Top Mortgage CRM Features Appreciated by Brokers

June 1, 2022
5 min

Having effective mortgage software at your disposal is one of the key factors that level up your business. Mortage software solutions assist loan officers, mortgage lenders, and brokers in dealing with overwhelming regulations, tracking efficiencies, converting more leads, etc.

Many mortgage CRMs have industry-tailored features appreciated by brokers. In this article, I will specify them, and highlight features any mortgage broker software should have.



What Is Mortgage CRM Software?

Mortgage CRM is an industry-tailored software that caters to the most demanding needs of the mortgage industry. Its purpose is to simplify the daily and administrative work through automation.

Specifically, mortgage CRM systems are designed to help you with:

  • Reputation management functionality
  • Tracking mortgage leads and client information
  • Handling and nurturing relationships with potential and existing clients
  • Controlling the process of mortgage applications and loan approval.

However, top mortgage CRM goes beyond effective client management once it is integrated with loan origination software (LOS).

Mortgage CRM is a great tool for customers as well. It operates as a web-based portal to apply for loans and upload accompanying documentation, eSign disclosures, and monitor the status of specific loans.

Mortgage CRM provides communication between borrowers and loan officers via automated and customized emails, mobile applications, and addons throughout the loan process.

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Types of Mortgage CRM Software

Mortgage CRMs can range from streamlined relationship management and contact management solutions to full suite, end-to-end platforms that include referral management, tracking mortgage leads, marketing automation functionality, etc. Common users of mortgage CRMs are mortgage loan officers, lenders, and brokers, commercial real estate brokers, and others.

Hence, based on the types of end-users, I’d allocate the following types of mortgage CRM software:

  • Mortgage loan software

Mortgage loan software is a LOS that caters to the mortgage industry. More specifically, it is a digital solution that allows lenders to manage and process different stages of their loan servicing cycle from application to disbursal faster.

  • Mortgage financing software

This type of mortgage CRM targets house buyers applying for loans. Established banks use it to offer mortgage loans, simplify the mortgage application process, and refinance mortgages.

  • Commercial loan broker software

Commercial loan broker software manages all the loan-related operations of commercial organizations. It helps commercial loan brokers with calculations, risk management, loan origination, processing and tracking, credit reports, and financial opportunity analysis.



What to Look for in CRM Software for Mortgage Brokers

When choosing the best mortgage CRM for your business, you need to know what features are valuable and industry-centered. Therefore, every CRM that can be qualified as a mortgage CRM must include:

  • SOC compliancy
  • Loan pipeline management
  • Referral partner marketing
  • Sales automation (leads pre-qualification, prioritization, customizable reporting)
  • Bi-directional LOS integration Intake forms
  • Contact management
  • Mortgage event alerts
  • Lead capture and generation
  • Automated borrower status updates
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Integration with loan origination software and third-party tools required for mortgage business needs (e.g. automated drip campaigns, mortgage calculator, amortization schedule, closing docs, and eSignatures).

Use this list for a quick assessment of potential mortgage CRM software.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing CRM or introduce one for the first time, Ascendix can help you transform your mortgage workflow.



5 Best Mortgage CRMs

Let’s take a look at mortgage CRMs that contain the mentioned-above features.

#1. AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets

One of the top tools for commercial loan brokers is AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets.

This Salesforce mortgage CRM helps commercial mortgage firms effectively match Lenders, Investors, Owners, and track capital sources. Built on top of Salesforce CRM, it is incredibly stable from both technical and business perspectives.

AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets has established itself as a trustworthy mortgage software to be dealt with in the niche.

With AscendixRE for Capital Markets, you can store every transaction in one place, work with each borrower on a more personal level, and update your database of Lenders anytime.

Key Features:

  • Ability to categorize each source by Capital type, Property Type, Debt/Equity type, equity investment size, etc
  • Ability to add custom fields in CRM
  • Automated copy of sourcing information from other Deals
  • Intuitive capital sources searching tool
  • Deal flow & pipeline management
  • And more.

Watch the video below to explore AscendixRE for Capital Markets CRM to a full extend.

#2. Surefire by Top of Mind

Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM has features for mortgage professional needs. For example, Surefire offers LOS and POS integrations across the board and post-close campaigns. Moreover, Surefire mortgage CRM includes built-in contact management and marketing automation functionality.

#3. Jungo

Jungo is another Salesforce mortgage CRM that layers the mortgage-specific functionality, content, and workflows that any mortgage officer expects from this platform.

Jungo is scalable and customizable and provides a wide range of functionality, from custom data fields to automated processes and reporting.

#4. SimpleNexus

SimpleNexus is a mortgage software used for connecting borrowers, loan officers, real estate agents, and settlement service providers throughout the homebuying process. The CRM includes 3 platforms:

  • Nexus Engagement. A platform for engagement, communication, and collaboration with borrowers and real estate partners to convert more leads to loans
  • Nexus Origination. A platform that enhances the Point of Sale (POS) impact and helps to improve loan production
  • Nexus Closing. A platform with a built-in eClose solution supporting traditional, hybrid, and fully digital closings.

Simply put, SimpleNexus helps mortgage and loan officers originate, process, and close home loans, manage their loan pipelines, order credit, run pricing, send pre-approvals, sign disclosures and execute eClosings on the go.

#5. BNTouch

BNTouch is a mortgage CRM system that automates marketing, converts more leads, recruits new partners, etc. BNTouch offers 35+ proprietary mortgage tools such as: automated SMS/Text/Video marketing, refinance analysis tools, pre-approval tools, listed property alerts, etc.

#6. Cimmaron Mortgage Manager

Cimmaron Mortgage Manager provides users with customizable contact management and extended marketing automation capabilities. Besides, it has a mobile app so that you can run mortgage calculations, directly communicate with the lending team, and get loan or mortgage status updates.

Final Words

Choosing a suitable mortgage CRM software requires a lot of time and effort, especially if you don’t know what features to look for. Hope this article will serve you as a guide and the list of features I’ve provided here will help you to buy and implement the best mortgage CRM for your business.

However, if you’re looking for a ready-made solution, contact us and book a demo of AscendixRE for Capital Markets to explore its features to the full extent. Our CRM is customizable and scalable, and our in-house team of specialists will always be in touch to help you with the implementation process.


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