlined Marketing Automation


Our team will design and build ideal journeys for your leads, prospects, and clients with the help of automated synergy of sales and marketing activities.

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Why Choose Ascendix As Your Managed Service Provider?


◈ Global Presence ◈


For 25 years in CRM business and 15 years in IT Outsourcing we have been successfully engaging our global resource teams remotely to provide the same level of domestic expertise with a very cost-effective structure.


◈ Comprehensive Services ◈


We offer extensive Salesforce assessment, business analysis, administration, architecture, development, integrations, and consulting services to focus on your core business strategies rather than purely technology.


◈ Partnership Instead of Order-Taking ◈


We build a partnership with our customers, working with them instead of for them. If you choose Ascendix as your strategic Salesforce partner, you get a complete support and guidance even on the after-launch phase.


◈ In-Depth Salesforce Expertise ◈


We are certified Salesforce & AppExchange app development partners, consultants, administrators, app builders, platform developers with 20-year experience in providing Salesforce services.


◈ Extensive CRE Tech and PropTech Proficiency ◈


For 15 Years in commercial real estate submarket, we have successfully offered our CRM consulting and development services to clients involved in Sale/Tenant Representation, Lease Administration, Capital Markets & Commercial Mortgage Banking, Property Management etc.


◈ Our Own Salesforce-based CRM and Apps ◈


Since 1996, we have built 17 our own software products, 4 of which are built for Salesforce users and available on AppExchange. Our flagship products AscendixRE and Ascendix Search appeared due to the synergy of our Salesforce and CRE expertise and quickly became brokers' delight.


◈ Services/Product Balance ◈


Our mix of experience in both consulting services and custom Salesforce CRM & app development makes us a unique advisory agency that can assist not only with successful solution development but also with its marketing and maintenance.


Smart Commercial Real Estate Technologies on Top of Salesforce: What Made Us a Technology Consultant of Choice for Almost 15 Years in PropTech

What Benefits Can You Get with Our Salesforce Managed Services?


Unlike break-fix model, when you request help only when a system issue happens, Salesforce managed services could be the most strategic decision your expanding company can make.

For example, under the break-fix model, users that undergo the technical problems have to wait until a system admin or someone from the IT team can solve them. Salesforce managed services enables companies to concentrate on building customer relationships instead of fixing tech problems, creating reports, or researching answers to questions about how to use Salesforce features.

Moreover, managed services allow your busy IT department delegate patches and security protocol updates to external resources and make the system become less vulnerable to outages due to on-time activities.

Instead of sending out a tech expert every time a problem arises, you can resolve issues and diagnose risk factors remotely and save more time and money to hit sales targets.

With Salesforce managed services by Ascendix, system problems and risk factors will be identified early on, decreasing the possibility of outages and user frustration. We provide 24-hour system monitoring and will address the problems before they turn into a crisis.

Our Salesforce Managed Services offer clients access to a full team of senior experts like Salesforce administrators and consultants to handle all system operations.

What is Salesforce Managed Services Pricing?


Salesforce managed services pricing depends on the expected scope of activities involved, the number of clouds and their editions, the number of users and licenses, and needed configurations & customizations.

We offer flexible pricing options of our Onshore/Offshore/Mixed/ and On-Demand/Dedicated team structures and are always ready to provide our estimate and negotiate the best payment options.

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