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Keep tracking all your valuable information using AscendixRE as tenant representation software. Make data work for you and close more deals!

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Brokers Have Found the Ultimate CRE Tenant Rep Broker Tool

Compared with other tenant CRM alternatives, AscendixRE CRM has pre-built objects, fields to immediately solve the needs of tenant rep brokers, coordinators, and large organizations.

With AscendixRE Tenant Representation CRM, you can:

  • Track prospective tenants’ and buyers’ deals as granularly as you need.
  • Create segmented lists of prospects for better outreach.
  • Automate your workflows, data collection and sharing, communication, and progress tracking.
  • Keep your detailed Lease Comp database and avoid manual data entry.
  • Reduce manual work, automate financial forecasting and calculations of rent, commissions, and more!
  • Leverage our help with data entry, data imports, and any customizations you might need.
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Companies That Choose AscendixRE Tenant Representation CRM

How AscendixRE Helps Tenant Reps

AscendixRE CRM focuses on automating daily activities and workflows and helps brokers move their work previously done in Excel and Outlook into cloud-based commercial tenant software.

  • CRM designed specifically for Commercial Real Estate, leveraging over 20 years of expertise in CRM consulting and 16+ years in commercial real estate
  • An integrated platform featuring a custom search tool, CRE document generation module, secure deal rooms, and marketing solutions
  • Transforms Salesforce into a dedicated commercial real estate CRM, centralizing management of properties, leases, listings, deals, contacts, and activities from any location
  • Facilitates seamless migration or transition from other CRM platforms
  • Backed by an in-house CRM consulting team for comprehensive support.

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AscendixRE Tenant Representation CRM features


Complete Lease Comps Tracking

Make your deals never slip through the cracks. Track all the lease comps and reach out to your clients at the right time through our tenant representation software.

  • Build a detailed database of Lease Comps, including external ones.
  • Automatically prepopulate data from Deals, Properties, Commissions, and other Objects when closing it.
  • Track and monitor leads and opportunities in the pipeline for all vacant premises.
  • View leases/tenancy from an Account record.
  • Track lease expirations, automate notifications, and tasks created in your tenant CRM to be on top of every opportunity.

Keep Financial and Forecasting Information

Using AscendixRE tenant representation software, you can track detailed information about every deal, including Gross deal value, Fees, Commissions, Close Dates.

AscendixRE will automatically calculate essential data for analysis and forecasting based on data you enter, e.g., rates per month, lease terms, and more!


Advanced Tools for Prospecting and Data Search

Use AscendixRE as tenant prospecting software! With on-the-go access to any lease and client information collected in our tenant representation CRM, you can effortlessly search essential data and follow-up prospects faster.

Additionally, tenant rep brokers can:

  • Build granular lists of prospective tenants, buyers.
  • Identify properties that meet precise criteria.
  • Use map search to narrow down your search to a certain area.
  • Use mass actions, export data to Excel, send emails right from AscendixRE, get insights into your data using charts and graphs.

Explore all the data search features in our Ascendix Search add-on.


Track and Forecast Your Deals Data

Assign, label, schedule, track, and filter your deals data to stay on top of your priorities. Use AscendixRE tenant representation software to:

  • Get a complete overview of every deal in one click.
  • See associated Listings, Leases, Prospective Properties, Commissions, and all communication in one place.
  • Define what information will be shown for your Deals and who can see it.
  • Review and quickly update Deal stages using Kanban.
Composer Report Generation Tool CRM Software | Ascendix

Generate Comprehensive Reports

Generate reports to visualize relevant data quickly and easily using our tenant representation software for branded reports — Composer. Use Composer to create and design any template for a range of documents:

  • Tax Preparation Reports
  • Property Activity Reports
  • Tenant Statements
  • Property Tour Books
  • Lease Statements.
Composer Report Generation Tool CRM Software | Ascendix
Dashboard Functionality for AscendixRE Salesforce App Development Case Study | Ascendix
Dashboard Functionality for AscendixRE Salesforce App Development Case Study | Ascendix

Enjoy Robust Salesforce Functionality

AscendixRE tenant representation CRM is built on top of Salesforce — the worldwide leader in the global CRM market. We’ve partnered with Salesforce to adapt their systems with tenant rep technology that helps professionals sell, lease, invest in commercial real estate.

This collaboration makes AscendixRE CRM a great tenant rep tool to consider. Moreover, you get the following benefits of Salesforce Functionality:

  • Well-thought Records and Activities Tracking and integrations with thousands of apps.
  • A solid protection of your data according to Salesforce standards.
  • Salesforce license included in every AscendixRE plan.
  • New features and improvements every quarter.

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Clients' Testimonials

Robert Sattler
Principal, Cresa New York

3 Hours a Week are Saved. AscendixRE is a big-time saver. It’s also easy to run reports and especially to pull my comps. I can now focus on preparing for the deal instead of wasting time combining excel sheets and creating reports from scratch. In addition to making more informed decisions with the organization of the data, I would guess I’m saving about 3 hours a week and a lot can get done in 3 hours!

Howard West
Director at Newmark

My Ascendix has a satellite screen on which I see properties, click on them, and then manipulate the information. This is very useful since I can visually scan properties that I'm overlooking. The system also pulls in relevant news articles, provides a nice overview of your property lists, includes a broker screen with pertinent information, and so on. Additionally, Ascendix is helpful in assisting with any customization.....this is a huge plus! I'm definitely happy with this system.



AscendixRE has three pricing plans.

  • $79/mo Foundations: Traditional CRM functionality, Lease, Sale, Preference Tracking, Financial Forecasting. Salesforce license is included!
  • $99/mo Enterprise Plan: All Foundations features, plus Commission Tracking, Stacking Plans, Ascendix Search app, Report Generation app, our Data import and Data Entry Help
  • $129/mo Unlimited Plan: Add Public Listing Portal, Collaboration and Deal Rooms, and Automatic Lead Capture.

FAQs About AscendixRE Tenant Rep Tool

1. What users and organization types is AscendixRE tenant representation CRM for?

Our tenant rep CRM is a perfect fit for individual tenant rep brokers, small and mid-size businesses, CRE agencies, and Enterprises.

2. What data can I collect using AscendixRE tenant representation software?

In addition to traditional CRM functionality, you can track Listings, Leases, Prospective Properties, Availabilities, Commissions, Deals, Cases, Opportunities, Forecasts, Campaigns, Dashboards, Reports, and more! Just schedule a call with our manager to get a demo of AscendixRE CRM.

3. What is the maximum number of leases I can manage with AscendixRE tenant representation CRM ?

No limits! Track as many leases as you need. Our tenant representation software solution scales with your needs.

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