Why You Need Salesforce to Build Investor Portal Solutions

April 9, 2024
10 min

The rise of digital technologies has drastically transformed investor relations towards better transparency and compliance. Central to this digital evolution are investor portal solutions that not only streamline communication but also provide interactive features that enhance investor engagement, fostering informed decision-making and deepening trust.

Our blog post highlights the importance of investor portal solutions for effective investor relations, must-have features you need to look for, and the advantages of building custom platforms on top of Salesforce over buying traditional investor portal software.

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How Investor Portal Solutions Bridge the Gap Between Investors and Markets

In today’s fast-paced financial markets, the ability to disseminate information quickly and securely is not just a convenience, but a fundamental component of investor relations for both retail and institutional funds.

Investor web portal solutions help centralize data exchange between a company and its investors, ensuring a transparent, efficient, and engaging communication process. Moreover, adopting an investor portal has other critical benefits:

  • Investor portals automate the distribution process, enabling the swift transfer of funds for multiple deals from a single hub, enhancing convenience for both investors and managers.
  • By centralizing critical financial data including balances, positions, fund performance, shareholder resources, and strategic updates in one accessible location, these platforms empower investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.
  • Investor relations portals enable the handling of multiple deals simultaneously, centralizing investor communication, allowing for scalable and efficient growth.
  • Investment portals centralize the capital raising process, allowing you to present new opportunities to your investor base in a unified, professional manner, fostering stronger relationships and potentially increasing capital inflow.
  • With well-built portals, investors can effortlessly distribute capital notices and reports to their limited partners ensuring the safe exchange of information.
  • An investor web portal software can lead to significant cost savings by reducing the need for traditional printing and mailing, streamlining administrative tasks, and promoting an economically efficient approach to investor communication.
  • A web portal adds a crucial layer of security to investor data management, implementing advanced encryption and secure access protocols to protect sensitive information, reinforcing trust and integrity in investor relations.
  • With integrated CRM systems, financial investor portals facilitate the nurturing of both new and existing investor relationships from a single platform, ensuring no opportunity is missed.
  • A well-implemented investor relations portal bolsters a fund sponsor’s reputation by showcasing a commitment to transparency and technological advancement in investor relations, reflecting a dedication to investor satisfaction.

Build a Custom Portal to Cultivate Better Investor Relationships

Hire Ascendix to improve your investor relations strategy with custom investor portal solutions powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Top Features That Define Best Investor Portal Solutions

While almost all investor portal software on the market offer features like:

  • Real-time access to data like financial reports, press releases, investor presentations, and governance documents,
  • Built-in collaboration and communication tools for confident document exchange and sharing,
  • Interactive engagement and investment tracking tools,
  • Seamless cloud-based and mobile experience.

Let’s explore other hidden gems that you need to look for in your portal capabilities to get the maximum value.

Features Customization

A customizable investor portal is vital for providing a personalized, engaging experience to investors, ensuring easy access to their investment data via a user-friendly navigation. It enhances operational efficiency offering a competitive edge by meeting various investor team needs and scaling it as these needs change or grow.

Customizable objects, fields, and reports ensure that the newly implemented platform reflects investors’ unique workflows, and terminology and highlights essential data which leads to higher log-in and adoption rates.

Seamless Integration with Your CRM System and Third-Party Apps

Seamless integration with CRM systems and third-party apps like DocuSign, QuickBooks, Mint, or Zoom is critical for an investor relations portal as it ensures consistent data flow, reduces manual entry errors, and saves time.

This integration allows for a centralized view of investor interactions and portfolios, enabling more personalized and efficient investor service and streamlined workflows, which enhances the overall investment management process.

Uncompromised Security

An investment portal requires enhanced security to safeguard sensitive financial data, ensure compliance with regulations, and maintain investor trust. These platforms help centralize and secure critical data, keep records accurately, and facilitate timely disclosures, ensuring consistent adherence to legal and financial regulations while enhancing transparency.

With robust security measures such as two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption investors mitigate risks of cyber-attacks and uphold the firm’s reputation. This instills confidence, safeguarding sensitive data far more effectively fostering a reliable and secure investment environment.



Advanced and Personalized Reporting Tools

Enhanced reports and dashboards in an investor portal are crucial for presenting complex data clearly, enabling real-time investment analysis, and offering personalization to meet individual investor needs. Personalized reporting and interactive dashboards enrich the investor experience, satisfying the evolving requirements of stakeholders and regulatory bodies, while reducing the administrative burden on fund management.

Comprehensive Analytics

Advanced analytics of portfolio and deal performance, cash flows, debt summaries, and valuation metrics are essential in an investor portal as they offer a clear evaluation of investment success, inform strategic decisions, and enhance transparency. These analytics tools motivate investors by tracking progress towards financial goals, assist in risk management, and enable benchmarking against market standards.

User-Friendly Interface

A customizable, user-friendly interface in an investor portal software is essential as it simplifies navigation, ensures quick access to crucial data, and enhances overall user engagement. As a result, it reduces the need for support and encourages frequent portal use, enabling quick and easy information retrieval.

Efficient Search Capabilities

Efficient search capabilities in an investment web portal enable quick access to relevant information, saving time and facilitating the analysis of historical data, crucial for strategizing future investments, thereby streamlining portfolio management and strengthening investor engagement.

Dedicated Portal Solution Support & Training

Dedicated support for an investor relations portal is vital for providing immediate assistance, enhancing the user experience, and swiftly resolving any issues. Furthermore, the availability of dedicated training, educational resources, and an extensive user community allow the company to maintain operational efficiency reducing time for the case and issue resolution.

By combining these features, an investor web portal can significantly elevate the investor experience, laying the groundwork for robust investor relations.

Increase Investor Engagement with Salesforce-Powered Portals

We’ll help you keep your investors informed and engaged by building comprehensive and flexible investor portal solutions on top of SF Experience Cloud.

Why Salesforce Experience Cloud as a Smart Foundation for Your Investor Portal?

Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud) is a dynamic cloud-based digital experience platform (DXP) within the Salesforce ecosystem, designed to connect businesses with their clients, partners, and employees, facilitating the secure exchange of information and documents.

It offers tools to build custom web portals, forums, sites, and mobile apps connected to the Salesforce platform for their customers and partners fostering stronger connections, and its implementation can significantly enhance customer satisfaction by 34% and increase sales revenue by 27%.

Moreover, Salesforce is famous for continuous innovation and regular upgrades of its platform, providing new features and technologies that further can be leveraged in the investor portal.

The “click-not-code” nature of all Salesforce’s products make it the perfect solution for investors who want to have a flexible and easily scalable platform.



Key Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud for Building an Investor Portal Solution

By leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud’s core capabilities, companies can build a comprehensive, secure, and interactive investor portal that meets the high expectations of modern investors and supports a sophisticated investor relations program.

An investor portal built on top of Salesforce Experience Cloud offers several advantages over traditional off-the-shelf investor portal software that make it an ideal foundation for an investor portal:

An Out-of-the-Box vs. A Custom-Built Investor Portal on SF Experience Cloud

Out-Of-The-Box Investor Portal Software
Custom Investor Portal on Salesforce Experience Cloud
Limited customization optionsHighly customizable to meet specific business needs
Integration with Salesforce Ecosystem
Varies by platform. The platform may require additional tools or servicesSeamless integration within Salesforce ecosystem and with other Salesforce products
Dependent on the provider. Portal software may have limitationsEasily scalable with the business growth due to cloud infrastructure
Standard security features. It may not meet all specific regulatory requirementsAdvanced security features with regular updates; compliance with various regulations
Collaboration Tools
Basic tools that may not be tailored to investment workflowsAdvanced collaboration tools leveraging Salesforce’s robust features
User Experience
Standardized for general use. Such an option is less tailored to specific client needsTailored user experience with the ability to create personalized investor journeys
Support and Maintenance
Dependent on vendor. It can vary in responsiveness and expertiseContinuous support from Salesforce with a large pool of consulting partners, community and resources
Time to Market
Quick deployment with predefined featuresLonger initial development time, but with a focus on bespoke requirements
Comparison of An Out-of-the-Box vs. A Custom-Built Investor Relations Portal on Salesforce Experience Cloud


  • Customization: Salesforce Experience Cloud’s vast customization capabilities allow for the creation of custom solutions, like investor portals integrated with chats, and online forms that can be further adapted for the growing business needs.
  • Scalability: As the investor base grows, Salesforce Experience Cloud can scale the portal to handle increased traffic and data without compromising performance.
  • Seamless System Integration: Experience Cloud’s adaptability allows for seamless integration with its core products like Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, and even external tools such as Slack and other 4,500+ third-party applications available on the Salesforce AppExchange app marketplace.
  • Enhanced Platform Security: Experience Cloud’s robust architecture ensures the utmost security, providing granular control over user roles, administrative rights, and data-sharing practices, complemented by real-time insights into system performance. It provides regular updates like MFA enablement, ensuring compliance with various regulations.
  • Robust Analytics and Reporting: Salesforce has powerful analytics and reporting tools that can provide deeper insights into investor behavior and portal performance.
  • Protected Data Sharing: With a strong emphasis on data security, portals powered by Experience Cloud allow for the safe sharing of financial reports, shareholder information, and other sensitive documents while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Customizable Digital Interfaces: Experience Builder within the platform offers the tools to overhaul portal designs, enabling the creation of new digital experiences using both pre-built and custom components.
  • Personalized Content: In-built AI-powered personalization within Experience Cloud can deliver relevant content and information to individual investors, enhancing their experience and engagement.
  • Feedback and Surveys: The platform includes tools to gather investor feedback, conduct surveys, and implement improvements based on the responses.
  • Multilingual Support: Salesforce can provide multilingual support, making the portal accessible to a global investor base.


Learn how to enhance search capabilities within the Salesforce organization with Ascendix Search app

Besides that, Salesforce has a large community of users, admins, and developers, as well as a wealth of educational resources, and even a free gamified training platform – Trailhead.

This resource enables Salesforce enthusiasts to deepen their understanding of product features and harness them effectively.

Furthermore, the Salesforce ecosystem is supported by a network of Trailblazers, a dedicated group of experts, where users can seek and find solutions to queries related to Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Moreover, if you need professional guidance on portal development and further support, Salesforce offers a vast ecosystem of partners that can enrich the investor portal with additional functionalities.

All partners are readily accessible on the Salesforce AppExchange platform, where you can conveniently search for them based on expertise, location, ratings, and the number of certified professionals.

Ascendix is among the top-rated Crest (Gold) Salesforce Consulting Partners holding 120+ Salesforce certifications and over 70 experts including Salesforce Administrators, Consultants, Developers, Solution Architects, and Business Analysts.

With an international presence and headquarters in Dallas, TX, we provide flexible onshore/offshore engagement models to suit our clients’ needs, ensuring convenience and cost-efficiency.

Our industry expertise in Salesforce development for capital markets, investment banking, venture capital, and private equity sectors is reflected in the success stories of our clients.

For example, we helped Innovative Capital Corporation:

  • Customize Salesforce organization to meet the needs of investors and investor-related communication.
  • Build a custom investor portal powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud.
  • Provide visibility for investors to their contributions and distributions into the fund.
  • Provide visibility into the portfolio of loans and key performance metrics.
  • Manage investors’ access to the portal via Salesforce.
  • Integrate their investor portal into their current CRM implementation to establish a unified data source, ensuring seamless data flow while maintaining a high level of security protection.

Having this experience under our belt, we will help you develop comprehensive portal solutions for investor collaboration that can streamline lead distribution, requalification, and quotations in a unified Salesforce environment.

Under our guidance, you will offer your investors real-time, 24/7 access to a summary of their investment positions, and their invested and distributed capital. Our commitment is to aid you in creating a white-glove experience for every investor by generating customized views and touchpoints that keep them informed and engaged.

Need consulting on how to get more visibility into fund management for you, your partners, and investors with Salesforce? Contact us.

Final Words

An investor portal is not just a technology upgrade—it’s a strategic evolution in the investment industry. It helps replace cumbersome spreadsheets, streamline investor reporting, enhance communication, view detailed investment information, and check project updates from anywhere.

Salesforce Experience Cloud stands out as an ideal tool for building custom investor portals. With the right Salesforce-powered portal customization, the platform not only can enhance investor’s efficiency but also personalize the customer journey, making every interaction more meaningful.

Together with Salesforce, we, at Ascendix, continually strive for excellence and this commitment fuels our ongoing innovation and enhancements to your investors’ experience.

Our experts are here to assist in advancing your investor and Salesforce capabilities through the following services:

  • Creating a secure, self-service investor portal with advanced user role hierarchies, sharing rules, and access permissions for borrowers, investors, lenders, and partners.
  • Integration of your investor portal with a Salesforce CRM and professional management of relationships and interactions with your investors within a single place.
  • Development and integration of custom fields and objects, facilitation of seamless data mapping and migration, and automation of records management.
  • Reporting and dashboard customization to present vital information effectively for all stakeholders.
  • Synchronization of Salesforce’s native capabilities with external applications for a cohesive ecosystem.
  • Investor portal’s aesthetics and user interface enhancement, prioritizing a comfortable and engaging digital experience for your customers and partners.
  • Implementation of collaboration features for easy document access and sharing.
  • Scaling of your portal’s features to accommodate your evolving business requirements and organizational growth.
  • Comprehensive virtual support and training, ensuring effortless user adoption and management of the portal.

Ready to transform the power of Salesforce Experience Cloud into a full-fledged investor portal? Book a free Salesforce consulting call with Ascendix, and we’ll guide you in optimizing your Salesforce investment.

Investor Portal Solutions FAQ

What is investor relations platform?

An investor relations platform is a digital solution that facilitates communication and information exchange between a company and its investors, enhancing transparency and streamlining investor engagement and reporting.

How to manage investor relations?

Managing investor relations involves clear communication, regular financial updates, responsiveness to investor inquiries, strategic information dissemination, and fostering trust through transparency and consistent engagement with the investment community.


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