CRE Software: 15 Best Tools to Use in 2024

May 22, 2024
11 min

Any player in the commercial real estate business needs software to automate the day-to-day tasks and operations—on an individual or company-wide level.

With great commercial real estate software, you can easily streamline and optimize processes for:

  • Monitoring commercial property’s performance using financial modeling
  • Prospecting commercial tenants and owners
  • Originating and tracking leases, loans, etc.
  • Mapping the properties
  • Determining the value of an asset
  • Full-cycle customer relationship management.

Whether you’re a commercial real estate broker, landlord/tenant rep, investor, or service provider, you need to have industry-oriented software tools in your arsenal.

And that’s the purpose of this guide: to show you 15 best commercial real estate software and tools available to boost your sales and let you close more deals.

Why Salesforce for Commercial Real Estate [Webinar Recording]

Learn how commercial real estate companies can benefit from Salesforce and what tools are available for brokers.

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What is CRE Software?

CRE software is a tool designed to assist specials in commercial real estate in aspects like maintenance, business processes, lease administration, and others. Commercial real estate software makes your company’s life easier.

Landlords, tenants, commercial property managers, workplace leaders, real estate teams, and property managers can all benefit from CRE software.

From listing your properties to advanced analysis of your assets – CRE tools have relevant features to cover all your business needs.

Types of CRE Software

The categorization of commercial real estate software is based on the core functionality needed for industry specialists.

If you’re a commercial real estate investor, tenant rep broker, facility manager, broker, lender, property manager, this outline of commercial real estate software provides many viable options to incorporate into your workflow.

The list is segmented based on key functions of the commercial real estate industry:

  • CRE Prospecting software
  • Mapping Software
  • CRE Financial Modeling Software
  • Commercial Real Estate Software for Valuation
  • Lease Software
  • CRE Marketing Tools
  • Commercial Real Estate Software for Investment
  • CRE Software for Commercial Loan Management

Request AscendixRE CRM Demo 

See how AscendixRE can help you close more deals and improve your prospecting.

Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Software

CRE prospecting software aims to generate new leads using specific tools for outreach, cold-calling, and personalized warm-ups.


AscendixRE is one of the top commercial real estate prospecting software developed by the industry’s leading consultancy firm, software developer, and just a solid player in the commercial real estate market – Ascendix.

AscendixRE helps you prospect, capture, and nurture your leads to turn them into qualified commercial property buyers or renters through a significant number of built-in lead generating and marketing tools, personalized email campaigns, or phone calls right from the system.

Trusted by commercial real estate giants like JLL, Transwestern, Cresa, Savills, Colliers International, and others, AscendixRE is considered the best commercial real estate software.

It is a perfect fit for tenant rep brokers, landlord reps, investment sales brokers, and property managers that want to prospect qualified leads.

By implementing AscendixRE commercial property software, you get:

  • Advanced prospecting tools for outreach and lead generation (automatic reminders, personalized emails, etc.)
  • Ability to convert inbound inquiries submitted on LoopNet/CREXi into Records in AscendixRE CRM
  • Branded marketing collateral for mass emailing to your prospect clients
  • An extended list of properties and availabilities that match your clients’ requirements thanks to the detailed filtering functionality
  • And more!

AscendixRE offers bespoke customer support and consulting services that let you use this CRE software freely and easily.


ProspectNow is a cloud-based CRE prospecting software solution that provides users with such contact information as phone numbers, mailing addresses of commercial and residential property owners, building details, etc. In other words, ProspectNow is an online database that helps you to prospect clients.

ProspectNow is suitable for CRE brokers, investors, lenders, and insurance agents. This commercial property software makes it easy to find property owners, predict sales, send out letters, analyze market segments, and more.

ProspectNow pricing starts at $119.00 user/month. There is a free version but no free trial.


CRE prospecting software tools like LoopNet are flexible solutions for realtors and investors. LoopNet is a fee-based standalone platform that offers many great deals as well as networking opportunities.

With this CRE prospecting software you can:

  • Identify potential leads: LoopNet’s extensive database finds commercial properties listed for sale or lease in your target market.
  • Contact property owners: Through contact information or the platform initiate outreach with potential leads.
  • Send messages: Reach out to property owners or listing agents via LoopNet’s messaging system to inquire about property details, express interest, or propose deals.
  • Network: Join LoopNet’s community forums to network with other real estate professionals, potentially leading to new business opportunities or partnerships.

There are many features in LoopNet CRE prospecting software arsenal that aid you with research, lease abstraction, outreach, and more.

AscendixRE CRM can help you with lead automation and data extraction from LoopNet and CREXI. Our team aims to minimize manual CRM data input and boost lead capture.

Automate Lead Data Extraction with xRE

Easily extract lead information from incoming LoopNet&CREXI inquiries with the automatic lead extraction available in AscendixRE. Book a demo to see how it works.


Reonomy is a CRE data platform for investors and brokers who need access to proprietary, public data feeds, and crowdsourced information.

This commercial real estate prospecting software is for:

  • Identifying target properties: Reonomy’s database provides information about properties that match specific criteria such as location, property type, size, and ownership details.
  • Contact information: get access to contact details including phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses of property owners.
  • Direct messaging: Use the provided contact information to send personalized messages to property owners expressing interest or proposing deals.
  • Customizing outreach: Tailor outreach messages based on property-specific information like property details, ownership history, and transaction history to increase effectiveness.
CRE software Reonomy

CRE software Reonomy

Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software

This type of commercial real estate software empowers professionals with the fundamental geographical and mapping analysis proptech tools needed for visualizing locations and assessing them for desirable qualities.


Ascendix Search

Ascendix Search is a Salesforce-based solution that comes along with AscendixRE. Ascendix Search simplifies the mapping process by performing single/multi-criteria, intuitive cross-object searches, bulk edit records, export lists to Excel, etc.

By using Ascendix Search, you can:

  • Search by Radius
  • Map your Salesforce data using geometric shapes
  • Apply multiple filters to create a query that displays a list view with pins on the map
  • Search for records using multiple search criteria, related objects, new search operators, NOT IN, AND, OR conditions, maps, and charts
  • Mass update, follow, export to Excel
  • Create lists views of prospects, accounts, cases, properties, or any other objects on your own
  • Convert Salesforce lists to a map to analyze your data and plan your meetings and campaigns.

Hundreds of clients admit the advanced functionality of Ascendix Search and its vast impact on the commercial real estate business.

CRE software Ascendix Search

CRE software Ascendix Search

See How Ascendix Search App Can Enhance Your Salesforce

Get an advanced map search tool to maximize your Salesforce efficiency. Request a demo.


LandGlide is another commercial real estate mapping software that offers advanced data parcel functionality. It quickly searches for property information and shows it in an intuitive mobile app interface.

With LandGlide app, you can:

  • View and search maps to access 150 million parcel records.
  • Use GPS location-based technology.
  • Get such property info as the owner, address, and other details including sale price, transfer date, and school district by choosing the property on the map.
  • Ability to drop a pin to save the property, add notes by the property, and export your saved properties in offline mode.

Commercial Real Estate Financial Modeling Software

This type of CRE software aims to create financial analytics reports for complex developments and transactions.



Stessa is accounting software for commercial real estate investors. This software saves time and optimizes single-family rentals and multifamily buildings with visual performance dashboards, automated tracking of income and expenses, document organization tools, and tax-ready financial reports.

You can start working in Stessa in minutes: just add your properties, link your financial accounts, and get updates in real-time.

CRE software Stessa

CRE software Stessa



Re-Leased is a cloud-based commercial property software that automates operations and centralizes property data. Re-Leased puts all lease and accounting data in one place and makes it accessible for viewing and editing from any device.

This commercial real estate financial modeling software is designed for landlords and property managers of commercial and mixed property.

Re-Leased delivers ease of use, mobile and user-friendly design, automation of time-intensive tasks, and powerful integrations with such software as Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Commercial Real Estate Valuation Software

With this type of CRE software, you can assess the property value by considering multiple comparables (current market price, overall maintenance costs, space rent, and more). CRE real estate valuation software is getting more advanced with the help of AI integration. Now, you can enhance property evaluation with advanced tech and we at AscendixTech have the expertise to develop custom CRE valuation tools.

Property Metrics

Property Metrics is a web-based valuation and analysis software for commercial real estate developers, brokers, investors, appraisers, lenders, and consultants.

This software helps you create, analyze, and share a commercial real estate proforma. It stores all data in the cloud, includes detailed lease inputs and market leasing assumptions.

The software itself is simple to use and affordable.



ARGUS Enterprise is another excellent example of commercial real estate valuation software. It has comprehensive asset and portfolio management solutions.

Real estate asset managers and investing companies use ARGUS to:

  • value a property (office, industrial and logistics, retail, multi-family/build-to-rent, and hotels)
  • manage assets and track asset performance risks
  • forecast cash flows.

ARGUS Enterprise offers three solutions:

  • Valuation DCF
  • Valuation Capitalization
  • DYNA Asset Management.

All of them enable you to run commercial property valuations and manage the performance of your real estate assets.

Commercial Lease Management Software

This type of CRE software helps brokers track and manage net leases/leases expirations of commercial properties. Generally, it includes a wide range of automation systems, such as leasing calculations, forecasting, etc.


Yardi Corom

Yardi Corom® is a complete commercial lease management software solution for corporate occupiers and retail tenants to achieve FASB ASC-842, GASB, and IFRS 16 compliance. The software itself can be fully integrated into your existing technology stack.

Yardi Corom helps corporate occupiers and commercial tenants with lease management to manage leases for commercial real estate, centralize transactions, automate lessee accounting, and more.

A fresh and simple user interface with powerful features helps you to:

  • Manage all your commercial real estate and equipment leases in one place
  • Track the performance metrics via dashboards and custom reports
  • Set up reminders about the expiration of lease contracts
  • Centralize the portfolio data in a single commercial real estate lease management software.



AppFolio is a cloud-based solution for property managers. It is available for one month and includes:

  • Easy vacancy posting
  • Online rent collection
  • Leasing metrics dashboard
  • Online applications and lease agreements.

Additionally, AppFolio offers an AI Leasing Assistant – Lisa, that can handle routine tasks, and remove distractions for the leasing team while you can focus on converting qualified leads into residents.

CRE software AppFolio

CRE software AppFolio

Close More Deals with AscendixRE CRM 

Using our CRE software you can market your Listings/Availabilities and sell/lease your Properties in one place. Request a demo.

CRE Marketing Software

CRE software for property management is a great tool for investors and developers who manage property portfolios, analyze market trends, and take part in deal-making processes.

Ascendix Composer

Ascendix Composer (a part of AscendixRE toolkit) is a commercial real estate software that automates document, custom reports, and email creation.

Ascendix Composer

Ascendix Composer

  • Automated Document Creation: Composer in AscendixRE CRM generates documents like brochures, proposals, and reports by pulling data from the CRM, eliminating manual entry.
  • Template Library: It offers pre-built templates for CRE documents like marketing materials and property tour books, which users can customize.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Composer’s intuitive interface allows users to create custom templates without advanced design skills.
  • Data Binding: It seamlessly integrates with AscendixRE CRM, populating document templates with CRM data automatically.
  • Multi-Format Output: Composer generates documents in PDFs, emails, HTML pages, and more, catering to different needs.

Generate Any Document from AscendixRE CRM

With Composer Online, you can bid farewell to the need for professional design help. Our document generation software lets you build anything you need in a few clicks.


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform that can be effectively utilized for commercial real estate marketing. Here’s how you can leverage Mailchimp for your CRE marketing efforts:

  • Email Campaigns: Mailchimp allows you to create visually appealing email campaigns to promote your listings, share market insights, and stay in touch with clients and prospects. You can design custom templates or use pre-built ones tailored for real estate.
  • Integrations: Use Mailchimp with various third-party platforms like social media platforms, CRMs, and lead generation tools to enhance your marketing strategy and reach a wider audience.
  • Customer Engagement: Mailchimp’s automation tool Customer Journeys helps create intricate automated email workflows tailored to specific customer interactions, such as welcome series, re-engagement campaigns, and cart recovery programs.

AscendixRE integrated with Mailchimp to bridge the email marketing gap for CRE brokers and realtors. Mailchimp, an all-in-one marketing platform, automates workflow and enhances management.

This integration allows you to do everything via AscendixRE CRM. Merge your CRM data into templates and set up and reuse email campaigns.

Mailchimp to AscendixRE CRM integration is available in AscendixRE Enterprise and Unlimited plans.

Want to See This Integration in Action?

Book AscendixRE demo, where our sales team shows you the extended functionality of real estate marketing within a single CRM.

Commercial Investment Software

CRE software for investment is versatile tool for portfolio management, risk assessment, and deep market trends analysis.

Morningstar Direct

Morningstar Direct is a complex platform for investors and managers with the help of which you can conduct market search, analyze competition, modify portfolio distribution, and others.

Morningstar Direct is an adaptable CRE software for enterprises and small businesses. This platform offers a great deal of features:

  • Portfolio analysis and construction
  • Portfolio marketing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Investment analysis and selection
  • Asset allocation
CRE software Morningstar Direct

CRE software Morningstar Direct


Dealpath is a cloud-based CRE software for investment management. It assists professionals with corporate development, venture capital, and private equity by offering access to secure and actual investment data. Asset and investment managers can consolidate and execute deal data in one platform.

With Dealpath CRE software teams can benefit from:

  • ESRI data integrations
  • Functional API
  • Macro-level deal flow reporting
CRE software Dealpath

CRE software Dealpath

Commercial Loan Management Software

Loan management CRE software helps lenders to automate the loan cycle effectively. This type of CRE software stores, retains, and manages customer information, automates loan flow creation, and keeps records of financial statements.

AscendixRE for Capital Markets

AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets is a Salesforce-based tool that helps capital markets professionals and investment bankers.

Capital Markets CRM is a configuration of AscendixRE for commercial mortgage brokers. This CRE software is a centralized platform where bankers and investors can consolidate all transactions, simplify deal-making between borrowers and lenders, and update databases in real time.

AscendixRE for Capital Markets

AscendixRE for Capital Markets

Key Features:

  • Advanced categorization options by by Capital type, Property Type, Debt/Equity type, equity investment size, and more
  • Pipeline management
  • Deal monitoring
  • Gmail and Outlook integrations
  • CRM customization

Looking for a ready-made solution? Contact us and book a demo of AscendixRE for Capital Markets to explore its features to the fullest.


LoanPro is an API solution that improves loan services, management, payments, and data collection. LoanPro is a flexible CRE software solution since it offers a Servicing Suite, Payments & Collections Suite, and Customer Relationship Manager.

This cloud-based solutions offers a great deal of benefits:

  • Complex loan modifications simplified
  • Wide range of payment processors
  • Integration with other tools

When dealing with loans and complex financial operations, consider using commercial real estate underwriting software to reduce human error and minimize risks. This is a useful digital solution for lenders, appraisals, and underwriters.

CRE software LoanPro

CRE software LoanPro

Final Words

Choosing the right CRE software and Proptech tools can be a hassle. The above- mentioned commercial real estate software tools aim to help brokers, investors, lenders, appraisers with every task associated with the day-to-day tasks. Moreover, with the right set of tools, you can answer the following questions:

  • Which marketing channels offer the best ROI?
  • Where do we need increased focus?
  • How many converted leads are required to reach optimal future occupancy?
  • What do I need to automate to dominate the market?

I hope the list of CRE software presented in this article sheds light on what commercial real estate software solutions are best for you. Check back often as we will continue to update this commercial real estate broker software list.


What is CRE software?

CRE software is a tool tailored for professionals in commercial real estate. It helps with tasks such as maintenance, streamlining business processes, managing leases, and others. CRE tools simplify your company’s operations in the commercial real estate sector.

What is a CRE platform?

A CRE platform is a software solution designed specifically for professionals in commercial real estate. It typically offers tools and features for managing properties, leases, financials, workflow automation, and other aspects of commercial real estate operations. 

What Commercial Real Estate Software Solutions Do I Need?

The best commercial real estate software is the tool that does what you need it to and works for you 100%.

If you need assistance in choosing the most suitable software for your CRE business, feel free to contact us.

What Is the Best Commercial Real Estate Software?

As there is no “all-in-one” software to cover all the aspects of commercial real estate industry properly, consider the tools that cover specific needs.

For example:

  • Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Software: AscendixRE, ProspectNow
  • Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software: Ascendix Search, LandGlide
  • Commercial Lease Software: AscendixRE, Yardi Corom, AppFolio
  • Commercial Real Estate Financial Modeling Software: Stessa, Re-Leased
  • Commercial Real Estate Valuation Software: Property Metrics, ARGUS


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