True Salesforce Implementation Cost: How to Calculate Rollout Price

December 8, 2023
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When exploring CRM tools to boost sales, service, and marketing, CRM implementation cost becomes a crucial factor in your choice. Salesforce implementation costs can range from $10,000 for basic projects to over $150,000 for comprehensive projects with complex integrations and continuous customization. Salesforce implementation is a valuable investment, potentially boosting revenue by up to 37%  and enhancing customer relations.

However, attempting a DIY rollout without prior consultation can lead to higher costs due to potential issues, rather than optimizing your expenses and workflows. For those who are new to the platform, outsourcing CRM implementation to Salesforce consultants is beneficial. They can calculate the true cost of Salesforce implementation, recommend the right cloud and its edition, and estimate the total Salesforce license cost.

Moreover, CRM consultants can determine how much you’ll spend on purchasing, deploying, adjusting, and further support of your solution.


What Makes Up Salesforce Implementation Cost Ascendix

What Makes Up Salesforce Implementation Cost | Ascendix

Going back to discussing Salesforce CRM implementation cost, it is influenced by several key factors, including:

  • Salesforce pricing,
  • Number of users,
  • Consulting fees,
  • Data migration,
  • User training.

Additional costs can arise from CRM customization, integration with third-party systems, and post-launch support. This article will delve into the average costs of each Salesforce implementation phase, and unveil Salesforce QuickStart Packages types and their pricing across the USA, the UK, and India.

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Decoding Salesforce CRM Pricing Model: How Much Does Salesforce License Cost?

The typical Salesforce implementation cost varies based on licensing options:

  • Purchasing directly from Salesforce,
  • Subscribing via a Salesforce Partner,
  • Combining Salesforce and an AppExchange app.

Opting to buy directly from Salesforce, you’ll likely begin with primary Cloud products such as:

  • Sales Cloud for sales automation and reporting,
  • Service Cloud for customer support,
  • Marketing Cloud for digital marketing efforts.

Additional enhancements include solutions like:

  • Einstein Analytics,
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (aka Pardot),
  • Salesforce CRM Analytics (aka Tableau),
  • CPQ & Billing,
  • Other third-party apps sold on AppExchange.

Learn more about the Salesforce products ecosystem in our blog post “What is Salesforce?: Expert Insight on What It Is Used for

Now, we’ll discuss popular Salesforce solutions to answer the question “How much does Salesforce cost?”.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers four editions for sales teams, each differing in functionality, user capacity, and cost. Although priced monthly, licenses are billed annually.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing Comparison Ascendix

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing Comparison | Ascendix

Salesforce Essentials Edition ($25/user/month):

  • Suited for basic CRM needs with lead, contact, and sales management.
  • Includes standard account management, Gmail and Outlook integration, and a mobile app.

Salesforce Professional Edition ($80/user/month):

  • Ideal for mid-sized businesses with a single sales unit.
  • Features include lead registration, rules-based scoring, and sales forecasting.

Salesforce Enterprise Edition ($165/user/month):

Fits mid to large organizations needing advanced sales automation, workflow, and approval processes.

Salesforce Unlimited Edition ($330/user/month):

Offers extensive sales automation features, including everything from the other editions plus 24/7 support & configuration services.

Sales Cloud can also integrate with Sales Engagement, Salesforce CPQ & Billing, Sales Cloud Einstein, and Pardot.

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Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing

Service Cloud, like Sales Cloud, offers four yearly-billed editions for service agents:

Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing Comparison Ascendix

Salesforce Service Cloud Pricing Comparison | Ascendix

Salesforce Essentials Edition ($25/user/month):

It offers basic features for small customer service teams, with multi-channel case management, telephony integration, and Service Console app access.

Salesforce Professional Edition ($80/user/month):

Extends the Essentials version functionality with service contracts, entitlements, and order management features.

Salesforce Enterprise Edition ($165/user/month):

It provides advanced customer service automation, enhanced reporting AI tools, and Web API.

Salesforce Unlimited Edition ($330/user/month):

This suite has the most comprehensive feature set, 24/7 Salesforce support, configuration services, and online training.

Service Cloud can also integrate with Salesforce Clouds like Field Service, Digital Engagement, and Service Cloud Einstein.


Sales & Service Cloud Pricing

Сhoose from four editions of the Sales and Service Clouds bundle to enhance both sales and customer service:

Salesforce Essentials ($25/user/month):

It is a basic edition for small sales and customer service teams (max. 10 members).

Salesforce Professional ($100/user/month):

This module offers advanced features, including asset management and team collaboration, suitable for any user count.

Salesforce Enterprise ($175/user/month):

Customizable solution ideal for mid-sized and large companies, with unlimited roles, offline CRM access, and automation tools.

Salesforce Unlimited ($325/user/month):

This suite has the most comprehensive features list for service and sales reps, unlimited Salesforce support, and extensive online training to increase customer satisfaction rate.

Note: The bundled Salesforce Sales & Service option is slightly pricier than buying separately. Expect to pay an extra $25 per user for the Professional edition and above.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing

Marketing Cloud offers four suites targeting areas such as email marketing, social media, advertising, and B2B marketing automation. Annual subscriptions start from $400/month.

Package #1 for Email, Web, and Mobile Marketing

The cost of Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing (aka Marketing Cloud Engagement) varies from $400 per org/month to custom quoting for the Enterprise plan. This suite helps craft and send personalized emails with ease. It enables the design of responsive customer journeys, deepening relationships, and leveraging artificial intelligence for smarter marketing.

Email Mobile and Web Marketing Suite Features

Email Mobile and Web Marketing Suite Features

Package #2 for Advertising (Marketing Cloud Advertising)

Starting at $2,000/month, Marketing Cloud Advertising’s cost varies by audience size. This module enables:

  • Personalized ads,
  • Customer segmentation,
  • Real-time lead capture,
  • Security controls,
  • Data-driven campaign management.

Package#3 Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (aka Pardot)

Salesforce Pardot pricing ranges from $1,250/month for the Growth edition to $15,000/month for the Premium Plan.

Pardot offers functionality like landing pages, forms, and social connectors to maintain a robust pipeline of quality leads. It helps craft personalized email campaigns using dynamic content from Salesforce CRM.
Its advanced analytics provide insights into marketing performance, enabling data-driven decisions.

With Salesforce Einstein AI available in Pardot, marketing and sales teams can timely engage the most relevant leads.

Package #4 Marketing Cloud Intelligence

The Marketing Cloud Intelligence has three pricing plans starting at $3,000 org/USD/month (billed annually). It offers robust marketing intelligence within its apps. This package provides tools for:

  • Data governance
  • Building dashboards tailored for marketers,
  • AI-powered insights

If you need to learn more about Salesforce Experience Cloud pricing, read our post “What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Now, let’s look at other “backbones” of your average cost Salesforce implementation that may arise if your business challenges can’t be solved with ordinary setup and configurations.

To calculate the approximate Salesforce pricing for small businesses as well as medium-level companies, we’ve taken:

  • The average hourly rates of Salesforce implementation consultants and developers,
  • The amount of time required to perform the implementation activities,
  • Salesforce implementation project complexity.

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Salesforce Project Budgeting: Salesforce Implementation Consultant Costs Revealed

Salesforce Outsourced Consulting Services

Outsourced Salesforce consulting services are offered by both Salesforce consulting partners and independent freelancers. Each of them offers its own pricing and quality spectrum.

Freelancers generally charge lower hourly rates than consulting partners. However, compared to the cost of employing a full-time in-house Salesforce administrator or consultant, which can range from $133,300 to $250,000 annually excluding additional expenses like benefits and training, outsourcing often becomes a more economical choice.

In-house teams are typically only cost-effective for organizations with continuous Salesforce projects. Alternatively, many companies opt to hire a temporary Salesforce administrator for setup and onboarding, transitioning to ad-hoc support.



A Salesforce Consulting Partner vs a Freelance Salesforce Consultant Cost Comparison

Why a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Salesforce Consulting Partners are certified firms listed on AppExchange, Salesforce’s marketplace for CRM tools and services.

These partners have profiles showcasing their:

  • Ratings,
  • Customer reviews,
  • Number of certified experts,
  • Areas of expertise.

While they primarily focus on Salesforce services, many also offer other tech services like custom app development.


Why a Salesforce Consulting Partner Ascendix

Why a Salesforce Consulting Partner | Ascendix


To remain a Salesforce partner, these agencies must meet Salesforce’s standards such as:

  • Have certified Salesforce employees that maintain and extend their proficiency
  • Have a track record of successful projects
  • Demonstrate ongoing growth and innovation within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Partners are categorized into tiers (Base, Ridge, Crest, and Summit), with higher tiers indicating more business and talent.

Now, let’s delve into the benefits of collaborating with these agencies.


#1 Team Extension

Salesforce Consulting Partners often offer lower rates compared to in-house experts and can seamlessly extend your team, assisting with complex customizations and development.

It’s the best option if you have a large Salesforce organization that requires intricate Salesforce implementation or optimization guidance. Partners like Ascendix conduct a comprehensive discovery process, then provide a State of Work (SOW) detailing:

  • Deliverables,
  • Estimated hours,
  • Estimated Salesforce consultant cost.

#2 Enhanced Security Standards

While outsourcing often carries risks such as data breaches and misuse, Salesforce consulting partners are mandated to adhere to strict Salesforce security standards. They meticulously maintain their reputation to remain in the partnership, ensuring greater security than typical contractors.

#3 Comprehensive Expertise

A single individual can’t master every Salesforce product and application. Consulting agencies, however, offer a diverse team of experts. By partnering with them, you gain access to seasoned developers, business analysts, and project managers equipped to handle Salesforce projects of all complexities.

#4 Cost-effective Project Execution

For Salesforce projects requiring diverse expertise, partnering with a consulting agency like Ascendix ensures access to a comprehensive team of specialists. This not only proves more cost-effective than hiring individuals separately but also saves significant time on recruitment.

#5 Prompt and Dedicated Customer Support

Salesforce consulting partners offer superior customer service. Unlike freelancers who might juggle multiple tasks and delay responses, consulting agencies have dedicated teams for client engagement. They promptly address inquiries and ensure the right specialist is available when needed.


Why Freelance Salesforce Consultant?

Hiring a freelance Salesforce consultant can be cost-effective, making it appealing for those on a tight budget or with smaller projects.

They’re particularly suitable for organizations looking for guidance on standard features or minor adjustments to the default Salesforce functionality.

However, there are potential drawbacks. Freelancers might have limited expertise, potentially leading to incomplete or prolonged implementations. Complex projects might escalate in cost if not initially managed by an experienced professional.

Additionally, high-demand freelancers might have limited availability, causing delays or challenges in addressing issues.

Salesforce Implementation Consultant Cost Models Breakdown


Common Salesforce Consultant Cost Models Ascendix

Common Salesforce Consultant Cost Models | Ascendix

Fixed Project Cost

This pricing model offers a fixed project cost determined after evaluating the project’s scope and timeline. Typically used by Salesforce consulting agencies, the consultant’s fee is integrated into the overall bill.
Its primary benefit is the assurance of a set timeline and cost, eliminating unforeseen expenses. However, clients can still discuss new requirements during implementation and adjust the final cost accordingly.

Flat Monthly Fees

This billing method is prevalent for outsourced Salesforce services, such as CRM maintenance or managing standard projects. Both consulting partners and independent contractors typically charge a monthly flat fee for a predetermined number of hours. Its primary advantage is the potential for a reduced hourly rate compared to a fixed pricing model.


This pricing model is highly flexible and is often used by freelance Salesforce consultants for short-term projects that don’t demand deep business or industry-specific insights.

What Makes Up Salesforce Consulting Pricing


What Makes Up Salesforce Consulting Pricing Ascendix

What Makes Up Salesforce Consulting Pricing | Ascendix

Factors that influence Salesforce consultant cost:

  • Experience & Seniority Level
  • Technical Specialization
  • Industry Expertise
  • Location

Experience & Seniority Level

Consultant experience significantly impacts Salesforce consulting rates, typically falling into three categories: junior, middle, and senior.

  • Junior consultants handle basic tasks and general requests.
  • Mid-level consultants manage smaller projects, gather business requirements, and aid in CRM adoption.
  • Senior consultants tackle intricate projects, including system integration, solution architecture, and data management.

Technical Specialization

Salesforce consultant costs are influenced by their technical skillset, primarily evidenced by certifications. These certifications, beyond the financial investment for exams and retakes, also require time and money for training.

Naturally, a more skilled and specialized consultant, such as one proficient in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud or CPQ & Billing, typically charges more than a Sales or Service Cloud implementer.

Industry Expertise

Consultants specialized in industries like Commercial Real Estate or Legal Services are highly sought after for their specific knowledge. While their expertise might lead to higher rates, clients save time as there’s less need to explain business operations, terminology, and data tracking requirements.


Salesforce consultant costs vary by location, with notable differences even within countries due to varying living costs. Agencies like Ascendix often use near-shore/off-shore models to offer more budget-friendly rates.

Depending on services, location, consultant expertise, and industry knowledge, an agency’s consulting services can range from $5,000 to $50,000.

Freelance platforms like Upwork suggests rates from $30/hr in India to $250/hr in the USA and Canada.

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Hidden Costs in Salesforce Implementation: What to Watch For

Besides Salesforce license pricing and consulting fees, the total CRM implementation cost also includes often-overlooked Salesforce professional services pricing.


Data Migration Cost

Data migration is crucial in the Salesforce implementation process and involves several preparatory steps. Before importing, data must be :

  • Checked for accuracy,
  • Cleaned of errors,
  • Mapped to Salesforce org.

This process may also include designing automated solutions for scheduled data transfers. These activities can typically cost between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on a company’s specific needs.


CRM Customization Pricing

Salesforce is a highly customizable CRM solution that can be tailored to any business needs. While you can leverage free resources on Trailhead for a customization roadmap, professional Salesforce consultants can also train your team for in-house adjustments.

Costs for customization vary based on the intricacy of company processes and the techniques used.

Simple modifications using point-and-click tools are less expensive than custom-coded changes. In instances where complex automation of key business processes is needed, a Salesforce developer is essential. The cost of a skilled Salesforce developer can range from $25 to $200 an hour, based on the complexity of necessary modifications.

Typically, customization costs range from $10,000 to $75,000, based on the complexity involved.

Salesforce Integration Cost

Salesforce is renowned for its extensive integration capabilities and the largest number of native connectors. However, specific cases may necessitate additional Salesforce integrations.

The cost of such integration depends on:

  • The number of systems to sync,
  • Integration methods (like third-party apps, API tokens, or custom codes),
  • The intricacy of user interface modifications.


More about Salesforce integration approaches you can find out in our Salesforce integration guide

While integration costs typically range from $30,000 to $50,000, some projects might be more cost-effective. It’s best to consult with your Salesforce partner for tailored estimates.

User Training and CRM Adoption Cost

Effective Salesforce implementation is only as good as your team’s ability to use it. Hence, user training is crucial for CRM roll-out and adoption.

Training costs depend on:

  • The method (onsite vs. remote, self-learning vs. instructor-led),
  • The number of users,
  • User roles (end-user, administrator, or both).

For a mid-sized company encompassing sales, marketing, and customer service, training can cost up to $10,000.

After-launch Salesforce Support Cost

After a Salesforce implementation and training, continued support is often needed, typically for up to 3 months post-deployment. CRM support costs are based on the provider’s hourly rate and service duration, averaging between $10,000 to $45,000 per project.

Hence, Salesforce implementation pricing varies and should be tailored to each business’s specific needs and budget.

Inside the Salesforce Implementation Cost Calculator: Average Project Price Estimation

Understanding the pricing for various Salesforce products and editions is the first step. Estimating the cost of implementing Salesforce doesn’t require advanced tools or calculators. Simply determine the number of users and multiply it by the chosen Salesforce edition’s cost.

For instance, if you’re a mid-sized business with:

  1. 2 C-suite Executives
  2. 1 Sales Manager
  3. 10 In-house Sales Reps
  4. 1 Service Manager
  5. 10 Customer Service Agents
  6. 2 Marketing Professionals (seeking sales and service insights)

And you choose the Enterprise edition for both Sales and Service Сloud, along with an add-on Salesforce Field Service, the yearly subscription will be approximately $52,500 Sales and Service Cloud bundle.

Remember, $52,500 covers the subscription alone. The total cost rises if you hire a Salesforce service provider, varying based on the chosen engagement model. With the known Salesforce cost and the pricing for implementation services, let’s determine the final Salesforce implementation cost:

  • $7,000 for consulting,
  • $10,000 for customization,
  • $10,000 for data migration,
  • $2,000 for user training,
  • $20, 000 for post-launch support.

The total cost of Salesforce implementation will be $101, 500.

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Budget-Friendly Salesforce Implementation Option: QuickStart Packages

QuickStart Packages from Salesforce vendors are designed for rapid deployment and calibration of popular products like Sales or Service Clouds at a reduced cost. Their pricing varies from $2,500 to $15,000 based on vendor location, services, and number of hours, with implementation taking 10 hours to 12 weeks.

However, due to its limited scope, some Salesforce managed services aren’t included in QuickStart Packages and require separate purchasing. Among them are:

  • Custom workflows,
  • Enablement of custom sales processes,
  • Complex dashboards,
  • App installations,
  • System integrations.

Basic Salesforce Quick Start Packages

The basic QuickStart package typically covers:

  • Discovery sessions,
  • Basic Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation,
  • Configuration of up to 5 user profiles,
  • Enhancing standard functionalities.


Basic Salesforce Quick Start Packages Cost Worldwide Ascendix

Basic Salesforce Quick Start Packages Cost Worldwide | Ascendix

It may also fine-tune tasks like Email and Events, provide end-user training, and post-implementation updates. Implementation generally spans 10 hours to 2 weeks, possibly requiring a team from consultant to QA specialist. Its pricing depends on location:

  • USA: $3,000-$8,500 (average: $5,750)
  • UK: $4,000-$10,000 (average: $7, 000)
  • India: $2,000-$5,000 (average: $3,500).

So, the average Salesforce QuickStart Package in the UK will cost 21% more, than in the USA, and in India – almost twice less.

Medium Salesforce QuickStart Packages

Medium Quick Start Packages offer:

  • Configuration for up to 10 user profiles,
  • Enhanced Sales or Service Cloud setup,
  • Improved lead tracking,
  • Limited data cleansing,
  • Advanced reporting setup,
  • Basic user training.


Medium Salesforce Quick Start Packages Cost Worldwide Ascendix

Medium Salesforce Quick Start Packages Cost Worldwide | Ascendix

Typically, these projects last 2 to 4 weeks. Their cost varies by location:

  • USA: $3,500-$7,000 (average: $5,250)
  • UK: $4,500-$11,000 (average: $7, 750)
  • India: $3,000-$5,500 (average: $4, 250).

Thus, the UK’s medium packages are about 47% pricier than the USA’s.

Maxi Salesforce Quick Start Packages

The Maxi Quick Start Suite offers:

  • Sales/Service Cloud setup for up to 15 user profiles,
  • Enhanced lead and customer management,
  • Advanced reporting setup,
  • Larger data transfer,
  • End-user training.


Maxi Salesforce Quick Start Packages Cost Worldwide Ascendix

Maxi Salesforce Quick Start Packages Cost Worldwide | Ascendix

On average, implementations last 3-12 weeks and cost:

  • USA: $5,000-$15,000 (average: $10,000)
  • UK: $7,000-$14,000 (average: $10,500)
  • India: $4,500-$7,000 (average: $5,750).

Salesforce Quick Start and Quick Start Plus Packages by Ascendix combine efficient Salesforce setup approaches with cost-effective pricing.

The Basic Quick Start Package provides:

Training for 1 end-user class (up to 10 attendees),

  • Configuration for 10 Salesforce users,
  • 20 custom fields,
  • Import of one data file with up to 2,000 records,
  • 5 hours of post-launch support for over 3 weeks.

This suite offers the value of a mid-size package at the price of a basic one, including setup for 10 users (compared to the typical 5).

The Quick Start Plus Package includes:

  • Training for 2 end-user classes (10 attendees each) and 1 admin class,
  • Configuration for up to 20 Salesforce users,
  • 30 custom fields setup across main Objects (Accounts, Contacts, etc.),
  • 5 hours for building custom reports and one dashboard with 3 simple reports
  • Basic Salesforce integrations and data import of a file with up to 3,000 records.
Salesforce QuickStart Packages Average Cost for Other Clouds | Ascendix

Salesforce QuickStart Packages Average Cost for Other Clouds | Ascendix

If you want to implement more specific Clouds like CPQ & Billing, it may take 3-12 weeks and cost from $5,000 to $15,000 because you’ll need to deploy the CPQ system on top of primary features.

Setting up of Marketing Cloud Quick Start Package typically takes 1-4 weeks, costing $3,500-$9,000. This includes:

  • Lead mapping,
  • Connector setup,
  • Brand building,
  • Automating marketing campaigns. A UI/UX designer may also be engaged.

The average Pardot implementation cost is up to up to $7,000 and takes up to 2 weeks. This setup involves:

  • Designing email templates,
  • Installing the Pardot Salesforce connector,
  • Enabling marketing analytics,
  • Integration with platforms like Google AdWords.
  • Activation of features for optimal email deliverability.

For Non-Profit organizations, the Salesforce setup averages 1-4 weeks at $2,600-$3,000, focusing on fundraising, marketing communication, and analytics.

Need Salesforce Implementation Help?

To answer the main question: “How much does a Salesforce implementation cost?” you need to calculate:

  • CRM license pricing,
  • Consulting fees,
  • Customization expenses,
  • Data migration costs,
  • System integration,
  • End-user training,
  • After-launch support.

These costs can vary based on location, complexity, user count, and vendor expertise. Properly assessing each of these components ensures a comprehensive understanding of the total investment.

Struggling with Salesforce Service Cloud implementation or setup other products? Our seasoned Salesforce consultants can help with:

Why choose Ascendix? We have two decades of Salesforce expertise with over 200+ satisfied clients, deep understanding across various industries and offer competitive pricing due to our global delivery capabilities. Have questions? Book a free CRM consulting call.

Salesforce Implementation Cost FAQ

What is the average cost of a Salesforce implementation?

The average cost of a Salesforce implementation ranges from $5,000 to over $150,000. This price varies based on the chosen consultant’s expertise, data migration volume, technical complexity, level of customization, integration needs, and desired support. Complex CRM setups tend to cost more. However, partnering with an implementation specialist can be more cost-effective than hiring multiple in-house administrators.

How much does it cost to install Salesforce?

The cost to install Salesforce varies based on the edition chosen and additional services. Prices range from $25 per user/month for Essentials to $300+ for advanced setups. Implementation and customization costs are extra and depend on specific business needs.


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